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Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

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The Super Looper

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Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia

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5. The Super Looper


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The Super Looper

So this is the super looper feature, which is kinda interesting, just sounding a little silly called the super loop er like a space time travel visa, but no it's awesome it's, supercool it's basically allows you just like a live looper. You can sort of create different parts, start to blend them, turn them on and off on the way it works is you start recording by tapping gives you count in and then you start recording. When you're done, it plays back whatever you recorded and you could start recording on the next track and you could just start to build tracks on top of each other. Start to get ideas, it's, a really quick way to start to just like, throw down some recordings on plan top of each other. When you go out and trash that really quick, you can also click on the volume level and you could control the level of each of them. A cz you want if you have eirik, I came up to me. I think the I rig blew board is what it's called it's. A bluetooth enabled sort of switchboard allows you to...

use your feet to control each of those so you can play and not have to like, reach up and stop playing and push. For starters, stop so you can teach teach it which pads to use be alice just mess around since I'm controlling it for you let's go ahead and try you have kind of a part you want to loop oh yeah uh I'll start kind of like percussion e and just kind of add up from their cool all right, we're here we go so let's get rid of the delay just to make it is in the way I'm just trying I'm officer probably ask yeah and then we'll go back to the effects will turn off this too awesome do you want to switch the speed up the tempo a little bit of a little faster and if there's a way that you can click a little bit louder hard on a little bitter yeah I think we can turn quick up wait even just turn the guitar down so that's that's the challenge we want to definitely make it so that it you stop it right on beats a little trying toget e you get the idea you basically take them in parts you khun lupin together create your own sort of like a little mini loops and start to sort of riff on different ideas but yeah, I think that's kind of that's the basics of that's that's pretty much everything when it comes to amplitude zack correction just had brandon in the chat room who says you can also flick up with your finger to a race salute? Yeah, okay, cool yeah, so absolutely you conflict up with your finger to erase it instead of you could also push the trash but which we've done to erase everything but to erase an individual track you just flip it up you could get rid of it. Thanks for that tip, brandon absolutely. All right. Are we good with the segment? I think so, yeah, fantastic to get a couple quick questions I'd love to ask first of all from fam pro he wants to know any limit to how long a loop you can record. I don't think there's an actual limit to how long you can record I'm sure at some point it starts toe search to grade as far as how much timing you have each of the loops like how long they lasted whether not though duplicate in time but I don't know I have to check to see if there's an actual limit great one from b m photography who says you're playing pretty fast? Is there any late in seattle? It feels pretty good right here kind of far away from the speakers so I'm not be hearing a little bit of that actual uh, thing going on, but when I was playing with it a home with headphones it felt pretty good and pretty accurate I didn't it didn't like bother me at all definitely one thing too in the settings if you pull up the settings you can actually adjust the latent see there's sort of a little agency version and then a highly a higher resolution version so when you're tracking you go through and switched a little late and see and when you're going and playing back and listening to what you can turn that off and have the full resolution of the dsp let's see one user want to know in lieu of doubling a track can you duplicate and react that's a good question actually replaying so the d a w records the post amplifier sound if that makes sense so when you're playing through all the amplifiers into the w it's recording the miked version of the cab to record the the eye version, you'd have to turn off all the cabs, leave everything flat and then re amp it on and then re I guess that would be revamping it. I think the point of this base since everything is virtual and sort of integrated you could sort of take that part it and re create it, but I don't know that sheikh unnecessarily would record the die separately and then run it back through the guitar rig if that makes sense I don't think yeah, I don't think it's set up to do that uh, let's. See, can you copy a loop into the deadly that's? A good question? I don't think so. I don't think they could do that at the time, and then maybe you just kind of final question from a road woman. What are the minimum system requirements to run this app? And are you using an ipad? I mean, I know that we actually cut that, yes, and bullet that's a great question, yes. So right now this is the first generation ipad mini, so it's, actually a couple years old and it's running super fast. I haven't had any problems with the late in c we used an ipad two right on, and I've had to work fine, so I, you know, I think I came multimedia site has the exact specifications, but from a real world perspective, the even just using the ipad, meaning the ipad two. There wasn't any issues with late and say, you're processing power.

Class Description

Mobile recording tools are more powerful and more affordable than ever. Musicians, producers, and engineers use iOS and Android DAWs, guitar amps and drum production platforms both live on stage and in the studio.

The dream of having a recording studio in your pocket wherever you go is finally becoming a reality. IK Multimedia has released a number of products that allow music creators to play and record wherever they are.

In Mobile Recording with IK Multimedia, you’ll learn how to use Amplitube 4 for iOS with IK’s iRig Pro to record and play guitar through 26 different amplifiers and cabinets.

I Declare War guitarist, John Winters will demo the app and build a track using the new Super-looper feature. You’ll also learn how to program beats with SampleTank for iPad and IK’s iRig Pads. Electronic artist, IG88 will show you how to produce a track live with Sampletank.

You’ll also see first hand how Audiobus has created a world of possibilities by allowing third-party apps to route audio between them, turning your iPad or iPhone into a complete mobile studio. 



great wish they used the BlueBoard nice unit.