Live Shoot: Newborn With Props Shaggy Nest


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Live Shoot: Newborn With Props Shaggy Nest

We are going to work on props today and the reason is because a we love props and b because I think that so many people don't know how to really do it correctly safety is always mean number one I mean we know that right? You know these babies if we think about it our seven ten, twelve days on this earth there is no amount of insurance in the world or money that will fix the problem if something goes wrong right? We know that I think it should also go without saying that if you are a newborn photographer I do believe he should be insured I really dio has been insured for since day one but I also think that this is where assistants come in handy and many people say why use the parents and that's okay when you're in a bind but imagine if you're the parent and you've had a baby and let's say you've had a c section and now some of asking you know, like spot the baby in a bucket and don't even know how the baby's going in there and I would kind of be annoyed I would probably that client like...

the photographer just asked me to do that and so I feel like you should be prepared when you're working with props have an assistant just have one there are many people that will assist you for free in exchange for photos that other photographers that want to get experience let's help each other out and work together you know, husbands, children, my children are phenomenal assistant evan has been on set since he could sit up and the girls since they were born and they can come in and they could spot and they can help out and they're very careful I'm going to show you you know, it's been going on fifteenth year of shooting and one of the things is I have to feel like I'm constantly challenging myself and come out meet coming up with new ideas and we draw inspiration from all kinds of things and one of the things I'd like to do is draw inspiration from my own clients and I think it's about five years ago now in new york, the bailey cast five years ago is doing a workshop in new york and a client brought the woman who's coming came to the workshop from new york she's from jamaica and she brought her belly cast, which is in here, and I had never done a belly cast with my own pregnancy man I regret that and this baby was gorgeous and she was such a sweet woman, she said, is it okay if we use my cast and I was like, yeah, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this cast and she's hanging from a branch and this is the cast and I put some material in here and this is cheesecloth and tiffany and I have talked about this image over and over and over again we said we need teo we need to do this we need to do this, tiffany, your baby's not up here, I can't believe any of that and I'll put it on the web site. You know why? Because it's the cover of the book so I I I like to do personal projects and I like to work on books and so I'm working on a book called belly babies and tiffany I made her do a belly cast like right before she had the baby like I told her like the whole time and we just kept saying yeah, yeah, yeah, we're gonna do we're gonna do we're gonna do it and I really didn't know what I wanted to do. I just knew that this was her third pregnancy. We didn't know if it's gonna be last and she's right here with me and we just have to do this belly cast and my daughter's got involved and we stripped her down in the studio and we all did a belly cats and it's going to be the cover of my book called belly babies and I decided that I wanted to do a book on babies in their mama's womb cast so much so that I feel like it's changed my business in a way tiffany if anyone knows me into fish she's like a big muse of mine because she just lets me do whatever I want to do and often I don't even know what I want todo this little baby is photographed in chicago in a natural light room this is a clue kind of mind turned photographer she moved to chicago and the room is much like this but imagine instead of the light here yell it is is a skylight that's all it is and it's not a big room and this is her belly cast and its material and a hat it's a simple as it gets now there is somebody holding the cast and we were going to try and do a belly cast get a pregnant mama and have casted and have the cast here for creative live and we just couldn't make it happen even so much that I brought a casket we're going to cast in a hotel last night and that didn't happen either so I said then let me spend five minutes talking about the casting because we've actually incorporated it into my business and we now provide free belly casting for my pregnant clients and when they sign up for pregnancy newborn package they get free belly casting they come back to the studio we try to do it later in their term like around thirty four thirty five thirty six weeks I'd prefer those last few weeks but many people go early so that's important they think they're going to go really do it sooner than later. I've had clients with twins that have done it and they come in and we cast them for free and this is another client of mine and some we paint and this one is in the client's home natural light the window is right here and that's it it's on their dining room floor so I