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3-month-old Boy w Blanket (Nolan)

Now for those of you out there who don't have bodies and pillows and all this fun stuff I wanted to do something very simplistic I'm basically doing the same shot that we just did only now we are down to the floor now I do have high smiley hear us this is no incorrect he's a superstar baby to I'm gonna have to lift him out quickly so I could show high you're just rocketed over here okay it's not about a head of hair on this baby I want to show you what this this is also from wicker by design it is another little bobby pillow but I don't have a regular traditional pillow now the difference is this has that nice little hole it also has you have the little donut in the if not a little pee pad they have uh this one is not waterproof it's marvin velvet velvet but it comes with a little pillow if you need it to get a little hype as well as a little pee pad so if they go there not going tio go on there but what I want you to imagine is you're in your home you have nothing but a blanket and a ...

pillow take the background out of it take everything out of it because we're talking you just started photography you can use a pillow the problem with the pillow is its flat there's no height so you would have to have a smaller pillow of some sort to create haif with that pillow in this case again imagine flat pillow we put a little ball or a blanket or a diaper or something under there to create that height so now we're talking bare bones photography if I only had a window I would be a window would be face this way that's what I would go with in this case I'm using studio strobes um we've re balanced and everything again but let's just keep it simple for this shot and I'm gonna try something a little more tricky so bottom here I guess my goal is to show you that you don't have to have everything in the universe to make this happen now you can see he's a long baby he's at a pillow range so I need a little something helen just anything to put under here yep there we go. Excuse me. All right, so little pillow watch the difference I gonna get you up a little higher there we go we might need another one but you're awesome and so handsome you don't have hair couldn't take my eyes off of you um you don't have any clothing you don't have any accessories he certainly doesn't need a hair bow that's what blankets were for my first photo shoots this is what they looked like it was a blanket and you know covering the diaper and that is simply it need a couple more pillows because you're crazy you're just gonna kick all over huh? I guess you're magic sorry all right so if I were at home I would just be grabbing literally baby blankets and anything I could and rolling them up until because he's so long mr long guy there you go I'm just creating that perfect balance high you are certainly paying attention look atyou hi so now that I'm limited I only have the space of a blanket but your hand there mom um now I'm going to do two things I'm gonna do let me show you let me just test the lights real quick okay hi I know you have lots to say uh I'm gonna go a little more flat and then we'll do something really dramatic e e to go oh that's a real peekaboo huh you gonna tell me a good story uh let me just check that light like okay this is what I would consider much more flat light so let me just do a couple more you're asking about getting a second hole you're flirting now aren't you huh huh oh kaboom oh said he's got a happy face it isthe you don't know which way you want to go huh he's like I don't know you high high there's always a noise that works eyes that it no that's the wrong way well, maybe they're just yes, he found it ready here we go yeah can you say boy that's always a good one there's certain words that every parent in every country always says boy who's a big boy are you big boy big boy yes, you are. I said also today's happy did I scare you? Okay, we went all serious let's try to get a watch this hi. Where to go? What go back high high is the word of the day awesome. Okay, so simply nothing more than a blanket and a pillow and you could do this at home not we got a rack you out? Okay? He is mi dio real quick hundred millimeter macro because I want to give mama right there helen product line back turning off the camera. Oh, and I forgot to do my little dramatic lighting so I might do that in a second. Just gotta wait a minute cause I turned off the camera. Okay? We're gonna try this again. Okay? We're just gonna wait for this camera to find I have the same problem breaded and I'm not touching it in a month. I'm good still getting busy no, I didn't I did all that all right they might be there hadn't pushed that one hold on and just check the way we're good, okay, so we're coming in get facial features I'm gonna have mom stand over here so I want you to know that I don't have to have an assistant you stand right here and talk to him come right up under the way you're okay right about the actual stage is this way a tiny but just we have light in his eyes just keep talkinto you knows you ever see her go but I'm staying on the shadow side that's beautiful it's getting little hands and he's got so much here that I would definitely want to document that for a little collection I go right over the top but I get myself a little room there keep talking to me like I'm gonna try to come in