Photo Restoration Techniques


If you have older photographs that are faded, scratched, torn, have pieces missing or otherwise in need of repair, this class is for you! Dave will share a series of strategies to help you restore family heirlooms back to their original state, using a variety of tools and techniques - including a couple you may never had though of using for this purpose.

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Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.1.1



  • Another superb class from Dave Cross. Well organized, well paced, very clear and extremely insightful! Voice of experience with wise advice. Thanks Dave!
  • Excellent class for anyone who is looking to restore old photos. Dave's usual clear explanation style makes it an easy and enjoyable class to follow along.
  • Just purchased your Photo Restoration Class. Wish you had taught this 6 months ago, when I did retouching on ancestry pics for our 50th High School Reunion, Terrific class with so much information, that I new I would need to revisit it. Many thanks.