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Seventeen hats is the company that I use and I really really enjoy them they've made my life so much easier and I think we're gonna be switching over to my computer now I am going to say theseventy tats account that I'm in is like a dummy one because I have a lot of my client's personal information in my own so the's aren't gonna be my specific work flows but it'll give you a really good sense of how it works so you can see today says tune into hannah marie um I didn't put that there I'm not going into myself I'm not like that split personality um it was this attached to the computer so this is the overview screen and when you come here it basically tells you everything that you need to know it summarizes everything in the left column so right here you can see I have to new orleans I have twenty nine past do invoices whoever this fixer is like needs to get on top of her clients to pay uh but that's really handy because then actually can automate it to remind your clients if they haven'...

t paid yet it will just automatically send them an email, but when you have that automated, you need to be on top of like marking when they've paid because otherwise they'll got that email after they've paid um you have three hours of unbilled time tracked so again I don't typically is the time tracking but if you did it would be right there and eighty three transactions to categorize and that's in the book keeping you have recent activity so I can log in right here and I can see ok awesome like don his son has accepted my quote or viewed it um and it just gives you a rundown and everything that's happening I also get e mails when all of these things happen but it's nice to just have them all there right in that place and then I can see ok my client has opened that contract like five times when they haven't signed it yet maybe I should send them an email and say hey um I just want to make sure that you don't have any questions or concerns is there anything else I can answer for you and again that helps them to feel really well taken care of or maybe they haven't even looked at it yet and it's been like two weeks although you can also put deadlines on it so I always say you need to book this within five business days and I'll hold the date for that long and then it expires and it just automatically expires so when you come on in here you have your contracts oh I was like I was trying to click with the tapping but you actually click it ok so here your contacts and it's super organized you khun search them appear you khun search tags and it's really helpful for just keeping all of your client information in one place your leads so if you have people who have contacted you I actually have on my facebook page and on my website uh contact form that is designed by seventeen hats and aiken branded to my company so has like my color on the click button and I love that because as soon as something feels in one of the seventeen hats forms and they don't even know what seventeen that's it automatically generates a hot lead in here so I don't even have to input their information uh here is what the project's page looks like so any projects that I have going on right now I can just see them all right here and I can click on something if I need to check up on where they're at with it my calendar and once you have your workflow set it will actually fill in your calendar for you to let you know oh, you need to email them it's like six weeks out from the wedding you need to send this email and I can just either have it automatically go out or I like to just review it before it goes out just to make sure it's exactly what it needs to be thing, my two duis no to do items and again thiss list is usually formed by your workflow so if you have a to do item in your workflow and it's like I have tio designed this album thanet would show up here as well as on that main page my invoices so these are all the invoices and as you can see syria's doing extremely well um but I love it because you can see which ones over here on the right column are pending which ones are cast to which ones are paid so just helps you to keep on top of it you can send reminders and uh and it actually automatically links it with your book keeping which is down here so when you log into your bookkeeping um you can view all transactions or to be categorized I like to be the two big categories because that's all I really need to see and then I can just select a category here so let's say like home depot I bought some things for my set. If I'm doing like a creative shoot, then I could just come in here and select the right um category so let's just call that equipment rental for simplicity's sake you can click that and then you can click verify and then it puts it into that portion of of your bookkeeping so then you can keep track of like what percentages of everything are going on and in your book keeping you can come on up here to your reports and you can see a profit loss margins your sales tax that's really great, because then you can know. Ok, I need to keep this amount aside for my taxes when they come up upcoming receivables and aged receivables one of the suggestions that I loved from again, I think it was the same business course that I mentioned earlier with the duncans. But one of those guys mentioned actually having different accounts within your bank. So there's one for taxes. So when you deposit your you're receive payments, then you can immediately put whatever portion of that is taxes into your tax section. So you don't even touch in it's just there for you. But this I mean, with my bank, actually have to pay for each individual account. So I just like to do it here. I can keep track. Okay, there's. A thousand dollars that I need to be paying off for my taxes. So I just need to keep that in the back of my mind and it's something that's really nice to be able to check in on. So one of the things that I mentioned is that we can do ten plates, so when we come here, you come on into the templates and it's really nicely organized so all your email templates will be up at the top and then your quote templates their contracts, invoices and questionnaires and it actually comes with a bunch of templates already done and in there for your e mails I changed a lot of them with the wording just to ensure that they're consistent with my own cos branding and I see just