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Mastering The Maschine

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Sampling Tracks Demo with Knock

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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Lesson Info

5. Sampling Tracks Demo with Knock

Lesson Info

Sampling Tracks Demo with Knock

I've been basically sampling and mixing for since early nineties you know I'm over here so you know, I started out in hardware and got into software when the machine came along you know? I felt lower because I like tio you know, I guess I'm not the technical wanted to do because I like pretty much what I hear I put it down and, you know, put whatever I want down and trying go through it quickly and that's how that's why film a little machine? Because I could pretty much get my sample down and chop it up and keep it moving because I never really been like that that technical because I kind of lose focus when I do and that's why he's laughing shaking said here but you know that's, why we company reaching two stories in this for you know, both force on their site but I'm also on the site with joe machine towards dot com and knocks house dot com with my own website dio no pretty much make these I do a lot of club and hip hop pdm stuff like that that's my love of doing things and I just pre...

tty much I'm just I just like to have fun making tracks you know, not not get stuck enough in the pigeonholing whatever's playing right stuck in the process the process you just blow, you know, so you know that's why joe take outs I do someone like called a seven minute workout what I pretty much drop the needle on the turntable and I sample it maybe fifteen seconds of it and I just go do it and I'll chop and I love doing that because it made my ear get better because I have I focus less on the powers that machine have it and basically go through and because they do put the that's about the best future enemy is a duplicate way I mean, this thing should glow really should make you like gold because here once I put the sample now I just maybe copy for passing mohr and not just you starting in points and that's what I've been doing anybody just watch me I pretty much do it like that because I like to have control of it and if I hear something I could just instantly go started there and I'm going to the next thing so yeah let's just show some these guys some of that talent and pretty much I got j case tonto that's the new turntable time you give one in your life, you know? So I've seen jesus a multi free loops and someone actually was asking on the chat room what what you're actually using, I'm just playing it directly on items okay forget directly on the music I just copied my samples to the ipad two that knew we were coming here and we weren't gonna have space for a turntable and plus the samples are world to free, so and so implicit still gives you the it still gives you the feel of sampling into machine instead of just dragging it it's just a little bit of a different works a little bit different. Well, I feel like you're actually capturing the sample so and you could do that with your phone. You can copy the files to your phone and you get like a y cable stereo. Why cable to hook up to your interface? You're good to go, so you don't need I've had to do it, it could be a phone, it could be a ipod, anything that can play music and you can take a headphone jack out of it. You can pretty much use that as your turntable or your sample player, whatever it is just a fun way of capturing the samples. I think so, and you can use any song format, tio any recorded format at that point, because it's just it's just exactly so that gets around that gets around the fact that machine does an import mp three's so maybe you have a whole collection of mp three's in your itunes library? Well, you don't have to worry about exporting and, you know, change the format, you just play it, you know, just getting get a cable from my radio show or anything just basic. Why, why stereo cable plug it in? I mean, I've done videos with it doing my cell phone, so if you don't have an ipad, just use your cell phone. If you have a cell phone, use an mp three player, it could be anything that you could take it a headphone jack out of and plug into your interface. That could be your sampler. So perfect. Can you do you mentioned items? Can you internally use your itunes on your computer? Routed to the machine that is mohr that's more based on your audio interface? If your audio interface allows you to route between applications, you can do it all of it. Don't do it, there's also, if using the matters also stuff like sound flower, you know different things that you can actually kind of get things around it between. But we get that question a lot, and I always say the easiest and quickest way if you have a cell phone, if you've got an mp three player, use that. But, you know, if you haven't gone even your face, that doesn't like I I use an audio on your face that lets me sample whatever's on that machine just because whatever's on my computer just because I needed for my tutorials on stuff I need to be able to sample whatever is playing, you know, it's sinking out with video but if you don't have that quick, cheap, easy ways that use what you have, it could be your little sister's your little cousin's, little bitty everything players long as you don't get music on there and it has a headphone output, you could get you a cable was, like seven, seven, eight books and you can sample all day back recording loop. Yeah, little back it is, you know, some audio interfaces actually have it so all of them don't go. But those those type of injuries that you actually, you know, internally route stuff between applications which, you know, I love I use ah, role enjoyed. So yeah. All right, well, I'm just gonna go through this and find something you got you gotta be oh, ok. J k just playing these groups last night just going to find something like through the records I'm going with this one I like I like that one time especially good, I like the sound of that mexico, a gray suit, a sample you like so do you normally go for a certain length of time when you sample yeah yeah yeah it's like just maybe getting enough to market was here they would have to work with so I see already with that particular sample uh hey, I heard two hits the