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Quick Organization

Lesson 3 from: Mobile Photo Editing with Lightroom CC

Jared Platt

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3. Quick Organization

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Quick Organization

Now, we have images, but we're not gonna look at them inside of the Apple interface. At this point, we are now gonna go to Lightroom and we're gonna look at them there. I want you to notice something really important. It's right here and that is called Auto Import. I'm gonna plug this back in so we can actually connect directly. The Auto Import function means that anything that I import into my mobile device will actually show up inside of Lightroom. I didn't have to do an extra import to get it into Lightroom. Because it went into my device, it is now inside of Lightroom. And because it's in Lightroom, it is now on the cloud. You can see right here, right there at the very top, right there, there is a little cloud and it's got dots that are moving. Those dots tell you that it's uploading those images to the cloud and that currently, it's synced and backed up, so they're done. I brought in four or five 30 megapixel files and they're now in the cloud secured and right now, they are actu...

ally going down to my computer at the studio and securing themselves there as well. As long as I'm on a decent WiFi, I can secure my files pretty fast. If I'm in a hotel or something like that and I've got a decent WiFi, I could put my entire day's shoot on my iPad and then from the cloud down to my computer, and I would secure everything. I would have a copy here for the airplane ride home. I would have a copy here in my camera and once I'm done with these two cards, I'm gonna take these two cards out and I'm gonna separate them out. (clicking) (thudding) One card's gonna go with me, one card's gonna go with my assistant, my son, my brother, my whoever's traveling with me. So that if I get mugged, he's got my stuff. If, you know, and vice versa. We separate out the cards. We also have them on here, and we also have them in the cloud, and we also have them at home. That's security. I sleep well at night because I make sure that I'm completely backed up, even when I'm traveling, and that's the first value to putting your stuff into your mobile device. Notice I didn't have to have a computer. This is literally what I'm traveling with. This pencil, because it's really handy, I can use my finger if I want, and this iPad which weighs all of like a pound and a half or two pounds or something. That's it and then whatever I've got in my bag. Whether it's a drone or whether it's a camera, or lenses, or it could just be this. It could be just this on my hip. I love Lightroom Mobile. Here we are in Lightroom Mobile. I'm gonna introduce you to the interface just quite briefly, but before I do that, let me just show you how do you get that Auto Import on? In order to get the Auto Import on, you simply click on these little ellipses here on the right-hand side. Click on that and you say Enable or Disable Auto App. That tells it what collection, these are called albums here. We know 'em in Lightroom Classic as collections, but that tells us what collection or album we want our images to go to as it comes in to Lightroom. But, you also have to go to the Lightroom menu itself and go here to, let's see, I think it's Local Store. No, it's (groaning), no, General maybe. There it is, okay, Auto Add Photos. You have to set the setting On so that you can then target. If you set the setting On and don't target a specific album, it'll just go into the All Photos category. If you set a specific category, or a specific album, it'll go into the All Photos and into that one album. The beauty of it is that then when you go home and you're looking for those photos, all you have to do is go find, if you're in Lightroom Classic, just go look for that specific collection and it'll be there. It'll make the collection and put the images in it. If while you're looking at the images, you delete them out of the collection, it will remove them from the collection at home. If you move them to another collection or add them to another collection, it will add them to the collection at home. It's literally doing the work for you. In the end, when you get home, you don't have to rework anything. You don't have to reorganize anything. Plus any adjustments you've made are gonna also be made to the images at home. All of that stuff works together. You can also Auto Add Videos as well, but I tend to leave that Off because I'm not a video person. I'm not taking a lot of videos and I don't necessarily want to send all that video up into the cloud and down. That's just a lot of transitive stuff that I'm not really worried about so I leave the video Off, but if you're taking lots of videos of your kid and you want it to go up to the cloud so that it goes home and your wife can look at it, or your husband can look at it, or your whatever, great. You can do that as well.

Ratings and Reviews


Jared is my favorite instructor on Creative Live. He is a great instructor, super knowledgeable, and fun to to watch. I ALWAYS learn a lot from his classes. Highly recommended!


Glad to see a Mobile LR class now based on the updates. Great job Jared!

Esther Beaton

Just brilliant. I was worried that it wouldn't be relevant to today, April 2020, but it is. It's still valid for use with Lightroom 2020 (for mobile) and for the latest iPad Pro (2020). There is much much more to using both of these tools, but Jared covered the most relevant bits, those most suited to professional travelling photographers. I particularly enjoyed his demonstrations with Adobe Mix and Fix and Spark, tools which I have been under-utlizing.

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