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12:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Bichon-Poodle Mix, "Zeus"

Lesson 34 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

12:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Bichon-Poodle Mix, "Zeus"

Lesson 34 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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34. 12:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Bichon-Poodle Mix, "Zeus"


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12:45 pm - Dog Days Shoot: Bichon-Poodle Mix, "Zeus"

So we're going to start off and treat this as a session with a three year old with a puppy and then I'll bring my brother in and do a couple shots of him with his dog and that'll be it so we'll just hi yeah do you want to take a picture you want to be in a picture you climb on the orange where's the or his chair got his favorite color where is it you climb up there all by yourself you're such a big girl let me see oh my goodness and then actually john I'm gonna have you bring that reflect trine and so yeah so craig you can actually come back by me then off so even if her dog days of summer I'm not gonna lie to you if I'm setting up the kid's doing good I'll get a shot just of the kid without the dog even if it's just one shot so he met case it really tall oh wow can you say daddy has stinky feet no now you want to hold zoo steal is used to come over and see you can uncle craig bring zeus over come on over here I'll take thiss and because we've got our dog food donation and our release ...

form from our client um and so this is where we'll put the card when we're done shooting before the next point comes in so he had sushi one goes with me craig what's the best way what zeus respond to treats or squeakers or treat probably thing then you can actually craig what I'll have you do is stand right over here, right? Yep and you'll be o do you love zoos he loves thiss is he so fun? What color zeus you know he's wide oh, you are so smart she what? That's a camera is at a big camera uh you bought his excuse to stay with you one more time and then we're gonna try to actually get some just observe because when I do do dog somewhere a lot of that is very pet driven not necessarily with owners so uh there we got zeus is doing great don't let me get my little squeaker name is hidden you know do me a favor craig just have you sit next door consists just sit next right next to you so I'll just have the owners working the helping work of image but I do have assistance available. I'm during a camera shoot like this level of assistance available told me the mccue school towards mommy put your feet here can show you it's good always forward I want to see your toes ese can you sit up like this go and helpful juice says you stay right there stay anemia can you like this with your face? There was no where I don't see you show me your face we're getting to that awkward smile stage buddy you don't let's do this let's go ahead and try one just with zeus on the chair for a couple on then with craig and then maybe we'll get the three of them so zeus go back today name of your you know what nemo come here you come help you smile can you be my helper you sit right here right here he said well look what you can do do you speak this and you make me smile and cry you can stay really close right next to this tio stop that might have been a really bad idea really that okay actually a week hotel daddy go tell daddy a secret daddy's right there good ok go so davis go should go show daddy a squeaker we're in the kitchen outside hey sushi one treat oh oh yeah come here come come yeah you get up in the cherry about stephen get up come on up appearances treat treat okay just just wait hey you know what let me actually give you a treat okay okay square and then I'll get one with you actually induced together but let's try one word that's right wait it's okay I got here here look for here that's okay dongo stay just yeah, I know you want that clear we'll do I got one I think right now you just snap your fingers maybe can I get one scenario I really do have somebody right behind me who's doing this who's got a chicken who's got the treats so I can have somebody volunteers a photo assistant that way I can keep just folks in a shooting and again that's not always the case in a normal session, but we're trying to do this thes rapid sessions times obviously keep thank you so much. Ok, so anything you do, just make sure you're doing it around me around the camera, and I'll just kind of let you know to I'll just say, you know, one, two, three on dh, then we can do it, so okay? And so that craig, I'm gonna view sneak to the side if you think and we'll do this on the count of three, you may be one, two, three months, weeks got it. Okay, so I'm gonna have you, craig, get a shot with you and zeus together. Um, I'm envisioning just maybe one where you're just kind of how would you hold this if you were to just pick up zeus? If you were hanging out, maybe with the charity that we could do one we could. Yeah, okay, so what I'm envisioning here, actually, I'm gonna probably go more up close, I'm so glad that your leg sit down and you're gonna hold zeus so that you you don't get a lean back you don't wanna be that comfortable yet and then you're going to sit forward a little bit and see if zeus will sit up with you um and then I'm actually in a change of properly quick too so and then craig you're hiding behind zeus his face so put your head a little bit to the right um to your right just one treat my treat one awesome wonderful that's great um let's go ahead and what I'd like to do is try one just abs ooze by himself against sitting on the trunk and maybe maybe we'll do something with the three of them so you can actually take a break for a second. Craig stepped aside when we change the background up and maybe for this to oh, I know what else I have a rug um our little piece of fabric that we also I was wanting to do is use do we have a ladder or I can also stand just on a trunk or a chair? Um some sort of ladder in fact, the first thing before just you can bring that close like just said it may be right here for now so it's close and I'm going toe this is actually juices rug so our juices blankets just a blanket that I snagged my brother's house this morning that I thought would look really great kind of shooting from above down on to zeus so cry what we're gonna dio actually I can use this as my ladder if someone wants to help me just bring that over here unless something's bring on ladder that doing check and see if they're bringing in otherwise I'll just perfect okay so what's gonna happen um is craig I'm going to have you with the treater this quicker right next me almost putting on my head zeus on the rug or the blanket will look up at me because he's looking at you but if I'm on the ladder it'll look like he's looking right at the camera so we're gonna try that really fast okay yeah let's go ahead hip thank you that's a big ladder okay um just yep I'm just going to actually be here shooting down on this I'm not gonna