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Mastering The Maschine

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Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 1

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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Lesson Info

22. Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 1

Lesson Info

Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 1

Well, last night I download it which won a lot of basically into a remix and like you see a lot of remakes contest and things a lot to get a lot of e mails people asking me you know, how do you remix how you such a you are capellas that where you get him from and uh if you've been online you probably seen contest would still have life you know, if you give you the stems or you know, just a two track for you remix and then you know, everybody judges it and you win something or people just want to remix and they go online and look up you could find out capellas anywhere basically you know, you two were just anywhere so uh basically this when I got this download it's the royalty free when it's a song I did I'm just going to remix I listened to what I kind of in my head kind of got an idea how we want to go but pretty much today you're going to be going along with me as I do it, you know? I might go in one direction to stop just just just this is the work flow that I actually do, so it wou...

ld be just like on the home, you know pretty much and you know, the first thing I'd do is I'd like to set up the get the temple down of the particular capella. So I gotta files here just going drag it already have it. They already know this one is one twenty eight just because the information is on the actual repeat three but if you would alone, way, way far if you had alot this into machine and you didn't know what aqap l a you know, this is a time you use tap tempo. Oh, yeah, you know, I mean, I'm actually impressed have temple ongoing happy about that, but, you know, I'll just I'll play the I just have this play the actual file you're telling me to breathe, but I can't catch your breath you're telling me to see, but I can't bad arrest running through my head like an animal, like an animal, like a memo machine starts out and starts at one twenty, you know, that's, the normal temple that starts out at but, you know, when hit this, we're gonna go into the tap tempo. Can you tell me to see that I can better monitor remember like and all so I got it, I came to one twenty nine, you get it in the general area and then I know what everybody I'm not not d j, but you get in the general area, you're going to be, you know, kind of cutting the vocals up anyway, if you really makes a machine because it doesn't have audio track, so you know, different scenes might have sections of the vocals play, you know, something's going away, tryinto one twenty eight says, I know their tempo, but and see it's one twenty eight, fifty six on the whole shift down so I could get that fifty six down, I could get to the second set, so I get it exact, but like you'll be cutting focus up anyway, so it allowed when I like to do is exactly what I do whenever I could I could tell it, I'll play, I'll play part of the of the vocal in a loop, maybe the first, maybe the first eight bars, and I just keep playing and then I start and stuff all over it. So what? I'm going to hit record, I want to go eight bars and let me get this ended two front part start. I was going to put this on. Ah, take this up with one shot you made him grieve can't cancer it's me too, steve, but I can better rest running through my head like an animal, like an animal, like a man. That's the part we're put down that's going to be a little and then I get kind of like a good portion of the beat down around that and then I could start going to further to the vocals and decide what I'm going to do from there. So killing I'm learning I'm trying everything I try to be you want to be like you want to grow up and you go ok, well it's going start your breathing but I can't catch a break you're telling me to sleeve but can't bed rest monet's room up like an animal can animal liken emma just going hey, come on, guys, just let me see you made him breathe can't tio I mean I get it I'm going to keep up teo teo, teo way little kidding here and it might not be the kid that I used but, you know, we have some audio team you have to, you know, they got they got it, they got it on the control. Let me, uh you going no ticket up? Browse before this off despite a machine see groups. So do the you know what the voters did? The vocals dictate the type of song you're going toe what you're gonna turn it into, like all american here in this I'll say, ok, this is going to be like up temple when you know what matter of fact okay yeah I was asking him what I was thinking about speeding this up but I'll keep it in one twenty eight I was on time stretch it too maybe a little faster but I'll go with this now you see kids and I just go to the car just find out okay kick drum first set up a make this four bars e e now what I what I usually do now is I just I just start and stuff in and I could take it out if you don't sound good but I just want to keep moving so I just don't get it I had to what I'm doing now is I'm doing a no repeat and it's at one sixteen you know a top forty mics off like it just the outback bowl right way get like you today's gas up yesterday morning day well basically what I was doing us as I was hitting no repeat and I was going out the velocity of how pressing pants kind of becoming make way still searching I'm still going and I'll just trying you know something is my god just put it in I have found president come down what I do is I might I might just duplicate this pad and have the open I have playing in the other one on the second second pattern I'm going to go and just look for some sounds particular stuff that you go to look for after this that you usually once you get the vocal down do you try to do the drums first to kind of get your foundation you're sometimes you go melodies is it different when you're working with vocals as opposed to when you're just starting a new track that's what I said yesterday I was like you know I started right leader somebody like sometimes you know I don't know it's just if I get a feeling like I was I was just going to put a kid down yeah maybe I had and then going to get maybe some cord or something like that but you know I think that was you keep going because I can always just mute out of something you know later on myself whenever we look for maybe a uh sound some kind of so called sam pretty much so we go in here and while you're sticking with that sound the raw thumb said you're the king no they say ok you wanna see masses that their bones okay that's that's I forgot I'm going keep going but I might come back to so far everything that you use in here's what anybody that gets machines that all these massive sounds actually coming machine too I tried that should be bars would you do it there man would you count them bars and you told you had bp way beyond that? The volume so you know some utes and stuff there that's just kind of you, but you kind of get a feel for exactly track and because I'm moving forward I'm like like a semi go back and meet some things out so just for the time we'll go to the next sound and go low so bin e hee hee now I'm going to meet the voters out for a minute lazy one of my favorite comments from the chat rooms right now is anyone else have their machine open and playing a beat over knock samples? Yeah, you know, that's solid back recording that's all you know get some chords in there. All right, take a watch off. I'll see it's really serious now, yeah, my wife woman I believe it is in trouble e you see, any time you have questions or whatever, just come on in. All right got a quick question for you. So you're not a traditionally trained keyboard player and you're just using your ear to find find your key and just and just going through it in that way or you just listening and making sure that everything doesn't kind of step on each other and you know how you're doing it you're pretty much if I just try to look for something sounds right because you know he know how many chords you know three maybe I said three hours embellishing things like two and a half to say how many I'm so you know, you could see, you know, I just I one thing I don't think I like it, I just I'm able to here if I hear put it down, you know what I mean by taking a long and somebody who can play, but you no longer get it down there that's what matters so long? I didn't take along well, I just I still got a ways to go, you know, china saying you will be happy with that already way I think it's cool the ability to hear when you say, you know, three chords like the ability to hear it really in this setting is just as important it seems like as being exactly that's what that's what scientology? I don't know, I'm just I'm just saying we like him, I just go by year on oh yeah, I honestly don't know any course I was just saying three I just play the keys and I always seem to play him in the same way. So I just say three chords with just just playing by ear and of course his ears crazy because he's he's been deejay and for so long to he just got a trained just years

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If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

No matter what genre of music you’re passionate about, this course will give you the tools you need to work effortlessly and innovatively.


George D

Even though it's a bit old now this is still a fantastic walkthrough of Maschine. Lots of great content here!

Joseph Castaneda

Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

William Parmlee

Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks