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Next Level: Medium Format

All right, so when we talk about what's next for us, right? Because we are that established studio in our market when we talk about what's next for us, medium format is what's next for us. So you might have seen me talk about this online, but we just picked up a phase one I q to sixty uh, it's got thirteen stops of dynamic range, the cameras just ignorant, and so I've been shooting with a cannon one d x um, or cannons one d siri's, which is their flagship for years and years now, and I had the team come out from capture integration, they come out, they came out to my studio, put this camera my hand and just let me play with it because I've heard bad things about medium format, right of her dot there too slow. I've heard they don't perform well, and I'm like guys, it sounds great, but I gotta have this thing in my hands, I'm not I'm really not going to get involved in investing in the medium format platform until I've seen well, they came out to our studio, and this is what we produced.

I cannot even explain to you the quality and clarity of this and give you perspective, this is shot on a charcoal gray. Background on what ended up happening was when I took this image and I looked in the back of the camera she's being lit with us to studio strobes. Okay there. Clamshell set up lighting her up. She is about fifteen feet from the backdrop. Okay, the backdrop was light. Grey she's fifteen feet off the light shining straight down on her, there is no light. I went back to the thing with my light meter to measure it. It's not even it's airing out the light meter was airing out. Yet when we took this photograph because of the thirteen stops a dynamic range, that backdrop was completely licked. Bright, great. The quality of this camera is incredible. This is the image zoomed in at six hundred percent. You cannot do this on a thirty five millimeter camera. Life like this is incredible, and I don't know how well you're seeing this at home online, you can see the baby here on the side of her face. If you zoom in on my candid one d x, if you zoom in at one hundred fifty percent of the image, it starts falling apart. This is at six hundred percent off this image that you're seeing right there, we zoomed in for this exercise so that you can see the detail look at the detail on her eyelashes at sixteen percent look at the detail on the side of her face this is next level this is where we're going and so for me what I see this as a game changer this particular one is a sixty megapixel camera okay and if you think about it it sounds different the shutter alone sounds different which is pretty cool right out geek out for a second it's just amazing I love it I'm such a dork I'm a dork but I absolutely love it and so here we are right we went out we're working with the camera were playing with the camera this is the kind of these are the kind of images were playing with because I had to see it perform not only indoors right? Because that's where medium formats typically used right commercial shoots high fashion shoot not on location well I want incorporate this into my weddings so I had to see this thing perform both on location outdoors and indoors right? Because that's more lifelike for my business and I swear you know these guys and capture integration they're absolutely amazing service quality all that good stuff but they came out and I was like so anti this camera when when I first met them because I'm like this isn't gonna work in my business it's too expensive it's to this it's to that and they're like let us just come and let you play with it, and the minute they left eye was twitching because I wanted that camera back to really start working. So the reason we want to use medium format is we want to incorporate this into our business one incorporated for that next level it looks different. I don't care what you say. This image looks different and you might be looking at this going that's a lot of photo shop it's actually not a lot of photo shop. The images out of camera have a clarity and level of detail that does not exist on the thirty five millimeter it's just it doesn't exist and so I'm telling you, you're gonna want to try this for your business and tell me if you think this is exciting, what do you think about a workshop at our studio where you all day get your own camera to play with, right? So that's next level so we wanted from an educational perspective we want to host a workshop at our location in st louis where it's ten people and you all get to play and shoot with a medium format camera so that you are seeing what all the hype is about, so that will be happening soon how do we plan on using it? Weddings? I fully plan on working with it at a wedding. You can't spray and pray anymore. Glamour portrait to glamour portrait but gone report you're moving in a slower pace. A lot of people say this can't work at a wedding, it absolutely can work it awaiting this retirees out there already using medium format in weddings, it's nothing new, I think we were just blocked in our mind that it would work, and so now we're going to start using this at weddings, and we want to produce a fine art album out of it. And so initially, what I want to start doing is producing this high level, maybe it's, all black and white, maybe it's all see peotone, but I want to produce this high end art paper album one image per page, maybe exactly one meter per page, really separating ourselves from everyone else out there. The performance has been fine, so I've been playing with this. Yeah, I'm not going to sit there and take ten frames per second. That's not what the cameras set up to do. Truth is, you shouldn't be taken ten frames per second anyway, you're not a sports photographer, you're photographing weddings, you're photographing portrait but the cost this is what blew my mind so all of you out there right I don't own stock in the medium format camera but I know this is an objection that I hear all the time is cost you can get a brand new forty megapixel camera for under ten grand maybe you think that's a lot of money but when you consider I paid damn near eight grand for my one d x it's actually not a lot of money and so you can lease these things for two hundred dollars a month these are very, very cost effective solutions toe one up and take your imagery to the next level and so all I want you to do you can actually get a thirty mega pixel for five k that's already better than your five d that's already better than your wanting and so what I want to do is go to the their website if you're even remotely interested in it go to capture integration dot com talk to them let them explain to you the benefits are great to work with but if you wanna one up your business and you want to start producing images that look with this level of detail that's your next level and it's really, really cool I thinkit's really proper game changer it is a game changer there are some questions that came in about medium format people are nick chantelle photography is asking how the phase one would compare to hostile blood I think a lot of photographers are familiar with hostile blad but not necessarily yeah other brands so faith so for us we were to me this is my humble opinion house a blot isn't known name right phase one's not writes a dutch company not necessarily a well a well known entity over in europe they're well known company I personally believe having seen the hasa blad and phase one side by side at the phase one is ah much better product the backs are completely digital and touch screen the house of lodge or not touch screen so there's on several issues with has a lot that phase one I think has figured out but the best way to figure it out is to connect with these guys that capture integration and they'll show you the difference whose side by side now I would be remiss susan if I didn't mention this my boy roberto valenzuela he shooting has a block and so I'm really sorry to hear that I tried to explain to him and grab him he got the wrong camera my cameras better he doesn't know any better anyway best way to figure this out connect with capture integration and test them side by side because the truth is I want to get away from the mega pixels and everything else it really comes about how do you incorporate it into your business and so so whittles actually has the question does sell expect clients to notice the difference between medium format and one b x at first, I first of all, it's a great question at first, I don't know that they're going to understand the difference, so I have to almost educate them on what the difference is, what they will know the difference is, is my camera doesn't look like everybody else's, camera, the wedding that will be the first thing they'll notice, they'll notice that the case is in looks like you're pulling it out of some kind of spaceship or something, and so that will force the conversation for me to explain to them. Hey, this is a sixty mega pixel. Clients are pretty savvy. I think these days I understand megha people, they see guests at the wedding with better cameras than you sometime, so they're no one's coming to a wedding with the informant. If they are, I'm running from that, they must be pretty good, all right, so but let's. So anyway, guys give it a try, I promise you it'll be, it'll be a game changer for sure. All right, this is something I'm pretty excited to announce this is really not been talked about anywhere before, so everybody pay attention if you're at work, look at the screen, get focused um, I want to talk to you about an event called shutter fast. And so we don't have solid dates right now. But as always, everybody should know. We own a magazine called shutter magazine. And if you haven't checked it out behind the shutter, dot com, get plugged in. It's, a free online magazine. Seventy two thousand subscribers. It is the largest photography magazine out there.

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How is this just $99? I would of definitely payed at least twice as much!!! Half way though the course and this information is more than what the price is worth. Thank You sal, We love your great energy and amazing information.