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Mobile Macro Photography

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iPhone Capture Apps

Lisa Carney

Mobile Macro Photography

Lisa Carney

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5. iPhone Capture Apps

Lesson Info

iPhone Capture Apps

capturing? We're talking about the iphone, we're talking about moment, mobile moment macro lens. Gosh, a lot of times there. But what I'm talking about capture, I'm now talking about the application. What app are you using to shoot through? And it makes a huge difference. So choose wisely. There's all kinds of different apps out there. I'm not going to determine what you like best. You need to try this out. There's light room which is my favorite hands down 6 45 camera plus is pretty cool pro camera. Anyway, there's all these different apps you can choose from and what I'm going to recommend is you actually do a test and what I say do a test. I mean do a test, shoot the exact same object and and see what you get. So notice here you have choices in interface. So different interfaces you may like like for example a more traditional photographers, 35 millimeter photographers seem to love 6 45 Pro because it's got that very traditional interface. So find one that you like and see if you ge...

t the quality that you like. So for me I'm still a light room camera girl for me that's still the best one. However I do want to tell you keep trying. So right now my newest attempt is Halide. So I'm trying allied I give it about a week, week or two where I'll try to shoot specifically just with that one app so I really can dig down deep into it. So give it a try, see what you like. You'll find a preference now because my preferences. Light room, I'm going to talk to you about the light room cameras and most folks, the first question I always get you launch the app for the camera which really makes me laugh but I get it. So when you have your app, if you press on long hold, you can get take a photo and that will take you right to the cameras. Otherwise when you're in the app of light room mobile and you go to your libraries, if you're in there any of those libraries, the light camera photo recently added whatever you'll see the camera icon on the bottom. Yeah, with light room you probably know this by now but who knows? Light room mobile, you have five different cameras available for you on an iphone for those Galaxy folks, they're only going to have the automatic professional and HDR the three the android users. But for us iphone users we get all five. Once again, just like the different camera apps, the interface is going to be what you want to look at to see what, what part of the camera works best for you. So again, automatic Pro HDR long and depth capture. Look how different the interfaces are. I'll tell you for the most part, the Pro and the HDR pretty similar and um, to get those extra five cameras by the way, the what I mean five, I mean the long exposure and the and the depth capture, you want to go to settings, technology preview and that will let you select long exposure and depth map support if that's what you're looking for and on a beautiful light room mobile app you can shoot in raw, which is awesome. You just need to select, make sure it's selected and how you do that is when you're in your camera, you see the button on the top that says D N R or jpeg click on that and that allows you to switch back and forth to whichever you want. I'm a rock shooter myself. Yeah, yeah. Oh my heavens. This is the most exciting thing in the whole world enhancing. Now this is where I get really excited about what's happening with mobile photography adobe in their brilliance is coming up with a I technology that is phenomenal and you can enhance your image so you cannot do this on the phone. Let me be really clear. Too much. Computing power is needed. Eventually you might be able to, but what you can do is on your desktop for example, if you launch light room again to all seamless and you've got your image up, you simply click command, click on your image and you get this menu up that says enhance and if you click on enhance this for example, this one little shot I did of this flower went from a 14 megabyte original to 100 and 39 megabyte file incredible and it's only going to get better and better and better because this is an Ai technology. So on your desktop version of light room, get out there and enhance your images. They make beautiful prints. Isn't this exciting? I mean this is a game changer. Absolutely. Shooting through the light room camera. You can shoot through profiles in your light room camera. So this is really interesting. This is only available on the auto camera and the pro camera and it's this little icon here, that's what you're going to look for and this allows you to actually shoot through a preset. Now I will often say preset and profile because their peace and I get confused and I apologize. I think I just did that. But here's what it is. You can shoot through a preset in the light room camera. Either the auto camera or the pro camera. You can shoot high contrast, flat, warm shadows, flat black and white and high contrast. And what's really nice about that is you can actually see while you're shooting what the black and white is going to look at look like. So take a look as I said, you can shoot through black and white but you never lose color. This is so amazing. Light room amazing. You can actually click on the color panel in the editing and click on black and white and if you shot it in black and white, you double click on that button, you go back to your color, you never lose, it is non destruct. So why not shoot through black and white. The HDR camera is probably my favorite for macro. I feel like it gives me the most amount of detail that I can use in my processing. Uh The only thing about the HDR is it you can't have anything moving. So I know with macro photography if your hands shaking things are moving so you have to be super super steady. I mean if it's too hard for you to be steady it's a little hard for me. I drink a lot of coffee. I'm sure you can imagine. Well then you can simply shoot through the pro camera and both the HDR and the pro camera give you all these controls, check this out, you got exposure, you can control your shutter speed, your I. S. O. Your white balance all while you're shooting which is fantastic. You can also switch the focus to have this really cool auto focus from manual to auto. Yeah so you can actually manually do your focus with a slider. It's pretty cool and if you're shooting regular with either the pro or the HDR you get your all your iphone lenses. Actually that's not true on the HDR, you only have two lenses available to you with macro chances are you're only getting these one lens. Now with the pro camera and the HDR camera you've got all these variables okay available to you. So you've got your exposure compensation. You've got your shutter speed and you can see the panels here. You can as I said adjust your I. S. O. And the one that's kind of cool is the focus distance so you can actually focus on item. I'm gonna do a little demo here for you in just seconds and actually with your finger changed the focus which is kind of cool. Instead of doing it on the actual face of the camera, give it a try white balance. I mean the thing about the white balance holy guacamole. Look you've got you know tungsten, you've got fluorescent, you've got daylight, you've got shade or you've got custom where you can use this eyedropper and select your own white balance. How cool is that? Mhm. Now on the camera settings uh there's a little, is this called a hamburger? I think it might be a hamburger on the right. There's a few extra things you can change while you're shooting, change your aspect ratio which is handy. You've got the self timer. So if you want to set the timer for some reason the grid, the grid is really handy. So you can actually see if you're framing up everything. Straight highlight clipping because you know with mobile you want to expose for the highlights. Yes expose for the highlights and process for the shadows. That's a good tip to have and um your settings. So this is all available on the little hamburger on the upper right. That's what I'm gonna call it hamburger now. Light room mobile is the most awesome dark room in your hands. Period paragraph. Just period. So you might not want to just use your iphones for that. You may want to use a DSLR and process it with your mobile device. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. All you have to do is click add, you can add from camera roll or on your desktop unit. You can actually plug in your device and add from your DSLR. It doesn't matter. So let's say for giggles, you want to shoot with your iphone camera, the actual camera app of iphone or you want to shoot your macro shop with. Hell. I'd cool rock on. No big deal. But you want to process it in light room. This is what you do. You simply add it from your camera roll. You can also have this set to be automatic. However, your light room is going to fill up a lot with every shot you ever take. So just keep that in mind when you're using this