particular hits have different tones in them and that's that immediately that's where I'm that's the first place I'm going to go because I'm trying to getsem gets a movement in it like with different tones and things like that. So so when you say hit like this that this that's one thing I'm listening to the sandwich and this is but it's a different note, right? So I say, you know what? Let me go right now so you like looking for the impacts that with culture exactly exactly and I just normalizes so it turned so when I do la times like I said this duke case my best friend I just hit this and go so I've made before pads with the same thing on it and then I love I grew up in to the starting point actually that first and I go to the next one thinks that this I'll start everything I just do this I might change it up by the hand in time but I got that's like my foundation finding the sound never you never just ran point no way uh you never adjust your end point I still feel like I know that I mean, I just like I feel like if I mean every once in a while I'll adjusted you never just you and ok I've never seen ever it was like I remember just isn't just to give you more place ability here is just so if if I'm going to go back to that pad is there no, I think no, I can go scroll back I could go back out but if I if I truncated and it's only this part then you know I might want I might have wanted something about hey lady, you know I could always duplicates another pad but I just got in a certain way I don't trust you that's another thing when you duplicate you know, truncated so once I find you know I'm like what you do it's not like I'm running computer right osako to find these and you usually leave your samples all eighty s are to hold it down point of difference between that versus you know one shot like some people like you might see online some people like hit the pad and a sample of play the whole time but with me I like it too soon I take my hand off but I like it just stop you know if I turned the light turned one shot did you get that where you can actually go I was you actually go over and oliphant down one way we do that we'll have it for different different pads playing you know playing each one and let him go so the next one cut that right but I pretty much I just like to hold a pad down you know just keep messing with he's getting a little bit more control I just more control less I'm lazy so also won in one way if you put it on one shot and you stop the beat but sam was going to keep going to this one once you were idiots are and it's just it's just gonna play with it notes that exactly you know take my hand off so I said to him you know like get that last one that I know that was for for a dsr mode then you don't really need to have toe put and point right eighty s r is on ly gonna play when you're holding a bad especially if you're working with longer samples you know feel like going in and adjusting the point you know it's a lot faster it makes it even fast to get the part she want status on ly gonna play when you hit the pan and then like say if you're if you're performing live like you do and you stop the beat if it's eighty s are that it's only going toe b, you know, plane, when you're holding a pan where's, if you haven't a one shot, you stop the beat it's going to keep playing until it's done. D j r eighty one wants to know what is a dsr mean. I mean, you just explain what it does. Yes, it was the is the envelope is that attacked, attacked, delay, sustained release and it's the kind of with floods touchdown when he was doing some design. So where is one shot? Is going to play the whole thing? Eighty s are going to give you control over the tax so you could actually go in and kind of just the you know how the sample comes in, you can adjust how long it sustains that full level, you can adjust the release. You can also do hd, which it's a little bit different, but it's almost like you can treat it as a one shot, but then you can adjust how long is it sustains so you could put it on what you could put it on hd if you wantto hit the patio, have it play, but then you have more control over how it fades out, so you're actually controlling the premise, especially that is sort of a little bit staying below book of how the sample is playing back got it earlier, you added another the choke feature on the pitch when he did the one shot he turned political down that one, so that means that pad that sound can only play one sound at the time that allows you to repeat hit the pack. You know, sometimes when you work with sandwich wantto kind of hit the pad and it won't overlap if you don't have it set to one, then it's gonna it's gonna overlap now? Show group allows you to work with multiple pads in that same way, whereas the prolife knee set. So one is specific for that that one pad on, and it allows you to just continue to hit that pad without it overlapping itself. They used to have a way to do that for the whole group. Unfortunate it's not in there right now. I used to use that a lot I used to I didn't used to use choke groups. You said just, you know, give my chops how it wanted and set my whole group lift, nieto one and then everything would cut everything off, but now you just use the politically in a choke groups, so just real quick, there is a very fast way to select the entire group, though they did away with the group level. But you can still grab everything all at once just by using so hit the select button and pressing all and it will highlight all your pads and then you can turn just one pads polyphony toe one and it will set the entire hurt too polyphony of one and that that select all applies to anything if you want to change the tone and of everything in your group you know all that as long as you have everything selected it's going to apply to everything volume and everything like that but one thing to remember is make sure you go back in and un selected because then you might make some changes and forget you have everything selected we've had a lot of people like man I'm trying to change the volume or japan on one pan is changing everything well at some point select all was was chosen so that's kind of why I prefer the old group way but again is just one of those things to remember so um okay I like that I like that group of that so it's up a little bit so thanks ladies you're just doing the slices of party just