believe in keeping things simple, keeping things pure and what a better way than to go back to the mama's womb cast it just doesn't get any better than to me, so I wanted my book to be finished by the time I came to creative I've that didn't happen so it'll get done I'm working on it every client that I do I'm adding to the book and we have some behind the scenes video that we've shot already for the cast that we haven't released chapel will release it with the book on how to do it all at once stuff, but in the meantime get your baby, you'll get your client's belly cast and it'll I think it'll really help you just get enlightened and refreshed and it's just fun so tiffany is going to come on set we have a new baby girl langley, who is four days new I can't even believe it four days and so we're going tio do we talked about in on over so this particular one is I think we're going to bring that for so this is a little let's go over what this is this is by handmade by lulu you know why we have that in here handmade by lulu synthes gorgeous ness to me and all kinds of filler that I love I can't even stand it and love it so much so soft this is little ireland nets look at this I mean I don't even know what this is but it's just all goodness and I mean look at this this is crazy I mean honestly I like I want that to be my next job however they do this I want to do it but I can't so all photographic I like different tones I like layers and so I try to keep things in the same tunnel family and I don't know maybe we put these so when you're shopping I don't know maybe we'll add them back in when you're shopping look for look for things that have the same tonal range and then look for different textures you see my little bag you wondering what this is okay, this is a little scrap booking tote people okay? And we decided we wanted to keep things handy so in it are cloth diapers, wipes, checks which are invaluable when you're going to someone's home because it's not really fair to just let the baby pee all over the bed and then be like buy you gotta wash the linens, right? So now it's like I start to bring chuck's with me and it's just one less thing I have to worry about these our birth cloths that we cut and we stick him under we did we did it on the bed a little pee pad just to absorb we just cut it up so we took we took this and we just cut it and then you just hide it in the little areas and they're so absorbent that's all that is and then obviously any material we do have some gripe water in here michelle explain rice paper for parents who shine invaluable saves on retouching aka for lately I've decided I'm done with the peeling skin on the babies, the retouching it's driving me crazy and so I just decided, you know what? We're just going to start carrying before with us because we used it the other day and it's best thing for babies I mean pediatricians recommend it it's just pure it's natural these in the hospitals and so we just said the baby was peeling up the storm and it just was like, my god it's a retouching so we just said, you know what? Middle of the session mom dad let's just rub it on the dry skin and then the parents were like I'm so sorry when you were trying you know we tried to pull it off I'm like no no no no no it's a it's a new baby but let's just rub it a little bit and then they were worried it was too shiny you can't even see the shine you just rub it in gone and it will save you hours of retouching ours ours ours ours now gripe water is ginger and fennel and it's a natural home idiopathic gas reliever that's found in whole foods and mother's market we have a baby boutique so we sell it there and they have travel packs now so we just have him with us and we just give them the parents would give it to them for free or we give him a bottle if it's a gassy baby you just say I loved it with my daughters because they were so fussy and gripe water was like oh my gosh this outfit this outfit handmade by lulu yes I think so and there's a bonnet that has a tie back and then devoted nance oh my gosh seriously devoted nous look at these tiebacks she sent us so many things we have things all over the place from devoted men's but so we have tiebacks which we love and what I love about this is so she has yeah this is handmade by lulu so she has a tie back that's part of the bonnet that I love and then you could take it off and just use the tie back because we like transitioning so tiffany was saying before on break make sure we go over transitioning again for baby so we're doing in we wanna have baby being meg's close by and then the white noise and I think the heater close by it's actually so let's talk about safety so obviously when you are using anything new you saw that I pulled the stick out before I mean you wantto go through especially things that are natural I don't know where that came from but rub your hands around it make sure there's nothing prickly you're running your hands inside of it you're just double always double checking now she's sinking in here you can't see it so we're going to put something underneath her neck these air posing being bags from my shop that I love she snore so cute you're snoring so you know the last time I was on creative live we did baby in a basket because I said we want to do the shot in the first fifteen minutes this