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How To Use Questions To Build An Email List And Understand Your Community Better

Lesson 22 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

How To Use Questions To Build An Email List And Understand Your Community Better

Lesson 22 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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22. How To Use Questions To Build An Email List And Understand Your Community Better

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How To Use Questions To Build An Email List And Understand Your Community Better


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How To Use Questions To Build An Email List And Understand Your Community Better

So how can you build an email list and also understand the needs of your community? And this is where facebook questions come into play. Facebook actually allows you to ask three questions of all new incoming new members. These questions are a great way to learn more about your members, build your email list and also understand what they need. Why are they joining your community? This is one of the best ways to get insights feedback and understanding who are those people or users who are asking to join your facebook group. So when it comes to questions on the left side, you'll see that you can select membership questions, ask questions. There are basically three types of questions that you can use checkbox that are used for when you want them to select just one option written answers. Users can write content. We use these types of questions to collect email addresses. Ask open ended questions or questions that will help you better understand your members needs and multiple choice users...

can select multiple options. You can use a combination of these three to understand better your audience, collect the information that you need and get ideas for content in the future as well. So what questions should you ask keep in mind that you can only ask three. And those questions are going to depend on the type of group, the business objective and the information that you're trying to collect and understand from new members here are the questions you should be using when you're building your new member request questions. So you always want to ask for an email address. This is a must for any facebook group? Why? Well, because it's one of the best ways to an easiest ways to start building your email list and own your email list as well. It's a great way to send welcome emails. Follow up people so that you're able to reach them beyond the facebook group and bring them back. You gotta give something in return. And so this can be updates and e book special offers or other benefits that you can provide as a brand. One of the questions I like to ask is just say, hey awesome. One of great additional free resources. Leave your email address below and this is going to incentivize people to leave their email addresses so you can collect it and start building that email list. So you can engage and bring people back through emails, email marketing. It's a great way to bring people back to your community and push remind them of updated content events. Anything important that's happening in their community, some members might not see the notifications for a new post, an event, a comment on their facebook notifications, but if you utilize email marketing properly and you send updates once a week or once every two weeks, it's a really good way to send summaries of the most important conversations are happening within your community. I try to use the second question to help me understand my community better. What do they need? What are they're interested in? This is a great way to get content ideas and understand what are the things that you should be publishing? Not based on what you think, but actually what your community is asking for and asking for that information within these questions is one of the easiest ways to understand. What are those content topics that you should be talking about? So these are some examples that can help you understand their needs better. How did they find you? You know, is the email campaign that you launch working the website pop up maybe a post you did or a guest appearance somewhere. How are people finding your group or just organically? What do they expect from the group? What type of content should you be building when you ask this question is gonna give you ideas of what are the things that you should be using to welcome people? What are those guides that you should be writing to help people be successful when they joined? Why do they want to join? What are the reasons behind joining and what they're struggling with? What problems do they have that you should be solving with the content with everything that you're doing with your community. You can also use these questions to filter fake profiles or get commitment from new members and simple. You can just ask questions that only a human would know that a bot would not be able to answer properly. So these questions are gonna help you filter through fake profiles. There are things like what did you have for breakfast, what is your favorite color? What's your favorite tv show? Yes, they're silly but they work. If someone really goes through those questions reads them, they're going to answer a logical thing. But if it's a bot you're gonna get random answers. So these are questions you can use to filter fake profiles that are asking to join your community. And the third type of question that you can ask is just making sure that new members have actually read the rules and policies of your group. Hiding something within the rules is a good trick to get people and make sure that they've actually read the rules and paid attention to how your community works. And so if you want to ensure that people have actually read the rules, you can have something simple like do you agree with rules? But that's easy, right? Everyone's gonna say yes. One of the things I've seen that works well is what is your group's collective favorite pizza spot hide the answer in one of the rules for example or hide an answer somewhere within your rules so that if they answer the correct content or if they answer it correctly, you know that they've read the rules. Do you agree with the rules which one stands out the most? You know, again they're gonna have to go through the rules, Go through them, pick one and copy, paste it or write it within the answers. So as you can see there's multiple ways with how you can use these questions. Again, this is going to depend on your business, on your brand, on your objectives, but what I do recommend is that you always collect email addresses so that you can follow up with people over time and then select the type of questions that best fit your needs. If you need to understand what type of content you need to build and you have no idea or you're in need of ideas for content, then ask questions related to what people want to learn with by joining your group. These questions are going to help you build a stronger, more engaged community and also help you bring the right people as new members. So by now you should know how to start engage and also manage your community, how to manage conflict, how to use the rules. And so in the next chapter we're going to talk about how do you grow this community? We've already set a good foundation now. How do you scale it and reach more people with all the different efforts that you're doing to accomplish the goals that you want for your business and also for your brand