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Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers

Lesson 3 of 27

Discover Non-Traditional Objects

Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel

Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers

Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel

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3. Discover Non-Traditional Objects

Lesson Info

Discover Non-Traditional Objects

Now, let's talk about the non-traditional things, things you don't technically realize. In this particular shot, right here, I have my trash can. That is the same trash can that showed up in the layout. I was out walking my dog one day with my son. We were at the park, and they had this beautiful trash can, and immediately, I never see trash can, I see something rustic that has a lot of texture that's going to be in a mixed-media page. I take my iPhone, I'm not carrying my DSLR all over the street. I am going to use my iPhone, I get really up nice and close and personal with it, and just snap it. All I have to do is make sure my arm can stay steady, which thankfully, it can now, I hurt my arm and it was all like this, but now I can just stand there and take the snap shot. Here's this trash can, right in the park, just your average trash can, and that is the same trash can image that you see in this layout right here, so I took the photo, brought it into Photoshop, changed it, added som...

e adjustment layers, added a gradient map. I know this might seem a little foreign for anyone who's not with digital scrap booking yet, but you will be, and then just changed it, and it's a simple trash can. You can create mixed-media looks by using very simple things, and it looks pretty good, I think, right? All right, so things you might not think of, rocks. If you walk by someone's rock garden, if you have one. Rocks are gonna create some very interesting looks when you alter them. Clouds will also create some interesting looks if you alter them, I love clouds, and you can get different kind of cloud formations, where something looks like cumulus. I'm not a scientist, so never mind. Different kinds of clouds will produce different kinds of results, and so will a blue sky. This is an example by Kathy, which has texture and pattern in it, so anytime you stop and see a crack on the wall, brick walls, wall paper, beaches, stones, anytime you see, carpet, all of those things are things that you can use in a mixed-media kind of style.

Class Description

Switching your medium from paper to pixels doesn’t mean you’re giving up the highly tactile, artsy, eclectic nature of scrapbooking. Bringing your scrapbooking into the digital age lends the artform even more versatility and vibrance than it already has. You can add personal objects to digital pages, and once you’ve digitized your objects, you can reuse or pull from finished pieces as often as you want. Save money, time and satisfy your drive to create unique art on digital platforms.

Join Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel for this intermediate-level class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to scan flat objects and photograph dimensional objects.
  • How to digitize objects to look their best.
  • How to digitally alter the objects so they stand out on a finished page.
Mixed media digital effects are difficult to create without a solid understanding of the hardware involved. Tiffany will teach you how to use a scanner and a camera, and how to make your objects stand out on a finished page by using a photo editor. Don’t be intimidated by new technology! Take your art into the digital space and discover new scrapbooking frontiers. 

Purchase to get the in-depth Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers workbook. The workbook includes step-by-step instructions on digitizing media, extracting individual elements from a photograph, and so much more!


Jane Millar

This class is FABULOUS! Tiffany is very knowledgeable and was extremely well prepared. (I watched the entire class from 9 to 4 today, August 18, 2016.) She speaks clearly and is easy to understand. She does move quickly through the material, so I would recommend buying the class so you have unlimited access to the videos. The bonus materials are great! This class is well worth the money. However, the class is probably for those with at least intermediate skill in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Beginners would probably find it overwhelming. I will add that the class is well suited to anyone interested in digital art as well as those who do digital scrapbooking.

a Creativelive Student

love love love this class...Tiffany is an awesome teacher. She has really organized this class to provide maximum value to the audience. Being a paper crafter and digital scrapbooker, the instructions/ideas Tiffany has shared will definitely help me to take my work to the next level.


What a fun class! I've been doing digital design for over four years but learned so much today! Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel is a very competent instructor, was very encouraging, and stressed that there is more than one way to do something in Photoshop and the importance of discovering our own style...highly recommend purchasing this course along with her class on compositing for digital scrapbookers...I got a great deal on both. BTW, I am not a scrapbooker but create and sell digitally painted background and art journal papers, so there's something for everyone in this class!