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Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience

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The Importance of Organizing Your Business

Hannah Marie

Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience

Hannah Marie

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1. The Importance of Organizing Your Business
You might be surprised by how much an organizational system can help you run your business.

Lesson Info

The Importance of Organizing Your Business

my name's Drew Councilman, and this course is organizing an automating, a better customer service experience with Hannah Marie. Hannah is has been running her own business now for nine years, and, ah, interestingly enough, she took a sabbatical. She took a year off, and during that year she worked through some of the stuff that she needed to work through, learned a whole bunch of stuff. And in the two months that she came back to work after that sabbatical, she actually had better profits in in work outcomes in those two months than she did in the whole previous year. So you're in for a treat has got a phenomenal amount of information for you. She's a solo preneurs and photographer. Coach travels all across America doing that. Would you welcome to the creative life stage? Hannah Marie. I'm really, really excited to be here, and I have a lot of hope good content for you guys to take in today, so let's jump in. So when setting up a business, we usually plan assuming the best life situati...

on that life is gonna go is normal. But what happens when it doesn't? Or if you've made the wrong taking on may be too many clients and get behind um, for me, that happened in my second year of business. And in January, um, my grandfather was admitted into hospital, so I went to stay with them for 88 days. And on the day that I called my mom to let her know and her siblings know that we're gonna have to take him off life support. We went out for dinner, and while we were waiting for her sister to arrive to say goodbye, I received a call and that call I stepped away from the table and returned in two years, and they thought that it was the hospital calling to let us know that my grandfather had passed away. But what it was actually was my mom's step dad calling to let me know that her mother had had a massive stroke and she was going to pass away. So I returned to the table and I had to deliver that news toe all of her siblings as well. And at the same time, um, my uncle of that same side of the family his mother in law passed away. So we had three family funerals in 11 days, and at the same time my cousin was in hospital and we didn't know if she was going to pull through. Thankfully, she did. I got to visit with her in February. Um, she had surgery in June when she turned 20 and unfortunately, July 11th she was found in her room and had passed away from a complication With her surgery. Fast forward to October, my brother's best friend passed away. Fast forward to December, and one, my friends passed away. So how do you run your business in that kind of situation? As a photographer, I give everything of myself to every single client. But what happens when you don't have anything to give? I was emotionally depleted, mentally depleted, and I would still shoot my weddings and shoot my portrait sessions and put on that face. And that would take every ounce of energy that I had. And I was paralyzed in the rest of my work so I would sit down to edit, and every job just felt so daunting because I didn't have any energy to give to it, that it just started to build up and build up and build up and my wedding clients were contacting me, saying, Hey, what's going on? Like we're expecting our photos a week ago or whatever, and it just built up to the point that I was buried and work, and it was extremely daunting and I didn't know how to get out from under it. And also, how much do you share in that January, I contacted my engagement shoot couple who I was supposed to shoot at the beginning of January. I said, Hey, my grandfather's in the hospital. Do you mind postponing the next to begin? I contacted them again on I said he passed away. Do you mind postponing again? And then I had to call her again and say, Hey, my grandmother passed away. Do you mind postponing again? And at a certain point, it's like I started to question whether my clients were doubting the reality of my life experience because it was so crazy and unlikely. So, after a couple of years of trying to catch up, I decided to take my sabbatical in my seventh year and just stop booking any new clients, get cut up with all of my work and basically repair the relationships that had unfortunately being damaged during that time. And during that sabbatical, I studied everything about organizing my business, how to set it up, business structure, pricing and everything. And that's what I'm going to share with you today. So how do I know that this works? Because when I relaunched first of all, like True said in the 1st 2 months, I made the same income that I had in previous years, and this past summer was very similar to 2009. We have five funerals in five weeks in the middle of wedding season, and I didn't get behind in my business at all. And that's because it's organized in a way that allows for life to happen and its automated in a way that when stuff like that happens, I don't have to worry about all of the business side of things. So Thea other thing, whether so, whether you're watching this in order to prepare for the worst, or in order to free up your time to do more of what you love, this is a really great class for you. We're going to be teaching you how to take control of your business and overcome the overwhelm. Whether that's just your business tax, tough tusks from day to day life or overcoming the overwhelm of coming over a difficult situation, we're going to automate your business to have less exhaustion and less stress. And I see people nodding way become photographers and creatives because we love what we dio. But when you become your own business owner, you're also the marketer. You're the bookkeeper. You have all these other business hats that you have to wear. We're also going to create more space to breathe and spend more time doing the things that you love. So, um, when I first relaunched this past January, I told you that I made the same amount that I had made in years previously. The incredible thing to me is that I did that, um, while enjoying the kind of lifestyle that I like in February. This is like maybe Ford or five weeks after I automated my business. This is a tweet that I sent out, it says, sitting poolside while sending a contract and accepting a booking fee for portrait session. This may left 17 hats for making my business easy to run. We decided to winter in California for a march and February and March because it's I'm from Canada and it was super cold. And why not? Um and so this was a Napa. We had gone out for brunch in the morning. I was enjoying the pool, and then we're going out for a wine tour and I was able to just, like, get my client inquiry reply generally to their questions. And then as soon as they said yes, let's book. I just hit it. But in and 17 hats, which is my automating system. I'll talk about that a bit later in today, um, basically sent everything that they needed from the quote to the contract of the invoice and even automated the payment so that I could just hang out by the pool and enjoy time with my family. So whether you're a mom and you want to spend more time with their kids or a dad who wants to spend time where more time with his kids, or you want to travel more or spend time shooting instead of doing office tasks, that's where will get to today

Class Description

Are your profits being diminished not by the quality of your photography, but by the level of service you are providing?

Hannah Marie will teach you how to design and deliver a consistent client experience, and gain an understanding of how your day-to-day workflow impacts your month and year. You will also get a glimpse into the ways she has organized and automated her own business.

If you are ready to gain the confidence you need to deliver a level of service that commands higher prices, and frees up your time to do more of what you love, Organize and Automate a Better Customer Experience is the class will you've been looking for.

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I loved this course! There was so much helpful information that I can apply to my business. I would love for Hannah to come back and teach a longer course. I feel like there's so much more to learn from her!

Sara Zancotti

Very interesting class with a lot of good info on how to get more organized! Thank you Hannah I could really identify with what you went through and if it worked for you, it might just work for me:)

Haley McLain

Good lessons, she spelled the president's name wrong which threw me off though heh. Helped with my business