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Lenses and Accessories

So this is our last little section and this is lenses and accessories and so we're gonna look at just a few not too many items for the d thirty one hundred user the first thing is we're talk about lenses and the thing that you need to understand the difference about is fx lenses vs d excellence is a dx lands will be listed as a dx lands with a great big old dx somewhere on it the fx lands doesn't have anything listed on it anywhere it's just kind of the standard nikon lens so you have to be aware if it's a nikon d x len's that's what it's gonna have on it now the fx linds is designed for full frame sensors the dx lenses designed for smaller frame sensors what happens when light comes through these lenses through the fx lands it's a rather large image circle that covers that large frame from corner to corner the dx lenses are specially designed for the smaller frame sensors and so they cover the sensor from corner to corner but it's a smaller image circle as you can see in this example ...

so if you have a dx camera right now well if you have a d thirty one hundred u have a dx camera essentially if you take that dx lens and you put it on your friend's camera who has a full frame camera what's going to happen? Well it doesn't project ah large enough image circle and you're going to end up with dark corners and that is not very appealing for most people and so the lenses will technically mount on full frame cameras, but they don't work very well now let's try the other scenario you buy an fx lands and you put it on your d thirty one hundred well it's going to create a very large image circle and what you get is on ly a crop in the middle of that frame and that well, you're kind of overshooting what you need, but it still works quite well and in fact it works really well for telephoto because you get more cropping effect out of that telephoto and so it's perfectly fine to use fx lenses on your d thirty one hundred so if you wanna d thirty one hundred, it doesn't matter whether it's an fx lands or d x lands you can use all of them in that regard, but I do have to throw in make sure it's an a I s or in a excuse me in a f s or f islands soas faras lenses go the eighteen to fifty five is the standard kit lens that comes with it and there's that f s and f I that you need to choose if you want a telephoto version of that land something that brings things in a distance the basic telephoto is the fifty five to two hundred and it's not too much money and it's reasonably sharp if you do want to get kind of an upgrade telephoto the upgrade that I would recommend is nigh cons seventy two, three hundred v our lands you get more telephoto capability out of this you're going up to three hundred rather than two hundred aperture wise it's letting in the same amount of light it does have a better focusing system in it and it is constructed to a little bit higher standard and so that's the nikon f s seventy two three hundred just a couple of other basic lenses that you might be interested in if you want the standard lands the standard lens on this camera is a thirty five millimetre in foca link nikon makes a really nice thirty five one point eight if you have any desire to shoot in low light conditions whether that be in the local nightclub or in your home look good lens that is good in the light is always a nice benefit to have it's also has a nice option you can shoot with very shallow depth of field it's small lightweight and not too much money if you want to shoot portrait ce ah you can use a fifty millimeter lance now you do have to be careful cause like this lens here will be manual focus on your camera uh so if you don't mind manually focusing, you could get a lens for about one hundred twenty five dollars and have a lens that's a great portrait lens with a very good, shallow depth of field, which is what a lot of portrait photographers like getting into some of the accessories. The nikon battery that you need for this camera is tthe e e n e l fourteen it's written right on the battery. There are aftermarket brands that sometimes don't have as much power or communication between the camera. They probably won't damage your camera. Aah! Button icons will typically be the best batteries, but they'll also be the most money the lens hood that is designed for this lens. The eighteen to fifty five in particular is thie h b forty five I try to always eat have a lens hood on for protecting the front of the lens from extraneous light and un from little boy bumps and bruises. When I got the camera hanging around my shoulder, I talked about cleaning the sensor before this is the bull blower, and we do have these product numbers from being h up at our website creative lives. So on there is a product listing if you want to find out any of these products, all of these confounded being h and we have the product codes, so they're really easy to find so this is ahh rocket blower that you can use to clean your camera out with and what you would do to clean that out and I'll show you here is you would take the lens off you'd put your camera into that mere lockup mode, turn your camera upside down and then you would blow the air and so that gravity will help pull any of the dust out, and you just kind of blow it around into at different angles. You know what? I'm going to ask being h live on air to send us one so we can show in the next class how to do that. All right, next up, memory cards, there's a lot of different memory cards in here you're you're going to pay for the amount of memory, the brand as well as the speed of the card it uses what's called an sd memory card and s d also has higher capacity and extended capacity cards, and this uses all three of those types of sd card, so it takes everything that is out on the market as of now now one thing to notice on the cards is there is a little right protection switch on there. If you want a lock data in from getting deleted, you could just flip that switch on the card, and then the other thing is there is a class rating or cards speed rating on the card how fast is the card? Here is one that is class for and that would indicate that it is okay for shooting video in a camera like this if you do a lot of it, if you're shooting two video cameras, you may want a faster speed card talking about cards. I think the best way to get thie images from your card into your computer is with a card reader it's faster, it's easier it doesn't need any type of special software the card readers that are built into the cameras the usb cables are notoriously slow. The card readers are much faster and as I say, they work fine with mac species and you don't need any special software to make him work. The built in flash on this camera is reasonably good it's handy if it was to break and you wanted to get a replacement flash nikon makes an s p four hundred, but if you want better quality more powerful flash I would look at the sb seven hundred it's a brand new flash from nikon it is designed for an intermediate level photographer in my mind it's more powerful it's going to reach out further it's more versatile you can bounce it off of low white ceilings or walls to the side and gives you more manual control of her what you're doing if you do this and you're serious about it. You're a wedding photographer, you're shooting low light social situations a lot a lot of people photography the sb nine hundred isn icons top of the line flash this is going to offer you even more power, more manual capabilities as well as some special effects options that you khun d'oh. And then we have our remote shutter release. This camera does not use a wireless remote. It has a cable remote that you plug in it's the m c d c to sells for about thirty bucks. Once again, we have all these numbers up at our creative live site being a numbers that you confined through being a jj and this is real nice if you find yourself working from a tripod a lot and you want to make sure that you are not moving the camera while you are taking the picture. So those air ah, few of my favorite accessories and finally before we could get to our last set of questions and answers and you can start sending them in, my name is john gringo. I do have a website, you can find more information about my classes and things that I am doing there. The first thing I'd probably want to just keep keep you reminded of is that I do have a great class here with creative live called fundamentals of digital photography and if you want to know more about photography, this is a great ten part series. You can watch it at your own leisure. It's got over twenty hours of instruction on it. If you live in the seattle or portland area, I am teaching classes here and in person, and so if you want to come to a class, I have a variety of classes that you can come, too. I'm also starting to lead tours, be leading tours, hopefully up in alaska and possibly in the middle east later this year. And so, if you want to go on vacation and take pictures, uh, got some great opportunities for you, so that's it for dslr fast start. Uh, thanks a lot to me next time.

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I'm an amateur photographer. I decided to upgrade from my iPhone and point and shoot camera. I bought the Nikon D3300. I then found John's class on the D3300. His easy to follow course walked me step by step and button by button around and in my new camera. It was worth the money. His tips, tricks, and hidden gems took me from auto to the big 4-manual, aperture, shutter, and programming! Wow. With my new understanding of the camera, my pictures improved with each shoot. Practice makes better...but it was the confidence John gave me to go out and use the entire camera that is making me a better storyteller. This course is a must view for all new Nikon D3300 camera owners! Thank you John for a great learning experience!