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  • Use special tricks for shooting with Lightroom Mobile cameras and other capture apps.
  • Understand equipment options for your mobile device.
  • Have a better understanding of what to shoot in Macro.
  • Light for macro mobile photography.
  • Edit in Lightroom and take Macro shots from good to WOW.


The ART within the tiny.

Join Lisa for an adventure into the miniature world we often overlook. Lisa will guide you through special shooting techniques, lighting, equipment selection and subject matter to help hone and bring your vision of this amazing world into focus.

Lisa captures the intensity—and delight—of our micro environment, urging us to slow down and savor the treasures hiding in plain sight.


  • Beginner/Intermediate Mobile Photographers


Moment Macro Lens
Lightroom Mobile
3rd party mobile apps.


Lisa Carney is a high end retoucher who has spent over two decades working with the most dynamic players in the print, motion picture, and television industries.

Besides being a regular presenter at the Adobe MAX conference, her teaching roster runs the gamut from beginners to professional retouchers, and includes universities, design studios, movie studios, corporations, and private students.

Lisa has worked with all major movie studios and many television networks including Disney, Buena Vista, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight, Sony, Universal, Newline, Columbia, MGM, ABC Television, ESPN, TNT, CNN, CBS, CW, Warner Brothers and Sony.

Advertising credits include Burger King, Baskin-Robbins, Lowes, Jordana Cosmetics, Strategic Perceptions, Mattel, Chrysler, Mercedes, Mazda and Best Buy.

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I loved this short class & how accessible Lisa made it. Although some of the recommended equipment does have a cost, I appreciated Lisa's take on what matters: fun in the process and final product (it's not always about investing in super-expensive equipment). I loved seeing the photo reels that she shared; it gave me lots of ideas for a project I am working on. A few suggestions toward composite photos and experimentation made this seem just like so much fun!

fbuser 692c9645

Another winner by Lisa Carney. This is my second class of hers and I really like her teaching style. She has a relaxed way of approaching the material and makes it fun and clear. She inspired me once again to purchase a few new tools including a macro lens and I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to diving into more of her classes.

Mary Dawson

A wonderful class by a very creative and inspirational teacher. Thank you