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How To Create Your Facebook Group

Lesson 9 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

How To Create Your Facebook Group

Lesson 9 from: Mastering Facebook Groups: Building Your Online Community

Diego Rios

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9. How To Create Your Facebook Group


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Introduction To Building An Online Community With Facebook Groups


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How To Create Your Facebook Group


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Lesson Info

How To Create Your Facebook Group

So in this lesson I want to show you how to manage and configure your facebook group properly. So the first thing that you want to see is that this is going to be your main page on the left, You're going to have all the options and menus configure your group and so if you go all the way down on the left side on settings, this is where you're gonna be able to set up a couple of different things. one is the name and description of your group. So if I click here, I can change the name, I can also add the description of the group in this space. So I'm gonna say test encryption of group and you should watch in the next couple of lessons how to name and how to add the description and what should be in the description of your group. I'm gonna save this and this is when it's where it's gonna get saved. Usually you should have selected private, but if you select the public, this is where you can change the group settings for your group as well. And these are all the different things that are go...

ing to be able to change in terms of the address. So instead of having a number, I could add a name for it. The color badges that you're going to have affiliation to pages types of groups. So keep in mind we go through all of them, you can have a general buy and sell a gaming social learning jobs, parenting and this is where I change which type of group I'm going to have Q. And A's. This is how I can manage my membership, so who can join pages, profiles or only profiles? Who can improve member requests. So if you have admins and moderators who can is pre approved to join. So you can set up rules from people coming from a group from a file of email addresses that you know they're gonna be customers or you know those people you can manage discussions here who can post, who can approval post, how you're going to sort comments as well, how you gonna prove them and pages and recommended links. Groups and apps tied to your page. The other thing that you want to look at on the left side is that you're going to have a member request area and this is we're gonna be able to filter all the members that are requesting to join your community, whether it's by date, age, gender profile, picture. And we're going to go through in different lessons with how to use these filters to manage new groups and people who want to join your community or your facebook group. Um advanced automatic approvals. You know, you can actually set up so that you preapprove certain things or certain people membership questions. We've talked and we will talk about this in lessons with what are the different questions that you should be using? You can use checkboxes, multiple choice written answers. We're gonna go through what are the most the three questions that I recommend using group rules. People accept accepting your rules as well. You can look at pending post. So people who have actually posted something, you can look at them and you're gonna be able to see them here to pre approve them scheduled posts. These are posts that you're going to be able to schedule ahead of time so that you don't have to be posting content all the time. But I can actually say you know post one. Yeah I'm gonna schedule this for tomorrow So May 23 At 12 am schedule. So this is gonna be posted tomorrow. This is gonna be scheduling all of the content and posts that you're doing. And the other thing that you want to do is your group rules. Facebook automatically adds four. You can create and add more rules here facebook and additional ones. We're gonna go through different rules that I also recommend that you should be using and then again you're gonna have reported content when people report spam. Um you know, conflict, this is where we're gonna see them moderation alerts. You can actually set up alerts with different words that trigger a moderation so that you can actually see if someone's commenting and someone's asking for a direct message group quality. This is how facebook gives you feedback whether you're complying with the rules and the last thing I want to show you is the admin assist because this is something new and this is something that facebook is helping and adding more functionality to help you automate a lot of the manual tasks that you will be doing when managing a community. So this is basically how you set up your group and this is also how um you're gonna be able to go through each chapter as we go through them and manage all the different things within your group. So your group description will appear in the about section, make sure that your description is clear catchy and also conveys what the group is all about. So I want to show you a couple of examples of good group descriptions and you want to leverage and understand how do we use this? Not just to explain people what you do, what the communities are all about, what to expect, but also generate leads from your group. These are a couple of different examples. The first is the one I use, The second one is from click funnels and you go through them and the third one is limb list. If you have a look at them, they all look different but they also have certain things in common. There are key when building good group description so that you can attract the right people build the right content and also and also driving traffic to those landing pages, those sites that are gonna help you also monetize your group. So what are these facebook group descriptions are these three examples that I show you have in common and this is a structure I like to use and you can copy as well. The first thing is, who is this for? This? Goes back to our exercise of who is your target audience? 2nd. What will their learn and benefit by joining the community? Again, people are joining a community not to buy stuff but to benefit learn, get something out of it and you want to actually tell them what to expect. You want to have a C. T. A call to action for people to sign up whether it's a newsletter, whether it's additional resources, whether it's your product, but you want to bring people to your site. So you can actually start monetizing or building that email is that's so important to build and grow a community who's running the group, you know, what do I expect of the person who is the admin, the community leader a welcome message and as an optional and I use this. What are the additional resources that people can find and start taking advantage from your brand, your community or your product or service that you provide. So if you look at this example, what I do is say, well what is this for? What? Where you learned? This is a community to prepare and pass your next facebook blueprint certification. So why would you join? Well, if you're looking to learn and you want to pass your exam, this is a place to be Learn how to be ready for the next exam by asking questions to our 24,000 community members get access to our guides practice with our sample questions. So what are the things that people can expect? They're gonna be able to ask questions about the exam, join the community. Access specific guides content that we share. Over 2500 students have used our practice questions to get ready for their exam. This again builds credibility if you haven't yet get our practice questions again, this is how we monetize it, but this could be a guide. This could be anything else and this is my mission, a mission to help a million marketers have a successful digital marketing career by building our community so that you can share tips, tricks and hacks, Welcome and more resources. So this is a good structure and one that you can copy and use within the description of your facebook group. And the last step to set up your facebook group properly is to have a cover photo. This is one of the most important real estate spaces that you're gonna get to show potential community members or users when people are searching topics, interest brands so that they can actually find you easier and also attract them to join your community. The right cover photo can get the right people's attention, spark interest and also ask people to join your community. So this is how you're gonna change the cover photo. Once you have a design ready, if you go here on edit on the homepage of your group, you're gonna be able to choose a picture from group of photos, pictures that I've had before. You know that I can select, you can also pick a picture from illustrations. They have different ones. So if you don't have a picture yet, you can select it here. Or you can also upload a photo that you've designed yourself or used it with one of our designers within the fiber community. So once you change it and I'm going to choose one from the illustration, I can basically save it and that's gonna save the new picture cover photo for your facebook group.

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