is that same thing and that course is still available you guys have talked about siblings before you can purchase that course and we did we did siblings in there with pregnancy and newborn and so there's a lot of great information in there, and I'm really trying to not duplicate the information, but one of them what I did, wass and I used a basket. I still believe in getting those shots right away. She's wearing a diaper, she just ate. We had parents put her in an outfit, she's in something so there's nothing I would always do in first there's nothing that's manipulative about the pose. It's very natural, she's curled up. This is actually not too different than being in a womb work with the natural munis of the baby, you know? And when you're buying props, everyone should go and clean out their prop closet, right? And just sit back and really look at the things and say this this really work for a baby because I think I know I have you get a little crazy with the prop shopping, and sometimes you look at things and you're like, what was I thinking? You know? Yeah, and how you can tell if she needs another pillow is I'm putting my hand in underneath and lifting up the back of her neck because I want to see her face, and so then that tells me I need something underneath. There now, obviously it doesn't have to be being mags. It can be rolled up diaper diaper clocks or it could be anything. Yeah, she's beautiful mom going four days. Welcome to the world. And this is I mean, this is come on. This is really not hard. So it's like, if you say, gosh, anna, I have screaming, mani's, I want you if you if you're someone that says that, think about your last shoot and think about what went wrong and backtrack because I'm a believer in change over the past fifteen years, I've made a lot of changes. I've made a lot of mistakes. If something goes wrong, I fix it there've been so many times and sessions where I'm like, I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have done that, and then I know to change it next time. So ask yourself what went wrong if you had a train wreck of a session, what went wrong? And then see if you can change it and recognize people their hands but at the end of the day it's a baby and sometimes it's just not that baby's day. It happens. Okay, we got it. I love these feet, so don't forget that when you're in doing opposed my goal is I'm going to stand up I'm going to shoot the whole thing I'm going to shoot pretty wide because I like big square images my work has been in an old the office for years this particular office almost ten years and I like big square twenty by twenty campuses thirty by thirty forty forty so I'm not going to crop into clothes because I want to make sure that I can make large images now is it? I'm going to shoot it like this but I already know that I'm gonna want it decide if I want these inside but I'm going to just go for the shooting and just do like I was doing in my studio and just work through it okay? So how we doing questions? Are we good? Yes, yes, yes, we talked about that last night and I feel the light coming in. Mom, you can we can get your chair so you can stay pretty close. Um, little things this is how I am in my studio too camera alex when he's videoing is always like it's right there right there. Okay, can we talk about this wrist strap like this is what I heard all last time it's a basic neoprene strap in fact it's pretty weathered, untethered it's really sad but it's so strong and it has not failed me once and I hate anything over my body and I'm not a hip ulster kinda girl and I just love it use what makes you feel good okay so I'm gonna stand I don't I don't think so that light three point two one sixty four hundred and it's pretty it's really good actually perfect beautiful now look at us I mean right did you have a question? You have a microphone thank you although one second so now we're gonna perfect it so here's what I see here's what I see I see this too much bonnet will tuck that this bugs me I want to see her wrist and I want this spread out more right and then this ribbon's bugging me I'll probably get her chin up since that's something that will affect the pose and might startle her I won't and I want to pull all the fingers out so will perfect it yes these props look gorgeous but they don't look very washable and I'm some wondering how do you decide? Because we know babies make messes and after every session I feel like I am like the laundry girl and I'm trying to decide like how do you know what things to use with them naked what things not to use with them naked and how do you go about the washing process afterwards? Yes I am the laundry queen if you're looking for me tomorrow, I will be in my laundry room my daughter just announced last week. Mom's not doing laundry monday through friday because evan's like mama, will you watch something in olivia's like she just said she's not doing it monday, friday I'm like I'm going on laundry strike, I'll do it all in sunday, but with the studio end up washing almost every day. So here's the thing obviously she's in an outfit on dh so she's not naked, so I don't have to worry about it. But these some of these felted layers that were going to use I have been peed on and I just hand wash it in the sink and air dry and it's not a big deal and they've