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Techniques and Features

Another value of having your tablet attached to Sensei, which is that, you know, in-the-cloud computer, that learning computer is that I can find almost anything. So if I click on this little find button, I'm not just searching for keywords that I put into the system. I can search for anything. So I can search for, let's say, water. And it doesn't matter if I have the keyword water in there, but notice that I've got all pictures of water. See that? Just everywhere. I don't know why it thinks that's water, but it's thinking it is. But it's pretty generally right. Like, I would say 90% is accurate. So now, I can go in and I'm gonna click and look for a rock and a human. Let's see if it has that. Nope, hit a black hole. So let's just look for rocks right now. There, so did you see how it just found a bunch of rocks? And it's pretty accurate with its rocks, right? I don't know why it doesn't see human, but let's see what happens if we say rock and female. There. I found a rock with a femal...

e. Or I could look for dress, rock and dress, and it would've given me, you know. Rock and dress. There we go. So now, it knows there are more dress. It doesn't know if a female's in that dress, but it knows there's a dress. All right, so. It's really, really accurate. Plus, if you are also using the ability to keyword, if you're adding keywords to your images, then it can use your keywords plus its own visual searching capabilities. 'Cause it's literally looking at the image and saying, that's a hat, that's a dress, that's a female, that's a male, that's a this, that's a that. And it's looking at and judging the photo as to what it is and then it's feeding all that information back to you. But all of that's happening in the cloud. I'm amused by people when they get upset with the idea of like, having a subscription-based feed. And they're like, I don't know why, you know, I wanna attach this cloud and have to pay for it, 'cause I used to just buy Photoshop and then I owned it for two or three years and then I would update it. You're not paying for Photoshop. You're paying for the cloud. And if you're not utilizing the cloud, if you are a Photoshop or Lightroom or whatever user and you don't see that there's a value in this cloud, you are nuts. This cloud is amazing. The things that you can do, the fact that you can share your settings. Even in our Wacom class, it's talked about how I save my Wacom settings to my cloud and it's on every computer instantly. All right, so I have that. It's like my own little personal dropbox but it's connected. Plus, all the images that I have are in the cloud, so I have a billion-dollar computer searching my images for me instead of my little dippy couple thousand-dollar computer trying to find images. And I have to waste all my time keywording, you know. Like, if you're on Lightroom and you're wasting your time keywording, I'm sorry, man, but just utilize Sensei and 90% of your work goes away. If you're on Lightroom 6 and you wanna quick adjust an entire vacation and you don't wanna sit down and treat it as a job, highlight the whole thing and hit Auto and you're done. Right, like, that's amazing thing to be able to do. And yet, if you're not on the cloud, you don't have it. So you gotta realize that this cloud thing that we're always talking about, you're not paying for Photoshop and Lightroom and updates. You're paying for a cloud that gives you this amazing ability. I'm just floored by what we can do. So let's then talk about... Oh, by the way, Grain. How many of you like Grain? I love Grain. So Grain is inside of Lightroom Mobile now too. That's important to realize, 'cause for a while, it wasn't there, now it is. So I love Grain and one of the reasons I love Grain is this. When you look at someone that has just slight inconsistencies in skin or blemishes or whatever, but they're not bad, I mean, they're just a little bump here and a little bump there, you know, that's not bad at all. It's not like she's got, like, acne-ridden face. But she has a couple of little pimples here or there, like, a little inconsistency or something like that. The beauty of Grain is that I can show this image to her and I can annihilate any inconsistencies in her skin simply by adding Grain. Now, if she wants to buy a big print of it, I'll go in and retouch it. But just to show the image, watch what happens if I come in here and I take, so I'm gonna go into my Effects and I'm gonna go down to the Grain area and add Grain into the image. So just adding a little bit of Grain. And I like to make the rough go up a bit and the size up a little bit. Now, I want you to watch the difference between no Grain, see that area right there, and Grain. Do you see how it's smoothed it all out? Now, we're looking at it at a fairly high, you know, no one looks at a photo this close. And so you're seeing rough and you're like, oh, but that's really rough. That's not what we look at it. We look at it like this. But it smooths out the skin. It removes those inconsistencies because your eye can't see past. So your eye looks at patterns. That's what your brain is looking for patterns. The reason it sees a blemish is 'cause it sees a circular pattern. It sees a line that goes in a circle, you identify it as a circle and go, oh, there's a blemish. But if you use the Grain to interrupt the line that makes the circle, your eye can't see it so your brain doesn't recognize that there's a circle there, because the eye didn't get to follow a line. So use your Grain, not only for this. But I just love the beauty of Grain. I think Grain makes things richer. It gives it more volume. So anyway, I'm so happy that the Grain is in there, so just be aware that the Grain is in there. Secondly, if you have something that you like that you've done. Now, unfortunately, I'm really sad that we're still waiting on Lightroom Mobile to have synchronization methods, you know, where you highlight two images and work on them at the same time, which you can do in Lightroom Classic really easily. But you can't do it here, so they do have copy and paste. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually go up here to this little triple dot and I'm gonna go down and I'm gonna copy the settings. But look, I can choose what settings I'm gonna copy, so I'm gonna go down and I'm gonna say, deselect all of these. And then the only thing I'm gonna do is my effects and I'm only gonna do the Grain and I'm gonna hit Okay. Then I can go over here and simply paste those settings. And so now, the same Grain is on me and I look just as beautiful. Not really, but. But then I love that Grain. This is me in Iceland, so. But see how I can copy specific things and move them over. So don't think that you can't, like, work on one image and then if you like three or four of things you've done but the other one's a completely different adjustment, go and copy those, steal them, and paste them on the next thing over. You gotta do it one inch at a time. It's a little annoying, little annoying. But hopefully, I mean, they're updating this all the time. Hopefully at one point, you'll be able to select a series of photos and then just adjust them in Auto Sync like you would inside of Lightroom. So yeah, it's a bit annoying. So okay. But we wait patiently for things. Right, some of us have been waiting for years for certain things, but hopefully this one won't be years.

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Are you traveling to the other side of the world and want to leave your computer behind, but still want to review, edit and share your images professionally? With the latest advancements in Lightroom® CC® and Adobe®'s suite of mobile applications like Photoshop Fix, you can take that heavy laptop out of your bag and still create beautiful work with your camera and mobile device. In this class, Jared Platt will teach you how to get the most out of Adobe®'s mobile apps—from capture to sharing—all from the comfort of your table at the coffee shop, your seat on the train or your view on the mountain top. See how far you can go with your vision untethered! 



Glad to see a Mobile LR class now based on the updates. Great job Jared!