Photographing With Modifications


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Photographing With Modifications

I've got the d five hundred here and I'm going to grab my sb five thousand as well and I'm going to put my sb five thousand in another lighting ah modifier so let's do this we're going to we're going to a four light set up my fourth light I'm going to use a cz my background light so we'll shine when they're on the backdrop and I'm going to use that for my s sb five thousand and here's the camera so they didn't put that in your ready so here's the s p five thousand and what we're going to end up doing is we're gonna put this on a little stand like this and I also want to show how to use a gel so these of these little gels that you get from nikon uh you guys can pick what do you think? Blue or red? Red okay, red so I'm gonna pick these jails and they're they're consumables from nikon, which is kind of crazy they actually melt I don't know if the camera can pick that up but you put pump enough flash to him enough times actually melt so they're designed to be thrown away and purchased agai...

n from high con you can also buy ones that aren't designed to be thrown away they don't you can buy them from a lots of lots of companies there's a lot of different gel manufacturers out there but these ones they're just designed to work with the nikon flashes the way they work is they slight here into the top of the flash you then dropped the diffusion don't the fusion panel down and it just hold it in just like that so now on our sb five thousand this is going to be the radio so it's gonna listen on the radio channel so I said it for remote and I set I pushed the remote button here and make sure I'm in radio remote mode and now I want to be in the right channel and group so um see here come on brain work with me go back her high there we go so I want this to be inch in group uh d we're going to set that up for group d bear with me as I remember my sb five thousand I did write the book on the subject there we go so I'm pushing the information button and I want to go down to group and then I pushed to the right and now in group aiken go and modify that two d so I'm in d and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to set this on the floor right behind her and that's just going to shine up into the background and be our background light ok now I have my I d five thousand or my d five hundred turn it on I'm going to turn the the espy nineteen to master mode I'm going to go to the menu system on the d five hundred and I'm going to go down here to flash control actually were showing on the monitor there too and I'm going to go into group flash options d e and f so d is a little guy on the floor so group d I want you to be manual him and for power well we're just going to start off at quarter power and just see what it looks like it actually has to sin like quite a distance so we may have to actually go full power when it's all said and done so hit ok awesome this one is still set up for a b and c this one is triggering a bnc optically this guy the remote the w r ten is triggering that one with the radio so here we go I'm gonna shoot this one horizontal so it actually feels up the tv screen just fine um move this way one inch perfect and found set off the ceiling I think everything is good to go here we go one two three please work so there we go with the red backdrop how cool is that so this count the lights anyone who anyone here who's a light detective you'll be able to count the lights so we've got the key light in your eye come on there we go we got to feel like they're we got the background light here on her shoulder I'm sorry the room light on her shoulder and in the background light is red how awesome is that and at any point time now what I can do is I can go into the menu system and I can change the brightness of that background up the background flash I can make it brighter I could make a darker and then in fact will take another shot here in just a second to that and I can also change the brightness of the optically trigger flashes and let's do that here's our last shot of the day groups we go one two and a half sweet it's very similar I reduced the brightness of the back and just a little bit but there you have it we did it

Class Description

Locations and studio setups don’t always cooperate with your ideal vision for a shoot. Professional photographers use wireless flash systems to increase their mobility and expand their creative options. Flash systems also cut down on the amount of time photographers have to spend correcting images in post-processing.

Mike Hagen is a professional photographer and industry expert. He is a seasoned instructor and the Director of the Nikonians Academy. Join Mike for this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to use Nikon’s wireless flash system on location and in the studio.
  • How to use on- and off-camera flashes.
  • How to set up your camera for a shoot and link it with multiple off-camera lights.
After this course, you will be able to manage flash systems and shape light to your needs. You’ll be able to set up synchronization modes that alternate different kinds of flashes, and incorporate light modifiers like umbrellas and soft boxes. Start improving your shoots now!  


Fred Morton

So, here's the deal. If you can't get to a Mike Hagan course in person this is the best next thing. I have know Mike for 6 years and he never disappoints. I took this course through Nikonians about four years ago and found this to be not only a great review but a significant update from what I l learned in the previous class. Mike is one who never rests on his laurels and as a teacher he is constantly updating and improving his work. Speed lights are so much more complex then most people understand and Mike use his knowledge to take that complexity and reduce it to a set of clear and understandable methods. So glad to see that Creative Live has included him in their line up of instructors.

Marlon Ornek

Mike is a great easy to follow instructor who you can tell knows his subject. Thank you. A great course that I would recommend to anyone with Nikon gear.

Greg Chilton

Probably one of the best Flash courses on Creative Live. Would like to see more Nikon Flash oriented courses on Creative Live, particularly Strobist type work. Well done