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Build Content That Engages With Your Community

Lesson 14 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

Build Content That Engages With Your Community

Lesson 14 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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14. Build Content That Engages With Your Community


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Chapter 1: Course Introduction


Introduction To Building An Online Community With Facebook Groups


Chapter 2: Build a Strategy to Start Your Community




What Are Your Community Goals, Key Results And Activities


Why Are You Starting A Community


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Chapter 4: Build Content That is Engaging and Your Community Likes


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Build Content That Engages With Your Community


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Lesson Info

Build Content That Engages With Your Community

So what is the type of content that works for a facebook group in this lesson? I want to share with you some ideas and topics that have helped me use and that I even published in our community. These are some content ideas that can help you add value to your community and also start the conversation and engagement with new and existing community members. So what are good content ideas that you can use to build in your community and I'm gonna share a couple in this lesson. The first is live sessions. Live sessions usually get great engagement and it's a really good way to connect with your audience. Let them ask questions live people tend to relate better when they see a face, especially the one from their community leader. This is just an example. We do live sessions every thursday we invite a guest speaker, someone who's an expert in the field and we let them join the conversation. We let our community ask questions as well. And it's just a great way to put a face to the community lea...

der to people from your community and engage with them worksheets or checklist. We try to publish worksheets or checklists that people can download by commenting on a post. This type of post had a lot of value. And then there are also a great way for people to comment. You can see two examples here on the left. You know, we've reached more than 4000 people, 400 comments, I think we're up to 600 comments by now. And this is just a small worksheet that we did on 30 digital marketing terms that people should be familiar with when running ads On the right. You can see another 178 comments. The best cold email templates that you know for the past two years with gathering a powerful hub. Do you want it comment below again? Common turns below. What this will do is bring engagement. You're adding value to your community and keeping content fresh and evergreen within your group. Open ended questions. I love these because I have we have a whole section on how this topic can help you there. One of the most important powers, powerful ways to build content and engagement within your community. You know, ask me anything you can see an example on the left In which company industry are you currently working at 73 comments. This 6000 people have reached. You know, what's the number one problem with your business or your client's business right now? Open ended questions are a great way to get people to comment, give their opinions and people just love to engage with these type of posts. Stories with results, share customer stories, give this space or a post where people can actually give reviews to your company, your brand, your products, your services, and how they use them and were successful with them. If you look on the left, we had really good comments of people showing their badges when they got certified. Who wants a case study of a client who cut their cost per call from $250 to $56 on YouTube. Over 217 comments. So stories with results are also a great way to engage your community. Polls are also great and I found polls is also a great way to understand my audience get their opinion. You know, if you're not sure what type of content you can publish, this is a great way to engage and get your community involved and that's some drama into it as well. You know, the groups belong to the admin or the community members, you know, you have More than 1000 votes here. Good morning avians like I'd like to help what words are titles for this list do you use come to mind or resonate with, you know, hundreds of votes and comments there as well. This is a great way to ask questions. Get feedback from your community with polls shout out to the most engaged members show love to your community leaders, people who are actually taking the time and becoming powerful members Take the time to answer their questions, give a lot of value content, but also give a shout out by tagging them, congratulate them. Thank them. This is a great way. Our top 10 DMG members and you know, you have all the names and you're tagging them. This is going to incentivize people new members to see that there's benefits in contributing to the community and people who are actually taking the time and engaging with your community to keep getting involved. Questions are probably one of the best ways that you can use to build engagement. I love them because it's one of the easiest ways to start a conversation on that topic and keep in mind, people love giving their opinions, sharing their thoughts and helping connect people with comments as well. So these are some of the questions that I use and that I recommend you can help you as well in finding and starting those conversations within your community. I'm a big fan of questions because I think it's one of the best ways to engage and start conversations with your facebook group and community members. So what type of questions can you use close questions, things like do you like new products features? It's a simple yes and no, but it's gonna bring in engagement, opening the questions, things like what are the most common questions growing, you know, in growing your community, there's not a straight answer to this question, but it will definitely bring a lot of different answers, points of views and that value. You know, if you look at this example, what are the best christmas presents? The social media manager can get? It's open ended, but it brought in 97 comments from the community image-based questions, add an image to your question to give context and you could do it with the example that you see on the slide or you can even add an image that just or a mean small video and give something that increases the chances of engagement, debate oriented questions. Do you think x people tend to either support the argument or go against it as well. Do you think facebook is dying? Do you think facebook groups are the next big thing? Yes. Why it starts an engagement? It starts to debate healthy debate and conversation within your members and just general questions like who's your favorite soccer player? Obviously this has to relate to your community or target audience, but these questions are easy to answer and people usually tend to jump into the conversations, you know, what's the best article you read about a specific topic in this week, Think about topics of your community, what is the last photo you took that showed? And insert a relevant topic here as well. Again, these are all related. Two topics, interest that, you know, your community are going to find relevant and they're going to start engaging and being part of the conversation. So use questions to engage and this is one of the best and one of my favorite things to do when I'm trying to build content for my group. So, generating content for your community does not need to be that complex. It doesn't need to be time consuming either you can simplify your life just by following the tips that I just gave you in this lesson, remember always check and go back to your goals, your key activities and then build content. I usually try to have content built for the next two weeks, so I run a two week sprint where I basically sit down with my team and try to think about what is the content that we're going to publish for the next two weeks within our group. Why? Because this helps me spend a day, half a day or a couple of hours in really thinking, what are we going to publish on our group? It doesn't need to be in everyday kind of thing. And one of the biggest things that I've seen in advantages of using facebook groups is that you can actually schedule content ahead of time, so you can spend, you know, half a day, a couple of hours in preparing all of your content and just schedule it and forget about it. You don't have to be within your group, posting content every day. And the reason why you want to focus on scheduling content is because you want to spend less time on building content and more time in engaging in starting conversations with your community members