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Moving Your Business from Stills to Motion

Vincent Laforet

Moving Your Business from Stills to Motion

Vincent Laforet

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1 Finding Work Duration:20:41
2 Bidding Basics Duration:07:44
3 The Process Duration:14:32
4 Pre-Production Duration:10:40
5 Production and Post Duration:03:30

Class Description

When you're a photographer, making the move to video can be overwhelming and confusing. Vincent Laforet, a Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer and international award winning director, is considered a pioneer in the field of HD capable DSLR cameras. In this class, Vincent will walk through the challenges and unknowns of entering the commercial video industry. He will share information and tips on how to handle contracts, budgets, castings, crew acquisitions and clients. He’ll also cover the similarities and differences to the photography industry and how your skills can translate to video production.  


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It was super interesting! Vincent you are a kind of a big deal! )) Thanks!