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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Nikon Wireless Flash for Creative Photography

Mike Hagen

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Welcome to creative live. I'm kinda classmen your host for nikon wireless flashes for creative photography with mike hagen. Now mike is a nike oniy in expert he is someone who we love having here on creative live he is a photographer and author of eight books as well as a workshop leader. He is the director of nike own ian's academy, which is part of nike own ian's dot or ge, which is your nikon home worldwide for everything. Nikon photography. He also leads photography toro's all over the world with visual adventures, his company where he'll take you to the galapagos, iceland, africa and more places all over the world. Please help me welcome my kegan to the creative out of state good morning, everybody and welcome to night come wireless flash class. I'm so excited to be here today. I'm going to teach you everything you need to know about using the nikon wireless flash a scan I mentioned, I do a lot of stuff around the world of photography, including writing books. I am the author of t...

he nikon creative lighting system and this is the third edition book it's been published now for a number of years and so I literally literally wrote the book on the subject, so I hope that I can take everything it's in my brain today and translated off to use you guys can all learn and understand and use this stuff you know flash photography can be a little bit complicated sometimes it can be a little bit scary and a little bit dicey knows I know a lot of people who when they start taking flash photos they take the flash out of the box they put it on the camera to take their first photo and it looks like a deer in headlights you know it was washed out the person's like maybe not that got the great greatest pose their faces blown out like oh this is terrible so they put the flash away in fact I was just telling a story this morning how years ago I was working with this lady during a private workshop and she said hey I bought my flash I bought it two years ago I took it out of the box I put batteries in it I took a photo and it was terrible so I put the flash back in the box and I have left it there until today and so I went to her house we're doing a private workshop of one on one workshop we pulled it out of the box and guess what it was all corroded the batteries had all bled out there was all corroded the flash was in terrible conditions like what's going on just like I haven't touched it in two years because I'm afraid of it I don't like it so I had to do a little operation to clean up the flash and we spent the rest they working on it that's already today we're going to take away the fear and the trepidation from flash and we're making guys experts

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Ratings and Reviews

James Stone

This class is an excellent primer on Nikon's Creative Lighting System. Mike does an excellent job simplifying what can seem like a complicated system. I enjoyed it and saved it to watch again as a refresher.

Fred Morton

So, here's the deal. If you can't get to a Mike Hagan course in person this is the best next thing. I have know Mike for 6 years and he never disappoints. I took this course through Nikonians about four years ago and found this to be not only a great review but a significant update from what I l learned in the previous class. Mike is one who never rests on his laurels and as a teacher he is constantly updating and improving his work. Speed lights are so much more complex then most people understand and Mike use his knowledge to take that complexity and reduce it to a set of clear and understandable methods. So glad to see that Creative Live has included him in their line up of instructors.

Marlon Ornek

Mike is a great easy to follow instructor who you can tell knows his subject. Thank you. A great course that I would recommend to anyone with Nikon gear.

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