been pooped on two and we just try it most. You saw that little pee pads I am, those actually have been helping me lately prevent a lot of the mess is because we cut them the side it's like a little pad for babies I really want to see is like a maxi pad, but I thought the parents probably wouldn't appreciate that liking someone. Please make a maxi pad for babies, right? If I whipped out a maxi, you'd be like yeah, so I'll shoot this we're going to try to get her chin up in that transition her so I try everything I could do but at the end of the day if I want to use it I don't care I'll wash it, okay, so we're just perfected one more time in the transition because I've lost her. Yeah, just other questions and the folks would like to know do you ever shoot film anymore? No, some sad I am sad because you know, I'm forty for now and I shot film from being a teenager you know, till like, maybe eight years ago now um a couple years you okay? So maybe six years and I love it and I may do it for a personal project but no and I think it's just because I don't have the time right now and there's so many other things I want todo feet along here I do love digital because film there was always so many unknowns and so much stress and worry and, you know, I do love the luxury of digital that I can look at it on the screen and say let's, fix this and that and, you know it's lost light a little bit but no that's ok? So and then look at your angles I'm going to come down here, don't you up the nose so you see the angle that I'm doing, you'll see it because she's, come on, are you in love? I mean, come on, I cut our feet off there because I wasn't interested in the feet I'm interested in in just this part, I mean, but what I don't like is when photographers air down here and there, like shooting up the nose and shoot up the notes just be right over. I'm more focused on her face right here and now I'm gonna pull away, get the whole body, I'll go this way, I'll just kind of rotate around her and just get different angles, even just sometimes this angle is pretty kind of going a little circle, and then once I feel like I got it all yeah, so now we'll take the bonnet off and used the tie back that goes with this, and then we can switch to one of the vote. Admits that looking good, huh? That bugs me that bonnet, that direction, but I could tuck that in. Yeah. That's okay. No. Ho, ho, ho. Maybe hair today? How how are we doing questions? Um, I have a question and a comment. Um, comment is from me to get to here. S o many great comes actually to start with a question about the pacifier when I use a pacifier with babies when I take it out for the shot the tongue is always sticking out I have a hard time getting the tongue back in their mouth do you have that problem? Yes ideo like this problem and so they're they're really like well you like you see the whole other thirty like fish or dead fish fish have tongues or whatever and we just poke it with a finger or tickle the cheek vertical underneath or rub the lips and they'll still start to move it themselves but it is tough if you're like trying to get the shop will pacify your that first shot's gonna be no good it's not going to get so seat if let's have a little aqua for because she is kind of appealing on her hands and her feet down a little bit because she's so new when you feel like they need support just come and put your hands on them sometimes it's just babies crave touch so keeping your hands on them you know slowly moving them off I tell assistants don't do from this to this because they're usually jump up right? So you just do like this and then it's one finger at a time because if they're all cozy like this in your hands are like this and then you pull away they're going to jump up if nothing else than the heat is different right yeah good girl and I'll try and just get going to try and get her hands moreover here okay what else we got and is this generally the type of outfit that you wear when you're working yeah oh what I'm wearing yes yes yeah like what I wear every day yeah yeah because it's like a big question that I get asked okay so my leggings I feel like why am I always wearing this? I'm like a maxi nisa that's what I say I'm a maxim you have a t j maxx girl t j maxx ross and turning it and I'm not being paid to say that I live in leggings you know why jean's hurt the back of my knees and so if I come in jeans the girls I go where you know shooting today because jeans do what they dig into my tummy and they hurt the back of my knees and I I just can't stand them and leggings I just I can move with leggings and I don't like material that's heavy because I feel bogged down so they're like a second skin like I have a new pair of my husband's like oh you know wearing pants today because I'm always lying this's what I wear I just like things that are comfortable so I literally goto t j maxx marshalls and ross like every week the girls were like, we're goingto lost today because I like in the winter there longer and in the summer of their short and this is what I wear white four days out of five and then I wear layers and the reason I wear layers is because of the butt factor. If I'm bending over shooting a new born no one wants to see my butt crack or my g string underwear, right and there's nothing worse than having