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In the Doghouse: Work, Life, and Marriage

Lesson 33 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

In the Doghouse: Work, Life, and Marriage

Lesson 33 from: Pets and People Photography

Vicki Taufer

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33. In the Doghouse: Work, Life, and Marriage


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In the Doghouse: Work, Life, and Marriage

Showing you how we worked with my first artist with us don't do it I love my wife madly in love with my wife and I hope that she feels the same about me but um you know if you do it you know just understand that there are very unique challenges that are associated with that and you will find out what those are if you don't know going in they will they will come up um but for me it's really said this earlier but I'll hammer it down it is about finding your roles and taking care of what you have you know, set up to take care of and let your spouse do what there but they well well, actually and if we're on a panel in chicago in a week and a half with kevin botha and bombed on davis for skipped summer school and skip was just on here a few weeks ago and that's the whole topic is you know, the challenges and different things it's a panel about working with your spouse because the reality is now more than ever in this industry there are people a lot of husband and wife working together with,...

you know, somebody neighbor relationship with outside of work so you know, I just I challenge you to really define those roles I mean, I think just ultimately that's been the big thing a big thing for us and not go through that film to digital transition with your spouse when he's the photo shop guy and the camera girl you know what that means something comes back back from the lab we'll it's the photo shop he's like well it's the camera wait didn't make it through that field each other during that year too that we were doing that one one away it was neither of us that's when we found our lab white house custom color we took the same final warehouse they save their marriage they actually like that was a quote like, I'm like you can use that in your market material a thousand years ago and that is that is the honest to god truth there was a time there when we were on the rocks because we were it was eighty or ninety hour weeks spending loads of money for stuff that we didn't know how to do very well anyway at least we thought were trying to figure it out and we switched the white house and I was like what? I look at it on my screen and then I look at it printed and it's the surgery supposed to look like really I mean that was you know any of you guys have got went through that transition I mean, there was definitely, you know, a year or two that was was pretty dicey, you know? You don't work with your spouse in you're in a relationship, I mean, that person's invested in your businesses and my husband's favorite quote is, you know, jeez, I've been working in courting kelly sweatshop for years I've been trying to get fired for years. Yes, crews are no actually before jet did start working in the studio, he worked at the studio, he just had another full time job working landscape today what I did my favorite is it was her in the basement of the home and we decided to start offering framing are framing was literally laying on the carpet and like cutting like, you know, the paper and remember, jed, literally, this was this is true it's like someday someday we're going to, like, have enough money like we will buy a framing table friend, you have a table and I won't be doing that for someday way got that table um, so what we're actually going to do now, um, because we do need to stay on time with our break because we have a lot of animals I wanted to say dogs I know dogs, cats and a few other surprises in there for our dog days of summer shoot a twelve forty five one o'clock, so I want to actually and with a video that we shot a couple days ago here at the barking lounge and really, it's tio, we shot a session that you'll see, but also to show you kind of the idea of shooting in another space. Um, because we do keep referring. Teo. I'm doing this with another vendor, teaming up with someone. So let's, go and show that video right now. Parking lounge. Right now, this is kind of like a doggy day care type scenario and what's really cool about the space is it's a vendor, another business in the community that would have all the same clientele that I'm wanting to reach. We're starting to lose some light, but I wanted to show you, though how you can work in some of these faces. There's actually plenty of space we've got some overhead lights that will cause a little bit of color balance, things that we'll need to tweak a little bit in photo shop, but we've got some reflectors going, and with this open garage door, it'll be beautiful for you give you a little bit, yeah, and then we can, so I just kind of shoot on the fly I take what's coming at me as faras I thought we were to shoot here, but a j was doing something really cute over here. Um, I already did a light meter reading, so I know what my cameras set to record. Just try one where you're not smiling, okay, I got another beautiful one. Actually, I've got a gorgeous one right there, so let's, go in, go outside, we're good, we've got a great little chair that both a j can sit on and james might be next to him where james will sit on and then a j will be next to you so let's head on up j oh, that's beautiful, beautiful. Can you actually stand up for one? I kind of would love to get a shot where you're both. Um, will he stay up there? I'm just wondered, can you want to sit on that to that chair a little bit? Like just the edge of it. So stay no, no, no, uh going down, going down, going down on the way god, I love it actually that's really cute. I love that likes cross that's adorable lovett lam p smiling the wind is doing good things your hair I love it. Perfect. Do a couple angles to this that's. Nice look at a j. Wait that's gonna let him go? Perfect. I'm glad we did both die. We've got some kiss inside and out, but a lot of variety. So my goal with what we did though, right now is just in that short time, I mean, we got three very completely different looks just by, uh, near the existing backgrounds and then adding that one background inside so you know, they're gonna be gorgeous, it was so much fun

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a Creativelive Student

This was a great topic. I tuned in thinking I wouldn't be interested, and then, wow, it was fabulous. So fabulous I'm holding an event in two weeks time to launch my own pet photography and raise food for local homeless animals. Thanks so much CL team!

Carolyn Himes

Vicki Taufer is Brilliant as a person and artist. What an honor to experience her for the last 3 days. Thank you to Jed for your expertise and reminder that technology can help us all have time to play more and enjoy life more! Thank you creativeLIVE notch!

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