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Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic


Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic


Class Description

For four decades Art Wolfe has journeyed to the edges of the earth, capturing extraordinary moments. In Maximizing the Potential of Remote Locations: Arctic to Antarctic, he’ll take you on a photographic tour of some of his most incredible adventures. 

Art’s approach to photography is not simply about going to a location with the intent of photographing it, it is about revealing a location on a grand scale and then teasing out the wildlife, intimate views, and abstracts. 

In this 90-minute presentation, he will lead you on a photographic tour through Svalbard, Iceland, South Georgia Island, and Antarctica. You’ll get to learn about his mental and artistic workflow and the transformations he’s undergone throughout his career. 

You will come away with a better idea of what it takes to photograph without prejudice and develop a new passion for photography and the world around you!



Art always does a great job of presenting the challenges involved in shooting in out of the way places. That combined with Creative Live's excellent production make this a great course for anyone interested in photography.

JOy CAdy

Amazing class! Art is a wonderful story teller, captivating his audience. This class has inspired me to look at a composition in a much different way.


Art Wolfe is one of the premier nature photographers of the world with a career spanning several decades. I have always listened and learned from his insights. One of the most important aspects to consider, is how he explains to the prospective nature photographer, the conditions that were present when he made the photo. This type of information provides the student with situational awareness which teaches you how to see, and how to overcome obstacles in similar situations as you develop your mise-en-scene on location.