assistance and there's the g string sticking out of the genes and there's the new parents going not what you want to see right now, right? And the men's like, hey, women are like, seriously, and then the blue factor I don't have boobs, really, but if I did, no one wants to see them bustling out over a baby, so I'm his fact this tank top things started when I was nursing because I would bring the baby to work and I would nurse and one time I wore a shirt with no tank top and in walks the ups man and here I am oh, hi and I'll never forget it, and so I wear layers so that if something like children will come up in like, lift up your shirt and so I don't have to worry about it and I don't like people looking at my butt that's just that's it so I will always wear long clothes and leggings that's my office that's it okay I'd like to be comfortable I don't wanna have to worry about my clothes it's the same with my hair I wear my hair up because nobody wants my hair in their baby's face and it's very long and I don't like to think about it obviously I don't wear this much makeup and I don't wear false eyelashes to work I'm pretty simple I like to keep my clothing very very very simple and I don't like to think about what I'm wearing the less I have to think about I want to worry about the baby not my clothing okay, so we're talking about the reason we did this is we wanted to show you transition we got all of that and let's say I did that in five minutes now am I going to move her to a totally different prop and disturb her? Let me try it with the headbands and then let me try taking the outfit out and doing one more mute in here and then I'm done but I always try to do at least two to three transitions in the same prop okay and I'll keep them handy I'll tell mom pick a couple of outfits pick a couple of headbands and then I'll keep them right by my side so that I can transition okay ready I'm going so do we want to switch had been real quick and then we'll strip the outfit were you on time or what she laid earlier because I was going to say to you that she does not look for days old she looks she looks a little bit older than that so she was late you she liked it in there consider it a compliment yeah, you had a good space for her. Okay, so I'm just gonna put her hands over do you always use the noise machine? Yeah, always it's usually on my phone and do you know what you have? Oh there's some folks asking yeah thank you. White noise at great and it has a purple icon and if you just go to the app store this is what it looks like oh, I was downloading my app so you can't see it camera was downloading my apse on the plane so it's purple but it's different ones but it's free, right? Yeah, everyone has like a little volume yeah, you know it's usually on my phone but tiffany brought hers because baby kolia is here tiffany if you saw my last segment last program tiffany was pregnant so she brought her baby and she brought her white noise machine so were like why not so tiffany where did you get that? Uh oh sorry. Well, at the moment is not carrie white noise medic I don't know what like twenty, but promise shouldn't whose inner adding that to their amazing you plug it in or you khun, I haven't had a battery ran so works great for us, and I was like four or five different settings hold, like, right here, right there? Yes, for sure, for sure. And if there's kids around, I crank it up really loud. But I gotta tell you, you know what the trend has been lately that parents are coming in with their own music and noise, like we had a parent that they're like, oh, they like beethoven or they like this, and I'm like, yeah, if the parents have something let's, do it, so let me go back here again. Okay, good. So notice how I'm just moving around the baby? I'm going in closer, I'm pulling out smooth around, looking at all the different possibilities, and I'll go back and double check like, okay, yeah, I think I got it. I'll double check. That's the great thing about digital love, the different angles. This is a devoted in its headband with the outfit by him and me and lulu. Totally different vendors but see how great they go together that's kind of a shop it's like my clothing this's united colors of benetton and this is like ross you know I mean you just keep things simple on the tank tops target to keep things simple and and it'll work so my clothing and my props very very very similar they should all just keep the head ban on and I'm gonna try and slip this outfit off so very important when we're doing this and we start transitioning the baby and either transition the baby in the prop or taking off clothing keeping somebody on the baby with the hands and making sure things are in control are important we're going do one more thing and then take her out and then our next baby mom and dad if you can strip him down in his diaper he'll be ready to go he's going to be up in a couple of minutes and he's going to go on that I'm there you want those um yeah yeah you can go up okay how are we doing? I can answer questions I'm just taking her hand or there's this one which do you prefer maybe we start with that or pants take your hands how about your top three tips for dealing with a screaming baby okay top through tips for dealing with a screaming baby number one stay calm because babies feed off