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Modern Glamour Lighting

Lou Freeman

Modern Glamour Lighting

Lou Freeman

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Class Description

Ask any artist what they find to be the most delicate and difficult element to control in the art of photography and they'll answer without hesitation — "lighting." This is your chance to learn how to master lighting with one of the world's best! Join OBBIE and ADDIE award-winner Lou Davis for an intro to modern portrait and glamour lighting essentials. Lou will share the methods she's learned over three decades of photographing actors, playboy models and some of the world's most recognized personalities. You’ll learn all about essential equipment, how to find the perfect light in a wide variety of settings, and more.



I provide this review in contrast to the negative review that implied that the content was unsatisfactory. Ms Freeman explains the concepts and lighting methods as promised. If the reviewer could not grasp the information in the video, I doubt if it can be obtained by reading a book. It is clearly explained how lights are placed and why. You are purchasing a part of a class so there is something to be desired regarding the content that is plucked out of a day's teaching. I am pleased with my purchase as I bought it on sale. It is not worth the sticker price.