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Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

Lesson 4 of 8

Recording in Amplitube


Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

Lesson 4 of 8

Recording in Amplitube


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Recording in Amplitube

Let's, go and jump in and start messing around with some of the recording capabilities here. You want to start with the drummer, start just with playing a loop type thing. Some kind of beer would be nice. Okay, some point. So, yeah, this is the drummer feature again. It's. Pretty cool. You've got sort of different loops, different types of sounds. We're gonna go and switch over to I would see not blues or country think we're gonna go to make this metal one in there somewhere. I'm sure here we go. Metal. We'll start with the medal. He had metal. So we've got sort of different beats there's like phil's versus sort of the main be here. It's dragged this down into the groove and kind of see what that sounds like. Um, let's. Go ahead and add that in a couple times here. The medical thing is, if you press and hold, you can duplicate it, so we'll go back to the beginning. It's cool because you can see your sequence and that recording tracked totally yes of the group were just kind of like thr...

owing some girls around here and started to build. But if you go to the d a w portion over here, you actually see the group that you created I mean sort of long form appear at the top so you can start to build a whole actual drum track if you want to play along with phil's choruses versatile that kind of stuff we're not going to like diving and create a whole song from scratch but you can sort of see kind of how that works let's go and start with just this for a little bit and have you play along a little bit here a couple more here so I turned those up on the tar down a little bit yeah absolutely so what we could do is in the d a w could go to the mixer turn up the drums turned down the guitar so you have more and just while we're in here I'm gonna go ahead and put a compressor on the master let's turn that with group here that a little better blend for you obviously when you're starting off you're just you know getting level said you could hear everything you're not necessarily like actually finally mixing everything you won't want to hear what you're actually able to hear ok so let's go ahead and add maybe a couple fills in here after eight bars will go ahead and get rid of I'm just kind of is jamming and I won't build a double that particular little leg oh yeah we were way so after that we're gonna add a little phil here at the end of that and you can sort of go crazy on these is to start to build that your own drum track you kind of get the main idea ok? So let's go ahead and we've got sort of this thing I'm going to go ahead and turn off the compressor quick so we can keep things a little cleaner let's go ahead and actually start like recording some of this stuff what you think sure I'll play something that I can probably double okay, I kind of remember something cool um so nothing targets to leave more yeah course terms go and start at the beginning here it's a little like dear old button right there on the side yeah, definitely I'm cool way cool that was going listen back to that now you can sort of start here when you just recorded awesome. So another cool thing is too you can even aditi's just like you would in any d a w you can click on the link and there on the track and the bottom one slides the actual way form and the top one adds a little bit of a fade in I sort of feeding her fade out it's one of the same here wait so now let's go back and actually try to double that part so we're going to switch back to the recorder here and this time record this track now we're gonna panties left and right so you can hear the difference in each two of them let's go back and change the tone just a little bit for this one yeah we'll do a double and we'll just change just slightly changed the terms they're just a little bit different a little presence my position to slightly just so it's not a perfect double on has a little more spatial awareness let's give that a shot start back the beginning here wait you cannot undo that go back to the beginning pushed that was that was cool under function yeah exactly yeah for sure so you could go back in I'm going to click on another record track it's going to optimize the recording of each of those tracks and weaken sort of and even add like a solo or lead part here uh do you want to do like a little bit like a delay er's god order yeah let's let's do that a little bit of erm er somethingto give it a little too spicy for sure post effects may be just a little bit of river here sweet we're going ahead we've got the third track now pulled up it's going to start at the beginning of this record yeah so do that turned you down cool let's give it a shot so here we go way awesome said you could see you could basically to start layering guitar parts build everything in yourself and, you know, obviously, this might not be like your final record that you put out. But sitting here and be able to, like, use a virtual drummer, play along with some parts and structures like the builds and ideas becomes virtual practice studio, where you can pretty much do anything. Yeah, become super cool. Yeah, I mean, you know, it's, a little sloppy on this end. Yeah, it's, just for the delegates. So you're in the speaker's, far away. Yeah, exactly. And it's, all good, gets the point across. Totally.

Class Description

Mobile recording tools are more powerful and more affordable than ever. Musicians, producers, and engineers use iOS and Android DAWs, guitar amps and drum production platforms both live on stage and in the studio.

The dream of having a recording studio in your pocket wherever you go is finally becoming a reality. IK Multimedia has released a number of products that allow music creators to play and record wherever they are.

In Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia, you’ll learn how to use Amplitube 4 for iOS with IK’s iRig Pro to record and play guitar through 26 different amplifiers and cabinets.

I Declare War guitarist, John Winters will demo the app and build a track using the new Super-looper feature. You’ll also learn how to program beats with SampleTank for iPad and IK’s iRig Pads. Electronic artist, IG88 will show you how to produce a track live with Sampletank.

You’ll also see first hand how Audiobus has created a world of possibilities by allowing third-party apps to route audio between them, turning your iPad or iPhone into a complete mobile studio. 



great wish they used the BlueBoard nice unit.

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