of your energy and if they're screaming and you start getting stressed out and now you're not calm not going to be good you are going to take it you are going to be so calm so collect and you are going to wrap that baby super snug so if the baby is not wrapped I am known for stopping what I'm doing and re wrapping the baby I had it just happened the other day and I'm like this baby wants to be wrapped and we stopped everything and we just picked a new raft tiff let's talk before the top of her she's so dry so what we'll do is we'll give mom this tube when we're done with your pocket you're welcome wrapping so let's say that the baby is still screaming and they're wrapped shushing and rocking and moving it'll you're fishing in the year I would not give the baby back to mom unless I know they're starving because sometimes they're starving and mom will say but they just say and I'll say in a photo session the heat twice as much I promise you it will not throw them off their schedule they were mocking ten pounds it it's just the photo session I'm a stranger, I'm moving, I'm bending them, putting men all kinds of positions on a prop in a bench and they just want comfort and maybe if they want to suck maybe they want a nurse if I can do the pacifier I will but you know it's just like I read that book happy sleeping the block we still want to go through all of those normal baby mechanisms for suiting you know, soothing shushing rocking I've taken a really fussy baby and tiffany and I both were like we'll be rocking swaying you know what? We'll try everything in our book and if you feel like you don't have all of those you feel like you don't have the knowledge of how to soothe the baby I would read a good read like happy saving like read some good baby bob books or spend some time with someone who's really good with babies we have a friend pam who works with nikki witt saddleback seem so cold we bring that closer is it? They're coming and I've learned a thing or two from her she deals with nikki babies and she does photography and the first time she came to one of my workshops and by the end I was like, can you stay because she came to my workshop and she was great she'd like without her purple gloves she had brought sugar water which they given the hospitals and babies they're circumcised which are like the best thing ever, you know we keep breakwater in the studio but she was just amazing fishing and just doing all the stuff so I was like, wow I need to get in there even more than I've been doing on dso you know, if you spend some time around people that are really good with babies, you'll learn it but just get in there top three tips saying it's a question number one stay calm number two rap and number three shish is that good? Read a book number four really good but you know what? It also comes from experience I mean working with babies as long as we have obviously we know what to do but there's some like I said before there's some days where it's just not the baby's day and sometimes you need to give him the mom and dad and let mom and dad calm the baby down. I'd even left the room and you know what? I was going to give you a few minutes I'm gonna leave attenuate home nurse come back living up there we get from uh picture who says I recently did my first newborn shoot the biggest problem I have opposing the baby's hands she was constantly moving them any suggestions on how to yeah yeah we're doing it right now no it's only four days she'll suck on finger ok if you want I just want to put it in the middle of it um dad, you want to come in, I'm keeping mom obey because you're nursing right so I'll keep mamat bay and then dad come over here for your home, huh? Did you say sorry no don't apologize for your height we'd love it if I want your pinky though another well I'm trying to turn her head so right now what we're doing is she's moving her hands a lot so normally they will relax if they're sucking there we go I wanted her head and she may not need it she may not need it so normally don't go too far now the seeds get comfortable for a minute normally if I feel like the hands were just moving, moving, moving and they want to suck well he's a finger, the pacifier and the sucking will allow them to relax, but what we're gonna do is we're going to try and put her hands where we want them and then you hold them there langley let's show them let's show them what we d'oh so I'm going to put him there and then I'm going to tell tiffany hold her hands right there she's going to stay on her hands if I did not have an assistant, I would get dad and say, can you hold the hands? And I get many dads that are really willing to help because honestly between you and me and the internet dad's feel often helpless right that you feel helpless sometimes because you can't do anything so it's okay to say to a dad hey come in and help because they're pretty good about coming in and jumping in always there and helping thinking is this this my friend pam brought to me from the nick you this's a position err that they use on the nick you babies and they used them to position the baby so if you have a friend in the nick you they have to throw these away when they're done with the babies isn't that sad they throw them in the garbage so she gives them to me and I like him because you convention