be going like super high up they're so I will say I do have a much a cz much shorter ladder that I could just carry around myself at the studio but this will work okay so craig let's go test this really fast come on over so do you have a tree or speaker dude I got it I got it sit and yet that zach and I actually come over oh come over on this side that was my that sit right on my head. Oh what's that wait a second I'm john we actually can lower that light just a little bit I'm good on the ladder okay okay okay one treat one treat there we go. Perfect. Okay, that was great let's yep that's great let's go ahead and try to get something with the three of them um and then I think we're good actually with this trunk let's use the trunk for the three of them that'll be great and then we got so I will say this um ladder coming on I mean again remember I'm shooting dog days of summer they need to really see one image I mean at least three four I've got it like I could be done if there's other dogs waiting um I'll just do one other little set up and this is I would try to give him a couple options it really isn't just one set up if the dog's doing good so go and pick us up ok? Good girls. Thank you and I think what I'd love to do do you think zeus would actually sit up there once and then you will sit with them? Oh, and you know what? We're going to raise that itjust straight at me we're going to raise okay? You got it prays that light up just to shave I'm gonna just really quick we've been moving these around so I'm shooting while playing house with the lights one but uh like one twenty fifth at f ate because I'm doing groupings individuals if I was only doing the dog I wouldn't be I'd probably more five six okay good let's try that one more time and actually with the chicken come a little bit this way I want zoos and actually maybe bring the light around a little bit towards me a little bit um just angle straight up just a little bit about it they're probably just nope it's okay changed our lighting okay okay I actually think I've got one that'll work that was great. So craig let's get you and neema and zoos together I got you and demons used together you want to go to okay, so the way I'll do this let's have yeah, I don't think that mr hey, I saw that earlier so craig I'm gonna have you sitting right here holding jews jonah have you rolled the light back now a little bit since I'm having the subject subjects in striker you stand on this can you stand on this and hold on to uncle craig so's going sit down you hold uncle frank's arm pull them who them don't let go don't you let go don't you let go let's see oh my goodness don't you dear let's do the chicken? I'm just checking the light right there just so you know what let me do treat I gotta wait here yeah and I've got one too just just say the word and I'll look at you okay now you watch me you hold on uncle craig and I'll bring you the treat put your arm on uncle craig put your arm on him zeus susan cheese leaning on him snuggle snuggle snuggle snuggle hey where's aldo craig snuggle snuggle snuggle one treat zeus for the tree perfect can you lay your head right up against uncle craig later had right up against him we're done do me a favor I'm gonna be switched sides with mima with name is skin being darker I actually want her closer to the light we're just gonna do that exact same shot but yep there we go perfect perfect perfect, perfect craig scoot a little bit to your right okay oh, there we go he's just perfect oh yeah that's better susan what are you doing to craig oh should I come to kill you? Did I come tickle you uh I got a treat for you beautiful I got it. That was great. Um okay, you know what do you want to hold zeus on the trunk and then we're all done actually, you know what jed whining actually grab me my name but you can be all done since it's craig's dog there go give me high five okay, gives us a treat here. Give a little bit of this one, so just sit casual up on there. No that's. Great. Ok, zeus unfortunately they're gone. It's that's. Great for looking right here. Beautiful. Got it. We're done. That's it. Good. Thank you. Thank you, sis. All right, so I've got all your information and thank you for the dogs at the animal shelter on bill. See, in two weeks for your appointment. Sounds great. Thanks. Thanks. You say by zeus and we'll see you at dinner tonight. All right? Do we have another animal here? Do we know? Thank you so much. Yeah, yeah, we're gon gonna question. So I've been to one print competition in my life. It was the people w washington, and it was an image that I sit on. One of the critiques that I received from the judging panel was they thought I should have photos. I mean, I did some of the little tiny, tiny chihuahua puppy on di did do some images of the dog without the collar on. But, you know, the image that I loved and the expression that I loved was that with the collar on and that was one of the critiques that I had from the judge's, although tom rouse gave me the, you know, his mind print is his favorite but so what do you do? You know what you're asking the wrong I mean I've loved I've entered my fair share of competitions and we've done well in some some we haven't I love I love competitions if you go in with the mindset of it's a learning experience you take it with a grain of salt you learn from it and you actually don't let it go to your head if you do well and you don't let it I mean either way like it's critiqued poorly don't let it really bring you down to she says a learning experience because I've heard the same thing that's done like incredible here and enter in a different condition it doesn't as well because I mean we're talking about people critiquing in at some point I mean there's technical things yes um and without me seeing the image you know I can't tell you what my opinion would be but caller no color like I don't I don't know but yeah, I think you know inter it don't put so much stock into it though that I will tell you for about a year my business my imagery suffered because I was so focused on trying to win competition that I thought all my work had to be a certain way and had to look a certain way because that's how it's supposed to be and I actually looked at images that I shot when I didn't know what I was doing, that we're a little more creative and fun and free, because I wasn't thinking the hand has to be like this. And the light has to be like this. But as I learned those skills, and I can also learn to break up. You know, like so the more that you know, like what's proper or the way it should be, then you can make the choice is to have it not be like you could say, I like the color on, like, great, you know, your client loved the image. I wouldn't even worry about it, but, well, no, but that makes me sad, too, like, I don't want to look, oh, it didn't go well, so I don't do it. So I think there's a lot of value in them, but as long as you look at it with the right attitude, so

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This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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