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Adobe Clip

Lesson 9 from: Mobile Photo Editing with Lightroom CC

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

9. Adobe Clip

Lesson Info

Adobe Clip

Another way that we can share a story is through a slideshow or a movie, and it doesn't have to be just a slideshow. It's not just a slideshow program, but I use what's called Adobe Clip and since we're not typing anymore, I think I can no longer use that. Okay, so in Adobe Clip I'm gonna have the same opportunity. So I click on Adobe Clip. I kind of made it so that we didn't have to wait for it to build. It doesn't take very long, but what you do is you click on plus and then you're going to, again, choose from Lightroom the photos that you want to bring in. So you click on Lightroom and then you're gonna look through and find whatever specific gallery or album or collection you want, and if you click on that, then you can go in and say I want this one, I want that one, and I want that one. And hit open and it will basically open it up and it'll look like this. That's how it'll open it up, and you'll have a series of photos and you'll have music, so you can choose your music. It comes...

with very kind of cheesy stock music. So I use Triple Scoop Music. You need to plug in your audio. And I need to plug in my audio so you can hear it, but I use Triple Scoop Music because they have great, great music and a lot of it. The most important thing to me about Triple Scoop Music is that they treat their artists right. So their artists are independent artist trying to earn a living making music and Triple Scoop's giving them the value that they need in order to continue to make music and so I was a musician myself, and so I feel a lot of camaraderie with musicians and I wanna make sure that when I'm using their music, they're getting paid for it. So they're not getting paid pennies for it, they're getting paid well for each use. And they've come up with a new model, a subscription model actually. So now I literally can use any music on their entire library anytime I want and I'm just paying a monthly fee for it which is fantastic. And their artists are getting well paid and I'm getting any music I need, and so I just literally can just go on and download any song, but the great thing is I'm downloading it for every use that I use. I download it, tell it what the project is, and then that artist is getting paid specifically for that song being used for that project. So, I love Triple Scoop Music for that. The first thing you can do is you can organize where the photos are. So if you wanna take the photo of me, put it at the very end so we can organize where the photos are in comparison to each other, and then you can also add. So if I click on add, I'm gonna go to my Creative Cloud account and at the end of the Creative Cloud account I want to recognize that Triple Scoop Music is the one that provided the music for me and so I'm gonna go in here and look for my logos and I want to add, I have a kind of fade in logo of mine. So I'm gonna make sure that that's in there. Hang on one second. Okay, so there's my Triple Scoop. So I want that to come in to show that Triple Scoop is the provider of the music and then I also want to use this logo here that's kind of a fade in logo of mine. It's just a video file. So I'm adding that in there as well, and then I hit open and it's adding those two at the end. So I can add stuff not just from Lightroom but also from my Creative Cloud file. I have a whole bunch of templated stuff and logos and sponsor logos and stuff like that that I can just throw in. (serene music) So the music that they have at Triple Scoop is beautiful and I thought that this was great music for that kind of atmosphere, but notice that it's just one photo at a time and it's clipping between 'em. It's not fading between. So what we wanna do is we wanna change some of that. So we're gonna pause it, and we're gonna actually go and do what's called, we're gonna customize it. So we're gonna click on this little film strip view and when we do it, it's gonna convert from auto to a free form editor. We're gonna go into the freeform editor and we can still move things around. Change their position, but we can also come in here and add, and we can add titles. So I'm gonna add a title and just say Iceland. 2017, okay? So that's Iceland and then I can take that and move it to the front of the entire thing. And then I also have the ability, again, to change but I can change the volume. I can change whether it's syncing to the music or not. So syncing to the music reads the beat of the music which is really, really impressive. When you have music with a beat, I've never seen a program do a better job, 'cause this is not only reading the down beat, but it's reading the offbeats as well. So it's actually seeing the syncopation and it can hit every beat, and I'll show you that in a second. And then it also, you have auto-mix. You can do auto fade in, auto fade out. That kind of stuff. So it's quite, quite involved. Besides that, you can also say where you want it to start. So if you have a song with a lot of empty space at the beginning, you can just scan in and start there. And then just say, oh, I wanna make sure that I audio fade in from that point. And then it's gonna come in that way. So that's the audio. Then, in this area I can actually use looks. So, you can take a lookup table, a video lookup table and put into your Adobe account, into your library and it becomes a look. So then you can