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Newborn Relationship Posing

Julia Kelleher

Newborn Relationship Posing

Julia Kelleher

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Class Description

Moms and dads often opt out of newborn portrait sessions, choosing to highlight their baby. But in doing so, new parents are missing out on memorializing an important time in their family’s life. During this 90-minute workshop with acclaimed newborn photographer Julia Kelleher, you will learn how to expertly pose mom, dad, and new baby together in stunning portraits. Julia will also cover lighting tricks, classic and creative poses, communication techniques, and how to work delicately with newborns to capture powerful images that will delight your clients.

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Ratings and Reviews


This course is great if you want a quick video with tips on how to take newborn photographs with parents. It is a great alternative to the popular and common "basket pose" or "beanbag pose" that a lot of photographers use. This is almost a shorter version of another course Julia did on Creative Live. So if you want more in depth detail this class is not for you. I would highly recommend any of Julia Kelleher's full classes. She is a creative genius and an amazing entrepreneur! Her classes have changed my photography career forever. I couldn't thank Julia enough.

Paul Hicks

Ms. Julia, This is an awesome class for the price you have put on it. Thank you so much. I am a grandfather and own my own photography business...and love your style of presenting...Newborn Photography.

Judy Reinford

Julia's classes are a must for newborn photographers. If you are not a newborn photographers there is much to be gained by getting these classes. Buy all of them! I am now 4 times more profitable than I was 2 years ago. I am so happy that she teaches on Creative Live. I really don't know where I would be right now, without first finding this class.

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