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Lesson 2/3 - Bonus Video: The Five S's of Soothing a Newborn


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Bonus Video: The Five S's of Soothing a Newborn

Hi, I'm julia kelleher and this is the five s is soothing a newborn the five s is a really important technique to learn to help soothe the baby in a newborn session and there's going to be times when babies awake or crying or just need that little extra something to help calm them down a bit so the five s is we're actually developed by a pediatrician named dr harvey karp I'm going to need to see to hear too beatrice are harmless baby it's going to serve as our model today but it's actually a really good example for me to kind of just demonstrate how the five buses work so and they should be applied in this order. The five s is our swaddle ing cider stomach position shushing swinging and sucking okay, so I'm gonna demonstrate those here swaddle ing really means now dr harvey karp would suggest you know, this is these are five s is to help parents actually sued colicky babies, but they work in newborn photo shoots as well but to swaddle baby and in a newborn shit we don't always necessar...

ily want to actually wrap the baby with a scarf or a wrap of some sort, so when you're transferring baby back and forth between you and the parents it's just important when I say swaddle I mean, keep those arms and legs really tucked in if you're going to keep baby on a side or stomach position, this is to prevent what's called the morrow reflex, the moral reflexes that startled effects of so if you ever shot and newborn before you'll notice when they're sleeping, sometimes they just fling awake for no reason that shooting arm out or in a leg will fling and that is a called the moral reflects and it's a star reflects its safety thing it's very instinctual for the baby, but it also wakes them up, which we don't want it also keeping them on their side, swallowing them, keeping those arms and legs nice and tucked and then you want to do what's called swinging I liken this to a bowl of jell o if you remember when your mom made jell o when you're a kid, she made a nice big bowl of jell o that was just so tempting to want to jiggle the jell o well jiggle the jell o but don't crack it that's how hard you should jiggle a baby so it's basically just emotion that kind of simulates mom's womb so if you imagine mom walking around pregnant at nine months she's got this acquis environment she's jogging up and down the stairs and it's really jiggly inside okay, so that's where baby is used to and all these five buses they're doing is making that environment similar to what was in the wound okay, so you're going to jiggle the baby just just about like this just like jell o just so that the baby starts to relax and get really calm you'll see the I start to close at least maybe we'll begin to calm down then there's the next death which is shushing has to be loud you're going to bring babies head up close to your face and she just keeps fishing oftentimes you'll hear a mom and new moms say, oh my gosh I turn on the vacuum cleaner my baby fell asleep that's the concept sh make a loud noise as if baby was in the womb and hearing mom's blood flow going through the body that's what they're hearing and that's what we're trying to simulate and have to do it pretty loudly because babies hearing is not developed a two weeks old so you want to make sure that you're loud enough that they can actually hear you then the final s is sucking the sucking reflex so ah passive fire if mom's breast feeding her breast is another great option that is always going to sue the baby but I would insist on doing that as a last resort because you is the photographer want to control the session and when you hand the baby over to mom that all of a sudden the baby's thinking about milk and that instinct kicks in so if you can use a pacifier or even a clean, make sure use hand sanitizer a clean finger inside the mouth and let them suck on it. These five s is are almost guaranteed to soothe any baby, not necessarily always to sleep. But it will really help with a fussy baby to calm them down and get them completely ready for the newborn session. I'm julia kelleher. And thanks so much for watching creative live for me and from beatrice are harmless.

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Moms and dads often opt out of newborn portrait sessions, choosing to highlight their baby. But in doing so, new parents are missing out on memorializing an important time in their family’s life. During this 90-minute workshop with acclaimed newborn photographer Julia Kelleher, you will learn how to expertly pose mom, dad, and new baby together in stunning portraits. Julia will also cover lighting tricks, classic and creative poses, communication techniques, and how to work delicately with newborns to capture powerful images that will delight your clients.


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