and position them and coming from the nick you you know that it's safe for babies and it's totally pliable we need more of this stuff I think that there's a bottom you know this is part of way love this stuff too but if we put some of this destruction here mix it up a little bit and then we'll get him in here and he out he wearing his pants yeah coming in two minutes look at her come on are you so proud down you are well you're so in love right? Love it is a wonder that if she chip of feeling is going to show me too and the others are hidden I'm okay with that she's an internet sensation right now at four days big she can only works you're gonna go from here wei have big expectations now laying ley okay, one, two, three okay, here's, another tip for you. Go back to think ok, here's a huge tip. See how her fingers there tiffany do in a way that could be photoshopped could move around a little bit there's sometimes where we need to keep tiffany's hand there so I'll do this depends. Okay let's say it's that no matter what we dio, if tiffany pulls away, the hand jumps up when I do as I say, tiffany, keep the hand there, I'm going to shoot it and then I get the hand retouched out there easy and I use retouch up dot com and I don't believe in spending hours retouching my rule in my production room is if it takes longer than five minutes it's out the door so much so that we have a new production assistant and he goes, I was touching the hand, but don't worry. I didn't spend over five minutes, justin like, okay, good he's like cause if I did, I would have sent it out to retouch upon mike. Okay, good. They are literally an extension of my business. Yeah, we need more fingers and they have a discount code so anna, is it mostly skin is that mostly baby skin that these guys are working on yeah well skin but removing like you're going to see on this next prop that tiffany's hand will probably be on the baby okay so they have to remove tiffany like surely she's in like half my shots get tiffany out that's the instruction on dh then the peeling skin it drives me insane um they do that as well they do head swaps to get the perfect parent shot someone blinked they're really good at that stretch marks for pregnant women closing baby's eyes spot when they have the pirate I wait that yes like I said longer than five minutes without that is over those fingers they're bugging me just perfected I'm sorry but it's some tip up here see kill me she's still gorgeous you're still gorgeous langley but let's do this one more time and then you're out take a break come back one more time so here is the baby hands sometimes it's um yeah they clamp um and wei go what if she wraps around the other one there that's good. What I love about retouch up is I don't know what time zone they are but mostly and I'm in california if I submitted at night it's done by the morning and they have rushed jobs like I work do the cover of parenting magazine sometimes all sentiment image at nine and say we need it for the cover by noon and it's done so that you can have apply rush jobs as well, and they're really good with that, and my favorite feature is if it didn't work the way you want it, the will rework it, you can hit rework. I like that one, that one looks much better. It'll come up, she relaxing, I'll do a couple more into three, settling your settling, she might smile, those toes, she's. Good. Okay, let's, bring in the next baby. Yeah, so she can have a diaper. For now. Just just keep her in a diaper and keep her cozy. And if you need to nurse her ahead in the next baby is hank. I know that.

Class Description

Newborn photography is a rich experience for both photographers and new parents. In Newborns: Props and Posing, Ana Brandt will share some of her creative insights for capturing that magic with the propping and posing techniques she uses in her own successful newborn and family photography studio.

In this class Ana Brandt will share ideas for incorporating unique props into your sessions. She’ll also share tips for making your own and ensuring you are using your props safely and beautifully. You’ll also learn about posing with newborns, including different ways to help parents get comfortable in front of the camera while holding and posing with their newest bundle of joy.


Leigh Rogers

I really liked this course. As someone new to newborn photography, I learned so much valuable information such as using Aquaphor - which has saved me a ton of time editing, session flow, as well as not getting overwhelmed with having a thousand props. I didn't really find using natural light to work so well during my first newborn session after these videos. It offered some beautiful lighting and was much more soothing for the baby than having flashing lights, but once that appointment is booked, relying on natural light to be there the day of can be so nerve racking. Also, I didn't like how high I had to have my ISO using natural light through windows. However, I will say that if there are big windows and lots of light coming in, I will use it, but I would recommend planning for that not working out for you. Thank you so much, Ana, for a great class. I grew so much because of your guidance!

Katherine Angeles

Loved it! Very detailed and great posing tips, good prop sources and the best only with natural light.