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If you have older photographs that are faded, scratched, torn, have pieces missing or otherwise in need of repair, this class is for you! Dave will share a series of strategies to help you restore family heirlooms back to their original state, using a variety of tools and techniques - including a couple you may never had though of using for this purpose.

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Another superb class from Dave Cross. Well organized, well paced, very clear and extremely insightful! Voice of experience with wise advice. Thanks Dave!

Beatriz Stollnitz

Excellent class for anyone who is looking to restore old photos. Dave's usual clear explanation style makes it an easy and enjoyable class to follow along.


Just purchased your Photo Restoration Class. Wish you had taught this 6 months ago, when I did retouching on ancestry pics for our 50th High School Reunion, Terrific class with so much information, that I new I would need to revisit it. Many thanks.