basically like opening up edit it and then you can make it say whatever you want so if somebody signed a contract I would probably say hey thank you so much I'm really really excited to working with to work with you and I'm excited tio whatever and just say something personal and um and what you khun do as well is say if I can put in their first name these air tokens so I can say hi sarah and it automatically enter their first name for you I can also say I'm really really looking forward to shooting your family session in project location on project date and so again it looks really customized and yet it's the same for all my clients the one thing that I watch for is if I'm photographing and client every year I don't want them to be getting like the exact same emails over here so I just like mental note ok I need to switch this up a bit so that I can make it a bit more personal again so these are the templates and, um are there any questions so far? I'm kind of like breezing through this. Yeah, go for it related to the finance portion. Are you actually linking that then to your bank account and everything and is showing all of the expenses you have? Yeah, I totally missed that part. Yeah, so it's completely linked to my bank account my credit card, so it automatically imports it for me. So every week when I going to do that, it often will again problem to me saying, um, is this what it is? And then I can change it or I can just say verify but it brings everything in for me and then also what you can do is link like if your client, um, paid in cash if you accept cash, I mainly accept checks and online transfers. Um but then when and when something's coming up in my book being area, I can actually assign it to a contact and say, ok, this person has paid their thing and then it links it to that account. Can I ask another question, it's real art related to leads are you forcing everyone then to contact you via the forms so that their auto populating everything or like when people call you and when are you having to then import oh yeah no so if somebody's calling me first that I would definitely just create my own I can just click this plus button up here and put in the information and then you can just open it up and say compliant active and or a cold prospect or another so if it's somebody that I'm not working with they would go into the gray one there's somebody other but yeah, I don't I want to make this is like my clients experience as simple as possible so that means if they haven't used that for him I'll just go in and do it go for one more because it is related to this do with your marketing than that goes in the post um are you able to create like your annual mail marketing because all of their information addresses air in there? So is there something that automates like over like a printed we'll address adders stickers in a call like mailing labels or how is it is it is doing that for you are by any chance just curious this is a pretty amazing my asking that too oh, we're context ok, thank you yeah that's a really good question this company seventeen cats is only about like ten or eleven months old these guys are like brand new and so they're really, really like it seems like every week or two every month they're coming out with amazing new tweaks to this and new new features and they're really, really responsive. So it's great coming in about seventeen hat specifically, one is is a coupon code for seventeen hats we just found out that there is one right? Slightly so you're going to be just out of this morning. You want to explain that? Yeah, sure. So the coupon code for seventeen hats just head over to their website and the coupon code is creative life and it is for twenty percent off your very first year membership. An annual membership? Yeah, and it's super affordable is thirteen dollars a month. This isn't like like some of them are like in the twenties or thirties. This is super accessible because they know that their target client, they know who their target client is, and they know how to get us it's that still oprah nure and often scylla preneurs don't have a lot of money to invest in big things like this, but this will, like totally change your business and allow you teo send e mails by napa by pulling up or whatever. Is there a fee for invoicing like doing your invoices through seventeen hats? Or is that just part of you know well, I know that there is there a fee for justin fisa? Yeah, so hee ok, yeah, so what they're asking I don't actually usually accept credit cards and if I do I use square just because it's easy and it's right there I really encourage my clients to either send me online transfers or checks and I am I allowed to tell them what you guys are planning for checks I just found this out and it's really exciting and don't know what it's gonna be launched so don't ask um but they're actually allowing like the photo important checks into your seventeen account so I think that's really exciting because it's easier to track checks I don't have to deal with like credit card fees and I expect when I heard was that on ly five dollars like regardless of percentages like the maximum you will be charged for importing your check is five dollars so what about integrating uh paypal or any kind of uh yeah you can integrate people yeah no question with related tio save you have a photography business but you also have say boudoir and so one of the recommendation was to have a completely separate brand and logo for that so two accountings about separation and tracking does seventeen hats allow you to have multiple businesses or multiple brands um that's a really good question it's only one brand per account however if you have more than one brand you can get multiple accounts per brand for free see pay once and then you have them all commune so no it was company a b or c but it's all under one parent company I guess so I only have one brand so that's why I don't know the answer to that that's all right thank you yeah so were there any other questions online? You're sort of motivation like you said you have some things in place that help you get started in the morning same cereal some of those like really practical things but even with something that is end to end in comprehensive as seventeen hats do you still deal with staying organized or motivation or what are those issues and how do you deal with the stuff that that can't yeah well my