apply that look to all your photos or if you have video in there, so it'll consistently put everything so it feels exactly the same. It's like having someone color grade your video before you go out with it. So that's there, you can fade in and then fade out to black. You can cross fade. So in this case, I think cross fading will probably be more appropriate on this one because it's very slow moving. So I'm gonna do a cross fade on all of 'em instead of a cut. And then I could add a video bumper or watermark, but my watermark's already in there 'cause I come in with that last at the end of the video. And so now I've done all of that, I can then come in here and do you see these little dots? So the big ones are the down beats and the little ones are offbeats, and so it doesn't matter. I don't even have to listen to the music, and I can just drag this and say, okay, I want this to be that long. And it hit a beat, I know it hit a beat. 'Cause it found it, it's identifying the wave form. So then I can go in here, and what I do is I just hit play on the entire thing. And hopefully we have audio now. Oh, that's because I was playing the title. Play here. So when I hit play. That's weird. (serene music) I have no idea what's going on here, hold on. This is the thing that you do when that happens. You get rid of it and then you open it back up. (audience laughs) I have no idea what was going on there, folks. Okay, so when I hit play. (serene music) See how it fades in now? And so then, see, it went too fast. So I watch through the video and I say, oh, well that was too fast. So I'm going to increase the length of that slide and then I can go through and do that for all of these and say, oh, well they're all way too fast. So I'm just gonna grab this and move it to there. And now, if I go back and hit play, and this one's too short so I'm gonna make it smaller. (serene music) Now watch, it's gonna (hums). And if it was a hard cut, you'd see it even better. It's finding the down beat and it's changing to it. So you can always rest assured that it's always gonna fit your music, and if you, at the very beginning, if you choose the tempo that you want, fast or slow, it'll rock to the rocking beat or it'll slow it down. Usually I end up doing it slower, just so it can linger on the photos a little bit longer. And then at the very end, this is where I really get intricate because at the very end I want it to go to black, then I want the logo to come up. So I'm gonna go here, and I'm gonna add a new title, but this time I'm just gonna delete the title and so now I've got a black area, right? And then I can just click on here and drag this so that it's three seconds? Nah, two seconds is probably better. And then when I hit play (serene music) it's gonna fade through black and then see how that comes up? And then I'll do the same thing here, and when I add a title, delete the actual title, and then that way when it comes through here, it'll come through, fade through that one, and then mine will come in. See? And then everything will fade out. So now all I have to do is click on this little share button and I can either share it to my camera roll. I can save it to my Creative Cloud account, which is my favorite thing to do because then it's everywhere and then I can share it from Creative Cloud to anywhere. I can also share it directly to YouTube, but here's the best part is that I can actually send it to Premiere Pro. So then if you wanna do something even trickier to it, all of your timeline is laid out, all of your cuts, all of your wipes, everything is laid out and it's all layered and it's all cut and spliced exactly, everything's ready. The looks are applied to it, and then you can go in and edit it just like you had made it from scratch. So now if you have Premiere Pro CC you can just edit that out. So, that is how I make a slideshow with my images really fast on location and I can do it right here. I can just do it from anywhere. As long as I have a connection to the web, and if I know that I'm gonna be on an airplane working on this, then I simply make sure that I collect the images from the web first and then I can work offline until I get back online and then that's when I would share it out. And then of course, because that's gonna be in my Creative Cloud files, then I could come back to my spark page and add that video. Okay, so do you see how that all works? So, it doesn't matter where you are, you have the ability to do a lot of, not only serious editing on your photos and sharing, but also storytelling both as a webpage and video. All of that's at your fingertips because you have these incredible programs right here on your mobile device. Whether it's a phone or an iPad.

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Jared is my favorite instructor on Creative Live. He is a great instructor, super knowledgeable, and fun to to watch. I ALWAYS learn a lot from his classes. Highly recommended!


Glad to see a Mobile LR class now based on the updates. Great job Jared!

Esther Beaton

Just brilliant. I was worried that it wouldn't be relevant to today, April 2020, but it is. It's still valid for use with Lightroom 2020 (for mobile) and for the latest iPad Pro (2020). There is much much more to using both of these tools, but Jared covered the most relevant bits, those most suited to professional travelling photographers. I particularly enjoyed his demonstrations with Adobe Mix and Fix and Spark, tools which I have been under-utlizing.

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