Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers


Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers


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Project 2: Deconstruct Project Layer-by-Layer

Building a substrate background, you guys kind of remember that from the previous work with what we did. So we're gonna get started here by creating a new layout, 12 inch by 12 inch. And let's talk about the supplies that you're gonna wanna pull up. So I'm gonna go to File, Open and just kinda start with what you want to grab. First, we're gonna gonna start with a gesso. I do believe I start with a gesso. So one or two, I think I used one in the previous one. I'm gonna start with two for the second one, just because it's a little bit, just to show some variety. The other thing is you're gonna use just a few things from the DaVinci elements, I believe like the title piece. It's word art that I created. Let me see if I can find it. Yeah, the quote. So that's a word art that's provided already for you in the kit and other than that that's probably the only thing on this page I think I did use. There's also the working files for the lighthouse. So there you're gonna find the beach star. Th...

e beachy stuff doesn't go with DaVinci, yeah I don't know if he visited the beach at all in his life, but I would hope he did. So you have a life preserver, there's the lighthouse photo. There's the working file that has all of the layered stuff if you want to take that apart and kinda look at how I did all my layers. There's this newspaper, there's this ocean photo, there's the ocean shell that actually is in the layout. You'll see it's kinda hidden, but it's there, which is important to me. The clouds we don't use. Now these are just textures that I've added for you guys so that if you want to play around with them and see some of the looks when I show you how to blend them you can. And of course that trash can, which we'll show you how we made that work. So we're gonna start with a new layout and go to File, and Open and grab one of your gessos, again I'm gonna use the second one. And them I'm gonna click and drag and hopefully it will work, yeah shift. And then there it is. Now we need a photo. Often times I will either go in one way or another. So what I mean by that is the direction that I choose when I'm building a substrate will look very painted and I start with brushes and decoupage or it will be from a photo. In this instance the substrate is built from a photo, so that is why the substrate is built for, it's based off of a different method. Okay, so I just want to point that out that you do wanna have at least some kind of inkling some kind of idea of whether you want to go painted with paints, decoupage, gessos, transfer or photo. Different little process, but it's just kinda saying which way do I wanna go and me, the kind of style that I work with, is photo. There are a lot of mixed media digital artists who go painted. I go photo. We're kinda using the same techniques. I just start with a photo and build the photo in as my paint, so I'm using my photo, as paint. Does that make sense?

Class Description

Switching your medium from paper to pixels doesn’t mean you’re giving up the highly tactile, artsy, eclectic nature of scrapbooking. Bringing your scrapbooking into the digital age lends the artform even more versatility and vibrance than it already has. You can add personal objects to digital pages, and once you’ve digitized your objects, you can reuse or pull from finished pieces as often as you want. Save money, time and satisfy your drive to create unique art on digital platforms.

Join Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel for this intermediate-level class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to scan flat objects and photograph dimensional objects.
  • How to digitize objects to look their best.
  • How to digitally alter the objects so they stand out on a finished page.
Mixed media digital effects are difficult to create without a solid understanding of the hardware involved. Tiffany will teach you how to use a scanner and a camera, and how to make your objects stand out on a finished page by using a photo editor. Don’t be intimidated by new technology! Take your art into the digital space and discover new scrapbooking frontiers. 

Purchase to get the in-depth Mixed Media for Digital Scrapbookers workbook. The workbook includes step-by-step instructions on digitizing media, extracting individual elements from a photograph, and so much more!