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How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Community

Lesson 16 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Community

Lesson 16 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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16. How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Community

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How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Community


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Chapter 9: Conclusion




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How To Build A Content Strategy For Your Community

in this chapter, we're going to go over how to build content that your community loves and generate. The most important aspect of any thriving group engagement. One of the biggest challenges I see with community leaders or even community managers is how do you build the content strategy that is engaging your content should align with your goals and also your key results, The content you're going to generate is gonna help you push those different goals that you defined and help you ultimately move and achieve great results for your business and also for your brand. Remember, the ultimate goal of any content is to convert the right people from being a passive member into an active and loyal community member and someone who loves your brand, your product, your service and your content. It's not for everyone and neither is your community, and this is one of the most important things that you have to think about when it comes to content, you should build content for for your specific audien...

ce, just like picking the right name is going to help you filter and get the right people and new members publishing the right content will also help you build the right audience within your community. At first you're going to have to do the heavy lifting over time, people are going to feel more comfortable with engaging and publishing more and more content. I found that the sweet spot is in 8020, your goal should be to have 80% of your content to be community published and the rest or 20% should be published by yourself by your brand, by your moderator or your community leader. The other thing that I want to say is that every community is different and not everything will work at first, so when you're starting out, some things will get engagement and other things won't and that is okay, it's a trial and they're kind of thing. However, there are definitely best practices and guidelines that I want to share with you and that you can follow to help you stay on track and build that engagement within your community with your content. So these are some community content pillars that I recommend, I use and I recommend you use as well and their five consistency, you want to be able to be consistent in the topics and the type of posts that you publish keep in mind that building an engaging audience just takes time, but you want to be consistent with your strategy and your content plan. Second quality over quantity, more content will most likely not translate in more engagement, especially if you're beginning and starting your group, you want to focus on going after quality over quantity with your content, live video. I know this can be scary, but video tends to perform way better and get more engagement than any other content, so don't be afraid to go live, introduce yourself and launch a conversation of topics on your group. This is one of the best ways and great ways for people to know you and your community to know and start really good conversations within your group. Fourth entertainment, educate and entertain your audience. Think about facebook groups is a social media, you don't want to lead your content with a sales pitch and the first thing for people to see is for them to for you to ask to buy something. People join communities to learn, understand topics better, be part of a conversation or idea and trying to educate and entertain them. Will usually tend and lead to better results with your community and last always ask for an action. What do you want your members to do, comment, share like or simply read add call to actions to your content, comment below. Tell us in the comments, what do you think you want to incentivize people and engage them so that they're comfortable and that they know that they can engage in a conversation with you on all the content that you're publishing. A good and really simple way to keep your content schedule and be consistent with how much you publish, is to really go back and look at your key activities and build content around those key activities and goals that you define in the previous chapter. For example, in the group that I managed a marc Ecko we usually have the following schedule on monday we published an open ended question on Tuesday we get a question of the week from our facebook blueprint exams thursday we have a live stream where we invite a special guest and we have open Q and a friday. I do a newsletter sneak peek so that people are aware of what's coming in our newsletter in their email The next week. And Sundays. We sometimes do a livestream insights, things that people learn from the livestream. We had that earlier that week, we're always changing and varying this as well. Why? Because we're testing things out and you're going to have to test things out as you start and grow your community. We try to publish content between 3-5 times a week. However, we have more than 25,000 members and get an average of 3-5 posts every day and their community is very active. We have more than 2000 members who are active every day as well. So almost 10% of our members engage somehow or cr content every day. Keep in mind that you want to go for quality over quantity when you're starting. Sometimes less is better. So try to keep it at 2-3 post and that should be enough to get the conversation going to help you test things out and see what really connects with your community members. What type of content gets the most engagement and what are things that people like

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