Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience


Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience


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Organize: Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

So before we can look at how we're organized, I think that it's important to know why we're organizing, so we need to define the why before we can determine the how so why do we organize? I organize my business in order to bring intention to every area of business to ensure your most valued attributes are always communicated. Um if you haven't brought intention to the organization and structure of your business, there's a pretty good chance that the valued attributes that you have that you really want to communicate are going to get missed somewhere in the communication process, so some of my valued attributes would be I always want my clients to feel well taken care of regardless of what their approaching me with they don't like an engagement picture or something like that I want tio always ensure that I don't become defensive and that they're always going to feel well taken care of in my response um another one is that I want them to know how grateful I am I want to communicate my gr...

atitude to them so there are a few things like that that I'm intentional about communicating at every point of contact the benefit of organizing is that you'll gain confidence in your ability to deliver an ideal experience to each client when when you're not organized it's really easy tio deliver an experience that is inconsistent or maybe it's just always consistently bad, but the benefit of it is that you'll gain confidence, tio deliver an ideal customer, experience an intern, have the confidence to raise your prices a bit because you know, you're going to rocket with every single client. So when organizing my business, I really, really wanted to get rid of any of my weaknesses, and that doesn't mean I'm going to go work on them and try to make them not my weaknesses, because that's kind of working again, it's, who I am and there's that saying that every your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness, but I think you can also flip it and say your greatest weakness could potentially be a greatest strength. So, um, I'm going to share with you one of my greatest weaknesses, and while I'm doing that, I want you guys to get into the chat room and share some of your biggest weaknesses within the company. You guys could be brainstorming it when I'm done sharing about mine. One of you can share your biggest weakness, and we'll try to, like, reframe it or figure out a way that you just can completely avoid it in order to tackle it. So I have a d d, which might seem really strange to hear because I'm teaching a class on organization and I knew this about myself um what this graph is showing uh for quite a while like most of my adult life I didn't realize that it was a d d specific until I saw it on a bus feed this summer um caroline keep posted a hole uh, info graphic is that what it's called? I always call them something else infographic about eighty dean and a lot of it really resonated with me but I was like, oh my gosh, that makes sense so most of the world who does not have a d d you all fall somewhere in the middle so if you don't have a d d you could be somewhere happily in the middle between totally disorganized and totally organized and obsessive so you can have a little bit of disorganization in your life without everything kind of snowballing and falling apart. I can't um so I either totally completely disorganized or completely over organized and obsessive about it, which like even my gym socks have a system because always them all if I don't stick to that system and so that's one really good reason that I'm teaching this class because I have a lot of like obsessively organized systems that I'm going to be teaching you but that's one way that I can see my a d d has a really big strength in my company because I can know that okay society thinks that because I have a d d I'm not going to be able to be organized or anything like that but I know myself and I know because of my a d d I can actually be the complete opposite so identifying that weakness has actually become one of my biggest strengths in my company so I am another one that I can share that slightly different basically I'm a people person which is a really big strength is a photographer right eye and pretty good at getting people to warm up to me quickly and building report but that can also be a really big weakness for me when at the end of the shoot I'm like trying to wrap it up and get back to, like do more work at home and my people just like our wanting to talk and talk and talk and I really want to connect with them too so not being aware of that weakness me a good people person can actually damage my company because I'm going to get behind schedule so I want my clients to feel well taken care of but I need to have a way to like wrap up my session without falling into that like forty five minutes later, eh? So that's another way that you can see again one of my biggest strengths is also my biggest weakness one sarah says her weaknesses slow or being a perfectionist so yeah, I am too so um so I don't know like if that would be an editing or shooting but for me perfectionism in my editing I think is also one of my biggest strengths but I've learned tio I'll talk about this a bit later in my work flow but one of the things that I dio when I restructured my company was I only fully edit the images that my client's order for wal portrait's air albums prior to that I was under the system of I'm going to shoot their wedding I'll edit it all and give them all the pictures digitally and yeah, you know I see people cringing and some of you are still there and maybe that works free but it did not work for me because I actually like length and edited every single picture that I'm sure are just on a disk in somebody's drawer right now s o that's one of the ways that I've tackled that if it's going to be a large wall portrait I will edit it fully and make its stunning um and also that's going to be in an heirloom album I want it to be perfect but that means for every wedding I'm probably only editing maybe sixty or seventy pictures like that and some of you at home were all like you don't outsource your editing and I don't I'm introverted and again that can be a weakness into strength if I were to go and make my goal within my company, okay, I want to be shooting every single day, three clients a day or four clients a day I would get burned out because I need that time alone to recharge my batteries, that I'm good when I do meet with clients and so and I love editing it's not like something that I detested all I absolutely adore it, and I adore album design, so I've sent my business up in a way that allows me to do everything that I love if you don't like it, by all means outsource it, I think that's awesome, and I will say I haven't editor who knows my style and is ready for outsourcing in the case, like this summer, when I had five funerals in five weeks, I don't have time to be editing, so I do have somebody set up in the case of an emergency, and I think that's really, really important, but for the most part, I do all my own. So I think we got more. Yeah, marcie says weakness not consistent with my schedule. Yeah, so yeah, that's actually, why I implemented my schedule routine a couple slides ago because it means that I know he's, actually what my schedule is going to look like. And if I only have to commit to twenty five minutes of doing something, then it's a lot easier for me. And it keeps me focus. In fact, I also one of my work blocks is social media. So I on ly go on social media for twenty five minutes a day, whether that's at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, and the first time I implemented that, I was like, oh my gosh, how am I going to do this? I can't do all my social media in twenty five minutes and within three minutes of like intentional social media, I was like, ok, I have nothing else to do now so what do I d'oh so now I spend a good like twenty minutes of that planning my social media strategy for the day, designing my instagram pictures or preparing my block blasts and that's one way that I do that.

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Are your profits being diminished not by the quality of your photography, but by the level of service you are providing?

Hannah Marie will teach you how to design and deliver a consistent client experience, and gain an understanding of how your day-to-day workflow impacts your month and year. You will also get a glimpse into the ways she has organized and automated her own business.

If you are ready to gain the confidence you need to deliver a level of service that commands higher prices, and frees up your time to do more of what you love, Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience is the class will you've been looking for.