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Optimize Your Online Store

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Trust Signals & Why They Matter


Optimize Your Online Store

Lesson 19 of 21

Trust Signals & Why They Matter


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Trust Signals & Why They Matter

All right, now let's talk about trust signals and why they matter. And we talked a lot about trust signals before, like having reviews and ratings and testimonials and press mentions, but trust signals really do matter because again, someone can see you, they can talk to you. They can I ask you a question like they would in person if they were shopping from your store, so you need to have this sprinkled throughout your site, not just on your about page, not just on your home page, not just in your footer, but pretty much everywhere throughout your site. You need to constantly be building trust with your audience. So what are some ways that you can do that? So the first one is a security seal. So you some of you might have this? Where on your website maybe you take paypal or you do authorized that night for your credit cards, and they give you like a little graphic of a security seal, but you can put up on your web site at the footer to show people that your site secure to shop do you a...

ll know what I'm talking about? I'm going to have a screen shot in just a second, but having that on there huge because automatically and subconsciously people see that and they think, oh, my, check out a secure my credit card information is secure I don't have to worry about this I'm safe when I shop here and some people actually look for that they won't shop at a web site unless it has that I know personally I don't I know unless it's aside that maybe only takes paypal and I know I can trust papal but if that security seals not there I start to question it and be like is this side really secure? Not now I know not everyone thinks that way, but a lot of people do think that way and they are looking for that security seal on your website. Yes, tracy, would you just have the security seal on the on the page where they're checking out on or do you want it like everywhere in your yeah, I recommend putting it in the footer so that it shows up on every single page and then also, if you have the ability to put it in your check out page, put it there too, and I know some shopping cards like shopify already has it. Some shopping cards will already have it in there by just checked to see fears that the body, if you can put it on the check out page and in your footer I think that should be your best bet another trust signaled that we've already talked about is a phone number and an address and there's so many times, especially when we're buying from smaller companies and smaller businesses, we want to know that there's someone that what if I if I don't like this, can I return it? And how can I get in touch with them? Or maybe one or knows this company located in the u s or canada? Because I only want to buy from us and canada or all of those things that we think about when we're shopping, we want to know who were doing business with where they're located and again, you don't have to have your your home address. I know a lot of you run businesses from home, you don't have to have your home address in there. It couldn't just say were based in new york, new york or were based in los angeles or something like that, or get appeal box that has an address in your city, but that goes such a long way to build that trust that is really, really so important to your customers as there checking out, but also as they are carrying on their journey throughout your website. Another thing we talked about a lot today is testimonials, and this really does help to build trust in your website, and the more you can sprinkle these throughout your website whether it's on your home page and you're about paige and your product descriptions I have even seen testimonials on the check out page where someone raves about what an awesome company this was to the business with and it just helps to reinforce that trust that this business can be trusted other people are buying from here it means I'm safe to buy here too and we also talked about reviews and ratings I don't think I need tio talk about those anymore but it really is an important feature that if it's not turned on in your shopping card make sure and turn it on but don't just turn it on and hope people will come and leave reviews encourage people give them an incentive interact with them set up on auto responder where they are constantly giving your reviews and they're coming in and a lot of times if people love your product they love to review it and they love to come back and again it gives them a really great chance to come back to your website and you do want to keep people coming back to your website as often as you can so a couple more trust signals which I know I've wrote it mentioned are your privacy policy and most people will not even read it I think if you were to look at it webb statistics and look at how many people are reading your privacy policy or your terms and conditions it's not a very money not many people actually click on it and he scrolled through the page because it's often a long line of text with nothing else most people will not read it, but they need to know that it's there and it builds the trust in case they need to refer to it or for other reasons because some people really do care about what do you do with their information and what happens after they by and all of that stuff, so you do want to make it as easy for them to find it, and I usually like to put this never in your top menu and your top navigation menu, but usually in the footer on every single page um, it should be there so that way people can access it no matter what page they're on on your web site, we also talked about having a contact page and what should go on the contact page and often times I'll cia contact page that just has a form to submit a message and again contact page if someone is interested in or if someone goes there if you think about it from their perspective, they're thinking, ok, I'm interested in this, but I still have a question or I'm interested in this, but I want more information, so where is the first place that they go to get that information? We'll it's usually on your contact page and if your contact page just has a contact form it's sort of a letdown because this is again another place where you can continue that conversation and say, how can I help you? Or are you looking for this kind of a information or like I have on my contact page? I say things like, if you're looking to log into, of course that he already purchased, click here because I know that's. One of the things usually people contact me about is how can I log into a page or I'm on affiliate? How can I log into my account or, you know, can you can you be a guest on my show or something like that? So if you have maybe three or four questions that you always get asked that's a good place where you can put them and put links store people can find those answers on your contact page because I've saved so many e mails and so much of my time and my customers time by just simply having that information on there and not making people email me and say things like a what are your shipping charges and how soon or my order go out? So those are things where you can save yourself so much time, save your customers so much time, and everyone just really benefits and they really do they go there because they wanna be reassured that they can trust you and the more information you can have on there and the more trusted can build on your contact page the more likely they are to trust you right away and I know this is often a page that gets overlooked where people don't really pay much attention to it they just think well I have a contact page with the form if someone wants to contact me bill just fill out that form but you're sort of removing that to a conversation that you want to be having throughout every single page of your website so even just welcoming them to your contact page is ah good practice yeah if you do the retail and wholesale if you want to feature both of them on your site would you would you suggest to have links to each one or would you try to combine them both and like contact form I would actually and I had the summit on my t shirt web site is that for retailers I would say one of the things that I would say on top is if you're a retailer interested in carrying your products please go here and that link took them to my wholesaler page where they saw all of the information that they needed and at the bottom of that page there is also a contact form there that they can contact me through but that also answered all of their questions related to selling my products in their store so so yes, that would be a good thing that you want to do, especially because maybe you're wholesale page is at the bottom in your footer and someone might not have seen it and maybe they found out about your products in a magazine and now they want to go carry a products they probably are going to go to your contact page and ask you for wholesale information or something like that, so if you could address them specifically even better because they know that too you wholesale is a priority and they love to work with retailers or brands that make wholesale priority. So a great question on that I'm glad you brought that up. Yes, all right, so we also talked about your customer service page and you're frequently asked pages, and this is something where if you get a question more than twice, it definitely should go up here in your contact page. It'll save you so much time and it will make your customer's experience so much better than if they had to email you and ask your question and then wait for an enter and you can't put everything on your product page you can you only have maybe two to three paragraphs on your contact page before people stopped reading, but if you have an faa q page and a customer service page where people can get information about your sizing your ingredients, your pricing, how often you ship things out how soon to think ship out? Where do you ship from and all of those things that I know we all get asked on a regular basis just create one page it shouldn't take too long and it will save you so much time from answering all of those questions individually. All right? So we talked about all of the different trust signals, but you really have to build this throughout your site it's not just something that goes on your home page or just goes on you're about page or on a product pages or in your footer it really has to go everywhere on your web excite and it doesn't have to take away from here customers experience it's not something where you are constantly saying trust me, trust me you can buy from me but it's subtle shifts in your language and subtle things that you can do on your website that still are part of your customer experience that helped to build trust as they're moving along through their journey throughout your website. And this is I wanted to just put this up here to give you a couple of examples I know we've all seen this if you're shopping card provides this, make sure you turn it on and it's up on your web site if you don't have it even if you use paypal, you could get a security seal from paypal. And I know that. Yes, people trust papal. But one more thing in there, that's saying, papal verified, where people can click through it, could, on ly enhance their experience and not hurt itself. No more people can trust you. The more you can let them know they can trust you with these trust signals, the more likely you are to actually gain their trust.