motivation comes from the fact that if I don't do that nobody else is going to and I have to hustle um that's like I don't have other stuff to do these things for me on maybe one day I will but even then like it's like well disney like when he's tio I'm dropping all these company names and I haven't checked with them but I'll just assume it's okay um but I've heard these stories of when he was at disney world or disneyland and he's not garbage on the ground he wouldn't go call somebody to pick it up he would just pick it up it is his company every job that's under him is still his job even though he's well disney so um yeah, my motivation just comes from that do I struggle with it? Yeah, of course and I mean the benefit of me not having kids and not having any other people relying on me is that if I did happen to stamp too late the night before, I can technically sleepin um or what I would do is if I'm replying to emails later at night just because I know I have a shoot first thing in the morning or something has if I do know that I want to sleep in that all actually right prepare those e mails the night before but I don't have them send until nine am or like nine oh three or nine o seven because I don't want my clients thinking that I'm e mailing them at night I don't want them to think that I'm available to them at night because I'm not if I'm choosing to do my work at night that's different but I use if it's the case which it isn't often I actually is and I think they're called ap inge email called boomerang and it will send it out at whatever time I schedule so I think did that kind of answer it I yeah I just have to hustle because it's my company and it's my brand and I know that my hustle is going to translate to my clients experience and that's like the number one thing for me so I'm going to go back into these guys so I showed you the templates there's a male settings telling care account so when you have e mails coming in again it didn't actually show it here because I don't think they have a real account listed but on my account on my main page it will actually show me like here the e mails that you haven't replied teo and I can just like replied them straight here which is really nice because it's really easy for them to get lost in my in box the other nice thing is that it's on ly importing the emails for the contacts that I have in seventeen hats so it's not going to show me like that advertisement that I haven't read yet it's just my client's um the other thing I wanted to show you was how the quotes were go into the work flow oh, I haven't touched on workflow yet okay so where chloe is like my favorite thing about all of this uh oh, I can't believe that I forgot about that and basically when you're creating your workflow you can come in here we'll go back to account settings well actually conduct right here just click plus workflow and I'll name it um a family portrait it's select a calendar peron, sarah's and safe so then this is my new family portrait's workflow I click add ah, the very first thing that I want to do is probably a to do list which is you know I would want to add my action so inaction is something that it's actually going to do for me and I'm not gonna have to worry about it um so I'm going to say add in action and my action is sending email now let's just say I in mind I have all my e mails there already so I can just select from all my email templates and let's say let's schedule a meeting is actually my very first email like was that my clients so that I can choose do I want to approve it before sending or send it automatically? Um I do know a lot of photographers he send them automatically um but mine I really like to improve before sending again just to add that extra level of I don't know it just maybe it's too controlling and me I just want to know that it's exactly what it needs to be saying if I need tio customize it anymore and this would say activate zero days after activating this work flow so that would happen immediately I can also target it um maybe thirty days before the project date or in the case of a family session they have their styling consulate with me four weeks out so maybe six weeks ahead I'm going to send the email and say before projects date uh what six weeks we'll just say like forty five days, forty five days before the project and I'm going to send them an email and say, hey, um let's uh, organize our life schedule are styling consul here the dates I have available uh when works for you again, they don't want to be making decisions, so I give them three dates usually one in the morning, one in the afternoon when the evening and different times of the week different days of the week so that damn for idea there to choose from and you know, something like that you can also take decision for the teak into account if you have the opportunity to meet with them in the morning that's way better than meeting with them in, like eight p m because they're going to be tired and they're just gonna be like, oh, I don't know what I want to wear like this is a frustrating experience get to them in the morning and it will be they'll have a lot of energy give it to you for that it will be a lot more fun. So that's, how you set up one of your action items so I'll just say save and then I can add another one um I'll show you the other action items that are available senate email sent a questionnaire s o if you want to find out more about the family or more about the wedding date whatever it is you want to find out about your clients you consent the questionnaire send a quote send a contract sent an invoice and within the quote you can actually also include the contract an invoice but all cover that in a second so then you can also added to do list and that could be anything so whether it's to dio um the night before or the day before I have a shoot my two duis are make sure my batteries are plugged in make sure my memory card is like clear just all of those two duis that my computer can't actually do for me things that I actually have to d'oh and then when done do nothing when done sent an email when done senate questionnaire a quote contract invoice phone log or a project no so maybe the to do list is um confirm the date with um and once I've confirmed that over the phone then as soon as I've marked that is done I can send an email saying hey it was great to chat with you today I just wanted to confirm our uh