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How To Build Community Goals, Key Results And Activities

Lesson 6 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

How To Build Community Goals, Key Results And Activities

Lesson 6 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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6. How To Build Community Goals, Key Results And Activities

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How To Build Community Goals, Key Results And Activities


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Lesson Info

How To Build Community Goals, Key Results And Activities

in this lesson, I want to share with you the structure that I use to build goals, key results and activities so that I can launch a facebook group successfully. So as a community leader, one of the first things you want to do is define the goals, think of goals as outcomes and not behaviors for example, increasing website traffic is going to be a behavior that you're going to be measuring, but why do you want to measure website traffic? What's the ultimate goal? Why are you bringing people to your site? Is to generate more leads, more appointments. Think about those ultimate goals and why you're trying to achieve this in this case, why would you want to bring more traffic or if you want to build customer loyalty, why do you want to bring an increased customer loyalty again is to increase sales to increase, repurchases from people. Think about goals as outcomes and that's going to help you define and we're gonna go through different exercises to define those goals for your business or y...

our brand. These are other examples of goals that you want to use when you're thinking about starting a facebook group or a community, Think about reducing customer service, increasing retention rates, acquiring new customers, building customer loyalty, your goals are gonna vary depending on your business, your product and ultimately your business objectives. What's important here is two things you want to have a number on your goal. So reducing tickets, 20%, acquiring 50 new customers, you want to have a number there and also a date. So I could build goals based on a quarter a month or I can have my goals and add a timeline at the end of it. Just remember that you always want to add a number and a date to your goals. So once you've built your goals, the next step is to define key results. Think about key results as behaviors. What are those things that are going to influence those goals? What are those things that are going to be measuring on a weekly, monthly basis and are going to help you achieve those goals that you're ultimately setting for your business, your brand, your product or your software. So in the previous example we've talked about generating more sales or generating more leads. How do I accomplish this? In this case I want to change the behavior of how many people are actually visiting my site. I want to track website behavior. Why? Because if I'm able to influence that behavior, I'm able to also increase the number of leads, number of appointments or the number of sales. So think about those key results as behaviors in your business that you're measuring your tracking and also you want to influence because they're gonna help you achieve your goals. The first example, I want to show you in our worksheet is basically building a goal towards increasing sales. So on the left, you're gonna have your goal and on the right side you're gonna have the different key results that you want to accomplish. In this case, we're picking increasing new customers by 20% from our community, that's our goal. So your key result or the behavior that you want to measure Could be increasing website traffic by 10%, increasing number of leads by 15%, increasing conversion rates by 3%. All of these key results are gonna help me accomplish that goal that I'm defining in my worksheet. Let's take another example, let's say you want to build customer loyalty, how would you measure it if you plan to use your Facebook group to build loyalty and you wanna generate $5, of revenue over the next quarter? The behavior is the key results that you want to be measuring our engagement, how engaging your community is, right? So you want to have an 8% of weekly active members, 15 comments proposed twice as many number of repurchases of people coming from the group. Those are the things that you will be measuring. Those are the behaviors that are gonna help you build and reach that goal. That you're setting building loyalty for your business, but also leveraging and using the community to achieve those goals. And the last thing that you want to measure our key activities. These are the different tasks that you or your team are gonna be pushing every day every week, every month to make sure that you are actually influencing those key results. Think about tactics. Think about those things that we're going to be doing on a weekly daily basis, such as responding to messages quickly publishing certain content once a week. Doing the life session every week. For example, what are those things activities tactics that you have to do every day every month, every week every quarter. And are gonna help you influence those key results. So we're going to go back to a worksheet and we're gonna keep using the same example. We're building loyalty. We already defined our key results. What are the activities, how do we achieve these key results? And in this case for engagement, we could say, we're gonna be posting questions every week, we're gonna be answering people's comments questions within 24 hours. We're gonna do a live video every week. Those are things are going to drive engagement if you want to keep track of active users or even repurchases. We could say we're gonna attack people once a week. We're gonna post every quarter or every month a unique offer so that people come back to our website and purchase again. And those are the things that are gonna drive your key results and ultimately help you achieve your goal. So think of activities are the things that you must do. They are going to help you drive those behaviors and achieve those goals for your group and for your business. So having clear goals key activities and also results are fundamental and essential in keeping you focused. We all have a limitation of resources, whether it's time, people, energy, money and you want to make sure that all of those resources are put into helping you achieve your ultimate goals. Your goals can and most likely will vary as you grow your community and as your community involves. And that is also normal, make sure that you revise your goals every quarter and if you're starting a community it might be worth to revise them and go through them every month as well. That's okay. I try to do it every quarter because of the size of the community that we have. But in the beginning I was spending more time and really trying to understand that. I tested things out whether the goals we're real. Did they make sense where they also aligned with my business strategy? So to find these three aspects, your goals, your key results and also your activities before you even do anything, it's going to really help you make better decisions and it's going to also help your team to stay focused on what really matters. In the next chapter, I'm gonna go over how to set up facebook groups and how to configure your group properly so that you can get started and start building a successful online community

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