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Wrap Up

Lesson 8 from: Mobile Macro Photography

Lisa Carney

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Lesson Info

8. Wrap Up

Lesson Info

Wrap Up

well, thank you for joining me for macro photography using your mobile device. That has a lot of information. Um the one thing I love about this creative live platform is you can always watch this again, come back to it, get something new out of it the next time you listen to it speed through the stuff you don't want to hear again. Um I hope you found this informative so much information about um you know, what kind of subject matter, what can you shoot, what can you look for? There's a lot of flexibility with the equipment, like what kind of lens do you use? Do you go for a moment lens or could you get by with a less expensive lens? And what about even shooting with your standard iphone cameras and just zooming in or shooting portraiture, you can look at this all different ways and um the capture seriously. I really try to do this for myself. Check out the other capture apps like every once in a while try try a new one. Try uh you know, moment did they capture up? Get any better? Did ...

you know for did six by six? Excuse me, Did that camera get any better? Because you never know technology keeps improving and I find for myself, if I try an old app that I had used in a while, I don't know, I get some kind of new creative ideas for it. Uh processing definitely, definitely keep updating your apps for processing maybe you get out of light room for a while and you try snap seat maybe that will inspire you to do something different and light room like a mobile, I'm a huge, huge fan and it keeps updating everything changes and you want to keep flexibility about that. Not get hung up on. Oh my gosh, they moved the button over here or what happened to that and it keeps your grade, I don't know you crave juices going and heck fire. Why don't you try compositing with your macro photography? Who says you can't write anything, you do anything. That's the beautiful thing about this. And especially with mobile you can do it anytime anywhere and I mean my heavens, it fits in the palm of your hand. Look how tiny these devices are. You can take it anywhere easily. So above all, get out there, be creative shoot, shoot, shoot, take tons of pictures, it's digital, right? You're not burning any film. And then lastly I really want to suggest you share your work. Get put it out there, your works, beautiful share it. Put it on be hands. Um I don't know share it on instagram, whatever but get your work out there, be proud. I have a bunch of other mobile photography courses at Creative Live if you like this one, you might like some other ones. Feel free to check them out and as always you can reach me at lisa at least a Carnie dot com if you ever have any questions. So get out there and shoot and we'll catch it the next class. Thank you so much.

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I loved this short class & how accessible Lisa made it. Although some of the recommended equipment does have a cost, I appreciated Lisa's take on what matters: fun in the process and final product (it's not always about investing in super-expensive equipment). I loved seeing the photo reels that she shared; it gave me lots of ideas for a project I am working on. A few suggestions toward composite photos and experimentation made this seem just like so much fun!

fbuser 692c9645

Another winner by Lisa Carney. This is my second class of hers and I really like her teaching style. She has a relaxed way of approaching the material and makes it fun and clear. She inspired me once again to purchase a few new tools including a macro lens and I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to diving into more of her classes.

Mary Dawson

A wonderful class by a very creative and inspirational teacher. Thank you

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