review the conversation that we had and we've confirmed date for whatever then you can have that send out you can have your templates ready so if you want it to send an anniversary on the europe there one year anniversary of their wedding um and again approve it or send it automatically you can see like this is a pretty pretty hard core system right here. So pause item if I have sent my initial contact, email and it's saying, um here's the information you requested and here's the process that I work through blah, blah, blah and that I want to wait to hear ok, yes, I want to book with you then I can put that whole work flow on pause and I'm not going to be getting notices saying, ok, you need to be doing this because I'm just waiting to hear back so that's the workflow and like I mentioned everything in that if it's based off of the dates, if it's like um six weeks before their portrait session, it'll go into your calendar saying, uh uh, this is what you have to do, no on like that six week mark and then it also shows me right here doing the next fifteen days the's air the things that I have to remember coming up and then it can just keep me on on top of that and, um, keep me clear there and then I have a little summary of my recent work flow are there any questions on workflow? Okay, so I actually if anybody is looking into seventeen hands I wrote a whole block siri's on it the first one is how to tell if seventeen hats is right for you specifically um and then the next three or how to set it up so it's super easy like and in it I say like I love seventeen has from day two because it took me the first day it was just like, ok there's a lot to do here to set this up um but as soon as I figured out I didn't do the most efficient way because I didn't know what that way was, but when I learned what what have been the most efficient way I wanted to let you guys know so there's a block post on how to write your email templates what ordered to do things and to make it the most efficient same questionnaire I wanted to find let's click here so this has already done this is a current client workflow and this is how it'll look so you'll see these guys across stuff because you've already done it you can come and see ok, the next thing that I need to do is february thirteenth twenty sixteen awesome those seventeen hats work in europe as well yeah in fact they just released they just announced a partnership with some sort of a banking thing that connects them with every bank around world yeah so it's pretty cool a lot of questions about that so if you have specific questions about seventeen acts go to seventeen as check out their website and they can answer all your questions absolutely on there as well one yeah definitely and the other thing too is that they just announced okay I always forget the name of this company which is terrible because I use though shoe proof shoe proof they just like the shoe proof so now you can streamline all of that to which I haven't had time to look into yet but I'm sure it's going to be amazing that's what I mean like every week they're just announcing new things so when there is you know when you send out an email um to send a quote to a client this is what it will look like so you can have your logo in the top left corner all the information that they need the date that it was issued the quote number and then she can actually select whichever one she wants so if you are offering a few different collections to your clients they can just select whichever one they want they can see the prices in the right hand column and everything that's included and if they want to add on extra hours they can um extra pages and album they can or whatever other details you want to be able to offer and then they just click ah they've already accepted it so then we convey the contract it pulls up the contract my personal contract has all of the information at the top in terms of their name the wedding date and things like that and again I can either use that as a fill in the blank or I can use it as a token to automatically puts in the wedding date in their names and it just saves them time um you can see here this is little spot for initialing and again you want to do that anywhere that you need them to see so I do it near like a little part of it not changing my images I know that's a controversial topic and photographers but I don't like my for my client to be changing my images so they have to initial there so that I know that they read it if they try to submit their contract without initialing it'll take them back up and say you need to initial here and then I just type in my name which is apparently don uh when I click sign contract but said he w and you can see that took me up to initial signed contract and then it's all done the very next thing that they do is be the invoice and this is again like as soon as you send this this is what's showing up for them so it's super easy and then they see the invoice and then they can pay it online by clicking this little guy or if you offer other options, you want to use, check or whatever it is, then you can just explain that in the email that you used to send this out and then they can choose to pay only the amount that's due or the full amount, and you can see the dictates there. Do you have any final thoughts for everybody? As we as we wrap up? Well, I had one final thought on the way. Here we go, they're just updating it. Come back up here in a second. I was going to leave you with this picture, uh, because everything that I have taught you today is basically how I'm able to do that and, like, book my clients and run my company while I'm in california for two months and it's just a really lovely thing to be able to do, and I'm sure that when I'm a mother, like I've designed my companies so that I can continue to run it the way that it is when I have kids. Um, and I should say, I've also organized it in a way that when I book a family session, I know that's going to take me five days. But I know that also allows space for me to breathe. So that if I want to book a last minute head shot or something like that, I can fit it in. And it's. Not going to for my schedule out of whack.

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Are your profits being diminished not by the quality of your photography, but by the level of service you are providing?

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