to get a little eyelashes yeah, this is a mackerel keep that in mind it's beautiful shooting on the shadow side to create a little depth and dimension gonna get a hand if I can get one there fast uh, one more go but you're doing good mom just keep talking. Hello? I'll give it a try. Hi. Where you going? Ah, there you go. That's beautiful. Yeah. Now I'm getting a little more light from this light, so hang on. I smiley love your lips go ha ha hey, nice job and I could get in here, I think I said beautiful okay I just need to tow shot for what I'm gonna do later so we're just gonna get those little toes out let him do whatever they want because if this age you can't really lock him in anywhere otherwise you're gonna have a mad baby I'm shooting on the light side I'm gonna actually go back to the shadow side because I don't like flat flat feet have to come right where you are if you don't mind you totally got one another little awesome to shot he is all done let's give him a round yeah you were gonna do I think oh you know what we could try going left to try one last thing with him since he's doing good and then we'll give him an all done because I want to give him some magic to waken try going oh I did not realize it goes like long and short that's cool that's barbara backgrounds and background here is the green background is west got background um this is from the boxes from barbara backgrounds and we'll just keep him in this color way wanna show that office too cute all right now that could be the problem. I mean, that might be a problem just when he puts his weight on it yes, we can have a clamp no, it won't don't clamp so it's okay let's just see if we could see if it goes I'm gonna work all right let's fix lights get that kicker light back in gonna go since he is right now he is younger than our last always sorry our last little girl the difference of the month is tremendous watch when she put her head down how high she lifted up watch how different it is for him just just being about four weeks younger I do have ah background light on there and I'm still in one hundred millimeter macro I think I'm gonna switch out I could do it with that but I'd rather not o or we could be done yeah I don't have a background like I need one way you can't do that no way I know it's a terrible thing I know I know e are you hot? You make me I dont playing a business with that sparkle what's this helen I mean have you play with them if they still have to figure out the background lights so just play with second there we go. All right, wait on. That would be something right quick. All right, so we'll see if we can magically get unhappy baby happy again they will and if he's done that's no problem so many good shots and just get a little more light in here but let's not let's get wait a second before you put him down because he's mad so if we put him right down he's gonna get even more mad since tommy shots are not favorites alright this's a chicken hey hey, hey let me have the chicken hi you ready? All right we're gonna pull it it might be the hat warming up then that has not going to make you happy either. Okay, so we're gonna try to go knees here tell me here you're gonna keep your hand on his so just wear worried about that way we can cover way relax we're going on a little bit way to go way just take it out and we'll just cover this with this fix that later all right so he can keep his head up which is great but see how he pulls his arms out and he's ready to go down any second you gonna put your hand on his bottom and covered up so keep your eye on the bottom for actually put it underneath the blanket your hand right there ready all right now and you're gonna do arms and I'm gonna do shots not coming to do shots I like that bring it on I don't even drink yet we've come far with creating life all right, here we go so see how his head does not come up is quickly and mom your arm if you scoot this way and bring your arm this way it'll actually come out of the shot there he is, huh? Like real quick. Okay. Good job. Very nice. A little hot. Hang on. Good. And see how he's struggling. How much? The difference in a month. It was so because remember, we talked about three months. Four months. Okay, trade me spots for a second. All right. Ready? Going on me, but all right, so when they get wiggly like that, I have to change my voice and my totality. Oh, no, no. Uh e you go and one where we're gonna go for the big smile. Ready? Here goes. We're gonna finish strong. I got rotated, he's, not comfortable. And that's. Why he's struggling. There we go. Ok. You got him nice and tight. Little bit. Here we go. Ready? Hey, who's, the best, baby. Hi, you. Yeah, I know it's so hard. I know e days. Uh, so nolan who's. A big boy I e time. Uh, wait. Who is that? Who is that? Oh, there you go. So all right, we can college. Give him a round of applause for real now. Yeah.

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This is my first Creative Live course and I'm very happy with it. I don't have a studio but it was very helpful to understand how to begin a career as a baby photographer. I like the way Sandy explains what she does. You see that she loves her job. I'm glad to have known about Now I Lay me Down To Sleep project. I'm not an english speaker so I'd like there were english subtitles 'cause when she speaks very quickly I miss a lot of words... Thanks Creative Live team!