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Running your own online store gives you control over the sales process and allows you to create a space that fully reflects your brand. It also comes with a lot of responsibility and can quickly become a major source of stress. Learn the right way to optimize your e-commerce website from Andreea Ayers.

Andreea has started and sold three companies in the last five years. As the owner-operator of a successful organic soap line and founder of a six-figure t-shirt business, she knows exactly what it takes to build a business online. In Optimize Your Online Store, Andreea will teach you how to create a website that reflects your brand and encourages customers to buy. 

She’ll teach you how to:

  • Set up a homepage that encourages immediate connection
  • Create an about page that builds trust
  • Write product descriptions that do the selling for you
  • Turn browsers into paying customers

When you run your own online store you have to customize it so that when people do come, they trust you enough to actually make a purchase. Andreea will teach you how to analyze and improve your site so that visitors feel confident in you and your products and are converted into lifelong customers.

By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to ensure that your website reflects your brand, is trustworthy and encourages people to buy.



This class is perfect! A great overview and explanation of what you need. I really like the simplicity and after watching it for free I bought it so I could pause it and implement the ideas as I went through the course. I love my page website now and highly suggest this class!

a Creativelive Student

Wow! I bought this class on a whim and didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did. It is to the point, filled with really good information and presented really well. I am so glad I got it. We are about to redo our website and I feel a lot more confident about doing it right now.

Julz P

Andreea is such a delight to watch, no wonder she does well in business, I want to buy from her and she isn't even selling me anything! Refreshing, very good for anyone looking for help with their website and connecting with your audience.