looking for something goes tio put together a puzzle you just there's no, we get a lot of questions on you know, how do you put that together sample after you slice it however you want you know it's it's really up to you what sounds good in your e and that's that's one of the really really fun things about sampling is you can take something and make it something totally different and it's all you need to the person so everybody's going to chop things differently where as he likes to chop on the percussive parts I prefer to find just the musical parts so it's just it's on how do you want to do it sometimes going try to lay that handing down I'm making four bars you get your tempo explain how you do that uh mr I just if I talk about I know it was like somewhere in like ninety in the ninety seven I just just you just knew that just because we'll have the just are told you in the thirty s o ok I see I see a woman like that turned up a little bit nice six yeah I just knew it was the right just by listening to it qantas and then I say ok the tempo to me dimensional plan so maybe I had it right first time now it's a little bit in a little bit so there's a perfect lesson there go with your instinct uh about what ok I'm going I'm going you know it's one of times I'm going to sit there now wait ever using point on lee created a lot of breaking new ground no duplicate this the snare cannot go I'll scroll over what that is not part of the snare samples I actually put this one on one shot and that she went to the side oh kind of sleep over here okay, you must get some kind of button combination I don't know about I was like it's like me going I'm a quiet I just want to uh I'm gonna git er events that kwan ties so explain what you just did I hit so he got slow me down events I had advanced but I just want tio these pads and letting the one I want to effect that kwan ties it was this symbol so I just press that particular one if I hit all of these and it would quantifies all over but I just want to focus on that one if you wanted to do the whole group you want him to hit the events but he was just kuantan guys that exact just want to make sure you got caught that so events still as you apply different to specific pads it will be the same for you know you could do a lot of stuff copy paste elite kwan ties all the different stuff just for that specific just for the notes on their so sometimes I'd be like, you know, I heard one of the symbols up I don't care right now I'll come back to it let me go I'll go to the bathroom drama for what we'll do next group I'm naked and I hit up rows and go to groups and I'll find a type of kid want to get a urban well they were vinyl kid you don't just leave those drums as they are in the sample you like the layer you know, like e like I might I might might filtering down later but you know the process right now just like I did let me put this down I'll go for bars and would you just say record no, I had to record the bars I had to record button holder call button down it gives you a choice of your bars of the two for eighteen sixteen which is a fast way to such a such a pattern so set your patterns so I decided for four bars. All right? Thanks. Yeah, yeah, yeah that's nice always always press kwan ties just to see how it sounds it sounds better cause I could always do it get that hot head out I just took some wonder how do you do that though? Holding the race buttoned down so long as this plane it doesn't have to be recorded exactly hold their race button down if you want to just erase a part of your pattern just hold that pad down or it works for the group as well just have a certain part of the whole group that you want to race if you hold it raised as long as that sequence of playing hold down a race and you hit the group button or the pad and it's going to race as long as you have that held down so it's a quick way to just get rid of a specific part you want to get rid of instead of doing undoing the whole day. Or you can hit a racing events and whichever, like, hit a racing event and which everyone he's east one he's a basic sequence, part of sequence, I just hit that it would just delete it would leak that all high hat thing. Right? So, no, I'll just okay. Sometimes I just I'll just a racing. Just play it again. Ready real quick and, uh, look for base. Browse any questions? Why? He's looking for a base here in studio, guys? He's looking for a bass? Sam? Figure out we're good from that. If there's any questions why he finds the sound, can you not? Can you describe how you're looking for your base? Like like what? Like in relation to the sample bright oh, um, basically, I just I I'll just go like I just go to the machine like do you like the base category? And I just start playing until if it's it sounds good, you know, I don't have any, like particularly ones that I go to like this, uh, below this I record that you just record your four bars, not probably going do something that I probably we're going to the filter and take some of that make it more, some of the highs out, so so more low around living below in, but I'm putting down just for that go what I do, I usually will put off filter on the track because you can go into that like this is a massive this massive base. Actually, a lot of times I'll just I'll just go into the into the effects and add a filter to it. Asagoe shift and browse and go from there. Sometimes I do this office of times or whatever, you have to go over to empty slot to put your effect on and one time I didn't really started shift and rows, and I'll put up a factor one and see let's put a filter. I missed the last note I got a pretty good to me now really quick there's another way that you can insert a fix if you just if you press shift, you'll see an insert button and inserted after the current one

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If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

No matter what genre of music you’re passionate about, this course will give you the tools you need to work effortlessly and innovatively.


George D

Even though it's a bit old now this is still a fantastic walkthrough of Maschine. Lots of great content here!

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Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

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Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks