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Class Wrap Up

Lesson 16 from: Mastering Masking with Lightroom Mobile

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

16. Class Wrap Up

Lesson Info

Class Wrap Up

Thank you so much for joining me for masking in Lightroom Mobile. I hope you learned a lot. Please remember here at Creative Live. You can watch this again and again. Get reviews. Maybe check it out after you've practiced masking a little bit and listen again. Get inspired. Uh I want to remind you that the technology is forever updating in Lightroom Mobile. So keep updating your apps because the it's getting better and better and they keep adding new features. I have 10 of classes here at Creative Live. If you're interested, a whole series of mobile photography where we dive deep into each one of those editing modules. If you're interested as always, please feel free to reach out and email me at lisa lisa kearney dot com. If you ever have any questions and jeez, I don't know, a happy shooting and happy editing, go out there and have some fun. Thanks again.

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Christian Alsider

This was a great class! easy to follow and the teacher was excited about what she was teaching

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