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Mastering The Maschine

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iPad as a Step Sequencer, Arp, or Chord Player

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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17. iPad as a Step Sequencer, Arp, or Chord Player

Lesson Info

iPad as a Step Sequencer, Arp, or Chord Player

Another thing we get asked a lot is having does machine having our page here you know? So I think this will be a good one to kind of show that so let's see, maybe we'll, uh we'll go back to my trusty all purpose device here and this is probably one of the best investments I've made in my set up actually cause it's so flexible can do so many things with it, but so I might get on black close this one and now I'm gonna go to was try we'll do step polly art so this is this is made by another of the same company and what this one does is let me play all types of different just our paginated melodies and you can go in and kind of move the notes around and you could mess with the modulation and volume and after touch of the notes and other different stuff so I'm gonna maybe maybe we'll find like a lead sound or something and see if we can build up something with that so let's go in here and high and massive again we'll see if we can find like a lead simply and we just want something maybe sof...

t and it won't just do some like this one here that was too close to my parents really play so again just to show you it works of course I could go in there if I want to put in my temple I know matt what uh one thirty one so one thirty one and I'm gonna get it exactly you guys know what top tempos so I'll say one thirty one point was at eighty six so one three one point eighty six I've done and I'm good to go open and say I didn't get done and go one thirty one point eight six one three one point eight six oh I think I have it sink that's what I did I think I'd said it to sink and so here we go oh yeah and there's well type tempo too so they've got tapped up one here and you can just adjust it that way as well so lots of different ways to do it and we'll just go in here and get it down to one thirty one that's a little fast because I kind of play again I had my tempo high but I kind of played it in double time thing this one also has a lot of pre senses well you got presets I can go in and say someone something basic not me personally I'm more of a cord guy than our educator person just because just because the type of music I make but again I want to just show you a lot of different ways that you can use this stuff you got you got control over the groove and everything so cool stuff I think I'm getting some feedback from probably the I wouldn't do is do this so but if I before that, it won't make that noise I'm getting some kind of feedback somewhere in there um either with the pre set itself or just the machine many but again, we're going to see if we can record this into the track just so you can see that it actually records that in there and I'm pulling my ranger so I can look at my pattern again if you want to see your pattern that you're working on directly on the a controller, just go to arrange you could go into the pattern and you'll see it in there, so we'll see if we can put this in and see if he'll actually records that feedback or not because I'm not sure what was going on with you I don't like that we'll see if it's a different it's probably you go back and try it that's why I was holding in the beginning, right? Forget so let's see if we can come up with some type of our project for this remember I can go in I can last this just to listen to it in there you couldn't see it down a little bit lower, but if you go down there all those notes are in there exactly how the rpg ater played it you could see him right there you see one of the way I started it kind of got off over there I could go in and quantities and I'll just leave it alone and again now we're going to save something else so now I can save this many I would just say uh export midi and this was gonna be arpeggio later so I'll go to my committee and now I must say stuck aarp since we got stuck there for a little bit and that's why my name it question yeah can you? If the window is a little bit smaller you could just use drag midi and drag it out to your destined for holding early yeah, you could just like if I wanted to just drag it out I could go over here and just drag this mini and it would just put my parent company to put it right there or I can put it where but when you drag the media is going to be named whatever the mini is drinking. So this was going to be named southern girl because that's the name of the sound that I'm drinking too many from when you export yeah more control over the name of the many file so that's usually when I go to export but it's the same thing I could drag it there and it's going to be right there or I can put it am I needy file and again if I go back over and go into my favorites it's going to be there so we can clear this out if I go back in here see there's that one this just in the photo but if I want to go into their study hard and it's in there so again if you like aarp educated sounds and you really can't find a way to use your favorite are predicated plug in inside of machines do just due to the way that many rounds because you've been around many between pads but it doesn't route from the plug and it's just the actual pad notes they're getting around it so if you try to do it our page gator inside of machine and routed to say contactar another plug in is just gonna play that note when you hit the pad it's not gonna actually route it after the plug in and that's that's why a lot of court and arpege eater type plug ins don't work a machine but again ipad to the rescue or iphone you only the ipad if you got the iphone there's a lot of this stuff on there as well and you pretty much good to go now there's other there's other stuff I'm going to clear this out so you want a little bit more of a basic you know step sequence you don't really need all this going on there's other aps what I'm to do now is pull up one this that's really cool. I think this house is this, like, five bucks little bits for might be leading three to three dollars, something something crazy like that. So get rid of that, and I'm open up this one called little mini and it's a really basic, like just looks like a little analog step sequence, sir. So it's got tonto the most of these, some of these, actually, if you go into their settings, you khun, you can kind of single if you go, if you look for the inputs. So I look for the court, many inputs on the state clock in, and I don't really need note in so much they clock, and I'm gonna hook back up my input and on the iraq many I don't know if you guys going to see that, but this is actually blinking on my input because it's receiving clock for machine and I'll show you a machine if you want machine the sinise, maybe clock out you go to file and right here where it says sent many clock, and that way, you know, it'll sink, you know machine will send its tempo data to whatever you have meeting to it, so it if tends to fluctuate, so it kind of depends on what you're trying to do. Some of them, like I've noticed, some maps, they kind of fluctuate when they're even receiving many clock for machines so it's kind of ah trial and error thing, but again, it's another way to kind of keep things in sync, so we're going to see if this one actually is going to sink of force or not. So you just pick your core many input, because as you can see, I can also use this stuff with any other acts the same with the other acts I showed you can actually route those two other absent you have on your ipad and just playing into machine as audio as well. But I just want to kind of show that many stuff, so going to see that this is going to sink with our, um, timbo, because right now is that like, thirty four? So I want to see if it sinks, so it doesn't look maybe, uh, so this one was waiting for many input actually sing, but you can see you haven't saved any presets in this one. So but again, there's there's so many different ways you can do that on record that that stuff directly into machine.

Class Description

If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

No matter what genre of music you’re passionate about, this course will give you the tools you need to work effortlessly and innovatively.


George D

Even though it's a bit old now this is still a fantastic walkthrough of Maschine. Lots of great content here!

Joseph Castaneda

Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

William Parmlee

Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks