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Mastering The Maschine

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iPad as an External Sound Module

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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Lesson Info

18. iPad as an External Sound Module

Lesson Info

iPad as an External Sound Module

This is going to be more of a continuation of kind of what I did yesterday with the hardware stuff somebody's start when you started a new family, a new project discard now for this one, I won't be able to mirror it all the time just because of how happened tv works with the merry so I'll kind of show you that I'm using and then it'll come down so I can actually get audio out of it. So, um, this let's start with something like again, I'm not going to show all my sense on here because I have an old ipad and I don't want to embarrass myself, so listen, tio uh do son riser? So again, this is a pre pretty common sent in the iowa's world has a nice little virtual analog sound to it, and of course, you know, it takes up the whole screen, you can go in and go through all the different banks, all the different sounds, you know, just all your settings get a lot of little hands over control of the senate, and I use a lot of ipads since just treat him as hardware. Like I said, so it kind of just ...

feeds my fetish for gear, you know, without without taking up too much space and without getting me in trouble so flexion knows about that as well we tend to get in trouble a lot for our gear issues at least they are loved for years, so I'm not really, really in trouble. Our wives are fine, but so I have that so what I'm gonna do is I'll just send many to this, so I'll choose this sound going close. This really need their parents so much use this sound. I go to the channel setting and we go to the output, go to many this the same same thing as we did yesterday with the hardware stuff, but this time I'm just going to send it to the proper port, and it just depends on what port where and I think we're important one I think I have it hooked up there many channel one and let's see if we get sales so we got saying, oh, maybe I need to do any do I think I may need to tell it to stop being weird because I see my say I'm coming but it's not going to the mix? Sure. Oh, again there we go. I need to come over here to my input and tell her where to come from. So scene we all forget those little things, so don't feel bad when you do so again now, I could just play this thing just like I was playing hard where I saw and I basically treat this as if it's an external piece of gear, I do the same type of recording, so on like we did you actually, I could go up here and say, this is in usually when I do, usually when I do this, I'll just go in and name it like, uh, just like I did with my hardware, where I named it after each one, I would say this is ipad or something like this, but we just make this the input on lee, and I'll make another group that's gonna be ipad that's where I'm gonna recorded, too, and we'll be good to go something. I got my input there back up here, and we're pretty much good to go, so now I can actually go in and just start playing and doing whatever I want to do with this sounds so now I'm now basically just going through looking at the different banks and maybe looking for pads or cords or arms or base pretty much whatever you whatever you want to look for just depends on which one you're using and just wait. I think I played them court yesterday I'm not ashamed of that though is so good that I literally no light three courts it's all good because I've got my court everything if I want to just pull up I haven't let me just show that right now so now so we we used that I've had to make some chords earlier, right? So now I've got another sound I want to play him like, you know I'm not really coming a wing ideas I'm like, oh yeah, I made I made a pop tart the other day this was maybe last week that I made my pop tarts so I'm going to my pop cords and I must say, yeah, what I want to do, I just want to load it on this sound someone is loaded up wait so they're already got that in there. So what what would I do to get the sound from the ipad back into machine? Remember we talked about sink sampling really simple so you could see how this type of stuff work together. You can maybe one day just coming with a lot of ideas which records or as your as your you know, create music you khun make your court and save it and again, you can do this with anything that you're playing machine, so it doesn't have to be something that you no app that you used to create the cords if you come up with, like, just a really don't care if you like, man, that's, that's something I want to save to be able to use with other sounds and not just save about my project and always export that that that meeting so again we'll go. No way do we go right here? The ipad, I think that's a four bar loop. So what am I doing? I just put my four bar loop right there and for the pattern making four bars and I'm gonna bring it so I can see it because you don't know how I am about that. And now I got four bars and what I'm to do, I'm just going to sampling and again we'll go to record, and I'm a set that to internal and this one since I'm not actually I could set this to I don't have to set this when the internal system not using any effects on it, so I could actually just that this one to, um, external stereo and just sample that input or I can do it to internal it doesn't really matter, but in a way, so now I got that in there, as you can see, the sample is right there. So really cool stuff I could go back up here to this pattern I don't really need it so I can clear it on now go find other sounds so maybe we want like a base or something so I could go in here I'm just try another cent and see if we're good I'm going do ah let's try our tourists ecm so again same thing you just it doesn't really matter what after using you know whatever happens you want to use basically as you can see I'm just treating this as it's an external piece of gear question sequences could that could network for legs like say for uh when I did it trap style but yesterday and I did I did this nero yeah, you can make up I guess you could make multiple sequences with different roles and stuff to write and say them so you can make a merry time yes, I got it all man that one came out perfect. I want to use it you can go in and export or just dragged that meeting to your own photo like so if you have a bunch of snare roll okay but trapped in their roles and the good thing what many is you know even changed the tempo you could change the notes you go in and tweak it but you have a place to start so I know yeah, I know you're going tio so we got another one to see and I have got a patent again we got another cent and this one actually if you guys want to see what it looks like I just thought out there real quick and uh can you please do it to review all of the absolute already gone through cord polly pad and step polly arbor pulls made by the same person there's one called little mini so far and then those air the minneapolis and then for the sense I use sunrise er and now I have artur ia's icy am open so is that is that all of our media like secret weapons that you're like my secret weapon my show first man my secret what is it? You know, some people like arms alright courts and being able to have ah library full of course for me it changes a lot of stuff it makes it just so flexible you can go in and do so many different things yeah, I do that from a city from a song writing the of standpoint to, um just hearing different chords right? You don't have to your brain doesn't have to actually build the court with your fingers yeah, you just get the inspiration right off and then from there you can take it to whatever level exactly exactly I'm curious what you said there's a little bit of late and see when you're going over wifi can you ask? Is it negligible? You should actually use it just fine. Ok, I've done the deals with using it just fine. It's just I think it is from acto happened just kind of depends from after app which how it kind of is going to impact the latent sea and also pins on your network. If you got a lot of stuff going on on your network, you may find this a little bit more late now, I believe, uh, max, you don't even have to. You can connect it directly to your mac. I think, um uh, really, you can just set up like an ad hoc. Where is just that network between your ipad and your mac? So, is that an osc connection? Because there was actually quite a few questions. There's feuded. That's, there's actually, a few different ways to do it. It just appears like I think I think it's actually built into the mac os, that it just connects. You could just it is just network. It just connects like an ied hawk is like a peer to peer connection, but, like on pc there's, different application did you can download? Like, uh, think it's like I mean, I can't think of the names of him right now, but there's a few different what I'll do is I'll get you a list of some of the acts that I used on my pc that allow you to connect and then you could put it on the supplemental and also get you a list of the absolute use here on that way, you can add it all to the to the supplemental download I can't think of the exact names because I install him once and then it just works and so but there's a few and actually the ones for the pc or free so you just downloaded and kind of set up the network between your ipad in your computer and you're good to go so yeah, it doesn't take a lot in terms of getting the connected to your computer I just figured, you know, physical connection with probably a lot easier for people to grasp yeah, that makes a lot of you could just go out and buy this this adapter for many a guitar sooner amazon wherever and and plug it in just like regular many and you're good to go so awesome man will get speaking of being connected, I think we'll do you have that all set right people, let me see, let me see. All right, so is the booth booth so that's the iast cnn? Like I said, it's really, really cool sent you know you can go in load your different presets and I didn't stuff like that, so you know, you can guess what you're all your parameters so it's just a fun way to be able to have more sound and actually sound good like, you know, in early days of the iowa since they were ok, but now they sound just as good as a plug in, so, you know, and it costs a lot a lot less and you got a lot of well known companies that are making idle west acts now similar to the plug is they make so it's like, ok, I can either spend one hundred two hundred dollars on their plug in art has been nine to ten, maybe fifteen, twenty bucks on their iowa is that for me, I kind of gravitate towards this just because of how I told you guys, I like to work with external gear and I just treat this like it's an external piece of equipment, so again, we would just go in, let me disconnect now so we can hear it. I'm kind of wrap it up, but of course, again, if you guys got any questions, let me know I'm just kind of showing you how my work flow is with the ipad, how I integrate into my system, this is really how I use it on a daily basis use those courts and then I just used it as a sound lodge I know there's a lot of people have to use it as a controller and difference of like that but I prefer actual hands on control like I wouldn't really use the ipad to control machine just because you know I have the actual control right there but again it depends on what you're doing because if you're doing some performance stuff you know you want to get a template for leamer different different ipad comptroller aps you know, many designer stuff like that you can make your own kind of custom controllers maybe you're performing and you got machine over here and maybe you want to give the ipad two a drummer or something and they want to do whatever you can do a lot of stuff with this so definitely please explore the iowa's integration please explore the different ways that you can integrate cause everybody's going to come up with their own different work flows in different ways that they can find it beneficial so again let's see if we get some so we got sound now so I'm going to do now is go to many channel could just go through it find it sounded like that will just record it and then way will be a good way let's do something really simple like that like a pattern I got four border so and I was in there I can go in there of course I could go in and normalize it, keep building on my tracks the same way I kind of should you guys today with how I like to do my my audio tracks and as you could see, I can't go in and, you know, draw my little notes and keep it like that. So a lot of times I won't just use one specific thing like, I'll use ipad, and I mean, he was another keyboard and cynthia rhodes and treated all the same a treat the ipad, just like it was a piece of fictional gear, and then sometimes I use it to play those courts. So if you guys got any questions, let me know, and I was basically wondering mostly about the wifi set up, kind of getting all that in there and then everyone's asking what perhaps is he using because, like, this is great, I mean, obviously that way. So what is the name of that there's there's one specific. Like I said, if you got a mac, you have it easy because there's really no it's really simple to set up a connection between your ipad and your mac, but what windows that's a little bit different cause you gotta make sure bond jurors and start, I think that's like the itunes connection thing and stuff like that. But I can't think of the name of that happened. I used on the top my head on the computer. Maybe, you know. Well, I just I just wanted to touch on as a mac user. J k is a pc user. As a mac user, I do this a lot with my set up. A swell and on a mac. All you need to do is connect to the same wifi network that your computer is on. You'll go to your audio, maybe settings, and it will say session one input and you just set it up right there in audio many settings. There is a little window that says midi window, you would open that and it will show your ipad and you can set it up like there. It's really painless. Very easy to do. This is there's. A lot of common information out there on howto to find that information, get her rvp rtp mittie for pc users. It's called rtp many sets briefly session at the same type of connection for a pc. We'll go and open it, and you kind of set up a session like I have minds and name sounds of gear that's the name of my computer. So then when I go into my ipad, I can just it shows up as a mini interface, and you just choose it that way. So but again, I'll get you a list of I stuff. You could put it on the down low so they can make sure they get it.

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If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

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Joseph Castaneda

Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

William Parmlee

Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks