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Natural Light Basics

Scott Robert Lim

Natural Light Basics

Scott Robert Lim

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Class Description

Join award-winning photography Scott Robert Lim as he breaks down lighting basics and how to find great light and solve problems when in difficult lighting situations. He'll cover how to work through extremely bright light by using your environment and the available resources only. He'll also discuss how to use reflectors and diffusers to control the light and how to keep your set up really light with minimal gear and still get amazing images.

Ratings and Reviews

Margaret Lovell

Scott is a passionate and engaging instructor. He's hilarious. I like a side of humor when I'm in a class. I have a preference for shooting in natural light, so I'm glad that I took this course. I learned more effective tips than what I had been doing. I know I'll be re-watching this course in the near future.

Phillip Tour

Great course!!! I learn a lot about natural light, im very good with natural light but I can't wait to get out of my studio and start shot again with natural light! Thank You Scott!!!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent Lesson from Scott. Easy to understand. One of the best CL Lessons I have ever watched. Good job

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