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What Is Compression?

Lesson 13 from: Mixing Electronic Music In Ableton Live

Isaac Cotec

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13. What Is Compression?

Lesson Info

What Is Compression?

Basically, we have three really major tools as a mixing engineer. 1st 1 volume, which we already did. 2nd 1 is compression. And third is CQ like those air. Really? That foundation of mixing everything else is just extra cake on top, like reverb painting, all that stuff. It just makes it sound way better. But this this is the very foundation of your mix. Well, what is compression? Maybe I'll ask you guys. I keep meaning to ask questions. You do you have? What is compression? Well, compression is a method of taking sound off the top end and squishing it down to a smaller section. But allowing that weaken how we put this so you don't go too loud. But increase of the volume in the lower registers as well not lower registers, but lower where it's a little quieter. Yeah. Yeah. So in other words, bringing the lower parts up and the higher parts down to make them closer together. Right? And compression is the process of lessening the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an a...

udio signal. This is done by boosting the quieter signal and, um, attenuating the louder signal. So yes, you're completely correct. Well, why would we use compression? You know, what is this instance that we would use this for? It can help us make parts seem louder. Like I was saying, with perceived loudness, it could be like still peaking it minus 10. But since the quieter parts of that sound are now up, it's just seeming louder and louder. Mawr Maurin the front, right? It can even out the volume of an instrument over time. Like if you have one peak at one part of your track, you can lower that and have the rest pre even. And it can also decrease the dynamic range of a sound. All right, let's open up this live set I've put together. Let's see. Uh, just gonna open this right up. Oh, I should have saved that. But that's fine. Okay. And then we're going to go over to compression basic compression. All right, now we're gonna do a lot of this in the box. I'm gonna be explaining what the compressor does showing live examples, and we're also going to be looking at it both through re sampling. So you could do this at home like I was saying I brought this course if you get it. Yeah, If you order this course up, you're gonna have these examples. You can actually do these things and play with it and really get your hands dirty. But I'm also going to just run you through it. And re sampling is a way that if I record that if I play this I hit record on the re sample, it's just recording everything. We right. It's a great way to like ABC What's happening? We actually to see what's happening when we actually affect the sound. I'm also going to be using this thing called single Signal Analyzer. Let me just show you that it's showing us what's happening to the way form, right? It's just very useful so we can see what's happening now with the compressor. If I just double click this notice how, like the quieter parts, much lower and then it gets louder and louder. Well, a compressor. But bring the threshold down, see how it's flattening it. And if I record in my re sample, I compare those to look at the difference of those ranges. These are much closer to each other in this one it would actually go like that, right? Much different, and especially if I turn this up to that volume that it was before. Look at that. We're getting way more sound out of those beginning, and that's the very basic concept of a compressor. It is to lower the distance between your parts and bring them closer together.

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Jose Gerardo Rendon Santana

Excellent Course, Isaac Cotec is a great instructor and a great producer. The course is very well organized explaining each important step of the mix. as well as great tips and techniques. He also includes a great deal of support material with the course including an Ableton Live Pack with tons of great presets and tools to put to practice the knowledge acquired in the course.

a Creativelive Student

Isaac covers an amazing amount of material in a clear and concise way. Great intro to mixing with Ableton or review for the intermediate user who wants to solidify their best practices, DAW knowledge as well as gain some production tips.

Ian turner

this is the best thing money can buy in my life. Isaac makes it look easy and the way he teaches makes you understand everything and makes it easy for you as well. its exactly what i wanted to learn in each video! i cant even sleep because another video loads and im like "ohhhh i need it" lol. i thank god for this class being affordable and the real deal.

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