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Mastering The Maschine

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Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 2

JK Swopes

Mastering The Maschine

JK Swopes

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Lesson Info

23. Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 2

Lesson Info

Vocal Remix Demo with Knock Part 2

You don't leave that was fancy. I seen that like that was that was nice, right? Make another pattern we're just, uh just have to kick drum plan now I'll go in and I'll start, um, going to the vote wasn't started messing with no editing, some pieces, just a plain law so hee hee hee hee didn't get he was way do that. Okay, well, go wake the name of well, I guess I've recalled like an animal, but that is a look back and race events, and I just believe that and put some morning you're shifting, insert clear nice. In fact, I see him go too again just remember all this all these sounds besides, the vocals are straight out of machines, so, you know, a lot of time we had caught up and not saying, well, I don't have complete not aware of this and I don't have that all these all these sound you're hearing coming straight out of machine factory so everybody who has machine has the sounds so knock we've got a question actually from our very own tech booth because your creative live we all like lea...

rning what is a good source for either you got any of that three guys what's a good source of capello's, we're going to get stuff like this s o a lot of a lot of sample companies are providing aqap ella's these days like believe this one is from lieutenant luke masters you got people like luke masters prime lose big fish audio you know, a lot of these places are doing vocal packs and a lot of people you know, like working with vocals now you know it's a lot and you get a lot of really good you know, vocalists that air starting to put these type of this type of continent it's not it's all different type of germans you can find people doing a rap hooks and wrap vocals and you know, house and pop and all types of stuff, so any place that sells royalty free samples you can usually find some vocals for there and you also if you're looking for a specific song you know, you know said that you might like you just go on go going global but the song name and typing a cappella next to it and you sometimes you get what they call it a d d I y, you know, safety I wise basically do it yourself people have some kind of, you know, used software and they got most of them most of the be out so you can actually have a propeller and I've actually use some of those when I was on the video is just you know, it another sound all that happened when she put into him mess weak you know it's almost like it's an effect like it's a little bit of whatever so you could do that this will also be a peon withem understand begin if you look for the piece for minute type of name of the song and typing and global put bp on right after or what I do sometimes I put beats per minute and quotes on google and majority time you're going to get that you're going to get somebody that comes up with the temple of the song because there's a lot of d j pools at online that showing up their play list and I mean I haven't really gone I haven't really searched online and not found bpm yet and I'm pretty sure I can match it in here but you know sometimes I just wanted you know find out what it is so you know that's a good way to also find so and youtube people make out capellas also on there so that so many places if you're not squared you don't need to find the beef just close your eyes it doesn't rain man if he's sitting in front of me I'm not gonna be like ok that's one hundred twenty eight beats per minute let me go in trying time in any way know you know it is there I just take it I just wanted to make a quick comment about that also is you can the d I y I think you can easily create your own aqap ellos if you search like he said you can search for instrumentals of a song so if you have the vocal track the full version of the song and then you look for the instrumental you can throw that in and then just phase canceled them out and you end up with the va uncle that way so a lot of the times that's how people would do it and you can look that technique up you know on google it's it's pretty common technique that's been used for quite a few years so do you normally go that route after you kind of get your base you know luke going you trying to kind of come up with a hook first yeah we're remixing yeah like like it's almost I got outgoing pieces like I first part that I did when the vocals is playing I built it up now this part and I said ok ma'am I could use this later and and now I'm getting right now I'm trying to think maybe some kind of what what a buildup would be and you know I will come back to try and put it all together now this one video maybe we're going to break and break signatures e o and lower pitch on this wait and and it was the ship that is right hee hee hee and tonto me too long oh yeah ok, hold on, hold on. I'm just pitched trying to pitch it down fifty uh actually broken down but I'm actually truncate this e do hee hee and and how many bars is this one e okay, I just I just it's just like it's kind of like mixed that we're doing I'm trying to get it together my hands for us you know which direction so now when you see you you keep restarting when you're checking what are you looking for when you re started it it seems like you're listening for something specific when you re started just just something that some of the trigger and you know the direction to go whatever you know so it's just like I mean, I got like, a little basis of the track going now but you know, just trying to find like I'm ready to extend this and play more the vocals instead of ah like this aybar's my ice ago too make it longer you now what a racist pattern I wanna hold it have a longer mabel that is going out now mixed in this off, you know, trying to just right steve I just heard something to the end of that I was going to a big city like an animal and going to keep it let me see that thing samples and getting the parts you need to kind of messed with the vote would you liketo what you'll transfer you know it has a trigger that first note which we had a list of the whole thing going if an audio track I could pretty much use the job will go to anywhere in the song right? So that's why a lot of us one audience right I love you want on your trip you know like an animal like an animal back and more theo theo sample into the first verse like an animal my world be hey like an animal like a mammal like like I can do like like like like like like like like like like like like like like like a like a memo like a like a like a like I think I'm just going e way like like like like so you know we'll set this up to sample sample of the master with me just presidents you just you just made your own way you sell the sample the whole thing so well well I just copied it pad I'm goingto reverse the second one so sometimes I do this just to try to see if I could get different effects just sampled what I did again so now I'm thinking ok this might be good for the break like like like like like like like like like like like like stop good like like like like, like, like, like, like, like just you're telling me, but can't catch it. It's having me, too, steve. But I can better like, like like when you couple those stabs you couple of vocals over do usually lay it down, and those groups are due to do that. You have a practice. What you're what you're trying to put together for the breakdown. Or you've using that group as like your breakdown group, it might I might. I might use that. I might just come back to just, like, get that, like, you mean was sent when I added in sample stuff. I mean, I really have no organization. I might have stuff. It might be one group egg and h might have some morning under groups in between. It's just, you know, I just I just peel something. I just hit it like I might hit a group, put something there right now. I know you know, you know me, I know that organized. So, you know, you could see how in my head I'm just trying to get this right.

Class Description

If you’re ready to take your production to the next level, join CreativeLive and JK Swopes (and guests Doug Lazy aka Knocksquared and Ken "Flux" Pierce) for an in-depth exploration of Maschine, the revolutionary way to sequence, sample, and add effects to any musical project.

Throughout this two day course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to take advantage of this unique, powerful beatmaking production system -- including its sequencer, sampler, and internal fx. JK will also cover the basics of working with Maschine’s extensive built-in library of sounds. JK will also cover the tricks and hacks that let you use Maschine to author your own library of sounds to use in your tracks. From fatter kicks to deeper snares, you’ll learn about simple tweaks you can add to any track to make it more complex and compelling.

No matter what genre of music you’re passionate about, this course will give you the tools you need to work effortlessly and innovatively.

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George D

Even though it's a bit old now this is still a fantastic walkthrough of Maschine. Lots of great content here!

Joseph Castaneda

Pretty dated, but an excellent class. JK walks through everything he explains with thorough, real-time examples. Extremely helpful!

William Parmlee

Just what i needed, great work flow an easy to follow. looking forward to the next level . Thanks