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9:30 am - What Is Fusion?

Lesson 2 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

9:30 am - What Is Fusion?

Lesson 2 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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2. 9:30 am - What Is Fusion?


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9:00 am - Introduction to Vanessa and Rob


9:30 am - What Is Fusion?


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9:30 am - What Is Fusion?

So what is fusion fusion in the way that rob and I have defined it is combining short for two five second video clips with your photographs in a multimedia presentation to highlight not distract from your photography so you want to keep that in mind because fusion is taking small video clips and putting them in with your photographs? What isn't fusion this would be a photographer learning to become a cinematographer and and making sure that xena I go by the way nino is a rising star in our area he's I hope he's watching right now because you're gonna owe me dinner for this hey he's my second shooter but he's also a second shooter for vanessa he just cinema and photo and he's incredible at both he's absolutely amazing if you're ever looking for somebody like this is the kind of person you want if you want to photo and video and really get into it and really kind of makes it in together finding nino find the nino he's he's great he's a great addition to our company but yeah it's not abou...

t us photographer's going out now and learning howto build films where it's nothing but video nothing but cinematography with audio and dialogue that is very complicated weaken given entire workshop on that alone last year but fusion itself is about mixing the two mediums in a way that you can offer things your clients for a little work because you're not going to make money if you're doing a ton of more work all right, so we really want to keep it simple and we want to differentiate that so that you guys have an idea of what you're learning and what your goal is it's the teacher and made to point that out to you you know but also what you are doing as faras fusion goes however this very well may inspire you to learn more more, more cinema and actually put that side of your business andi put that concept into your business so which by all means it's great but what we're definitely focusing on is the fusion and I'm pretty sure sure our next sliders can actually show you just a fusion piece so the chaperone would love more information about about medium okay, yeah more information well his website or where where they could find no vago studios dot com I just mean you know it is I'm sorry and I g a l l e g o dot com it is I'm sorry there you go, folks. Yeah he's about he's about five foot seven black hair he's great he really is he's a great his work is fantastic yeah that's great work and he mimics from really well that's why I took that picture we're shooting nobody teo actually I might remember him in this one but it's great yeah all right so we wanted to take a look at that have given notice we can look at that ok waiting for the other way when I found you I knew my search was done weigh in on wait that way every loathe your friend or your dreams ju hee hee oh wait and when I'm thirsty I still give you seven then bedroom you get to watch me strip every yeah what a wondrous sight looking girl lucky girl you lucky girl you're with me you're so lucky just my way you should quit your job and do some vegas gambling because way with lucky lucky girl you lucky wait I wonder I'm six foot four I'm very clean I my green way go girl go girl looking so that's an example of a fusion piece and that's in its most basic form okay, so you just had some video clips yet photography one was not overpowering the other they were mixed in nice and evenly and then you had some music. Okay there's a lot of different levels that we can go with that you can start adding in audio of the vows you can start adding an audio of the toast you khun and we're going to get into that a little bit more but we just wanted to give you the foundation that would be the backbone of fusion yeah and we just want to point out probably pretty obvious reasons why that you would I want to incorporate fusion into your business one of them is definitely to stay current and relevant of when it comes to technology things are moving faster than the speed of light there is always something new coming out there is always something new that you can do for your business and there's definitely discernment level in there you can't do everything but you do want to do something and fusion is definitely a way to stay current and relevant with your business it's probably one of the best ways to embrace technology I think because if you look at somebody coming out of high school are coming out of college video to them is like second nature so this is one of those things that is going to become so ingrained in the younger general ations lives that you're going to need your business to have knowledge of this and to offer there is no way to avoid it if you don't have a camera now that's shooting video the next one you buy is going to there's no way to avoid it whether or not you choose to learn that is on ly gonna determine how good of a photographer you are down line because it's merging it's merging to the point where there is going in ten to fifteen maybe twenty years it's going to be one you have to know both its that important. So if you were with somebody who knows? Yeah, but I really think I mean, have you guys seen the cameras now, where you could just shoot and then touch the focus? And it just kind of switches that oh, my goodness. If that ever comes on this level with this quality, I mean, it's going to change everything. It really is going to change everything that we know about how the focus manually things like that. So we need to be prepared by knowing the lingo, getting getting a foundational knowledge of the technical stuff of video so you can stay abreast when the time comes. And then it's going? Yeah, and it's going to expand your product line is well, in any time you expand your product line, it's just going to, you know, raise your bottom line, making more money, make it possible for you to run that kind of business that gives you the lifestyle that you want. Um, the idea behind this is making more money for very little amount of work. We can definitely do that with fusion. Once you get the hang of hang of it and learning it, you know, it's really a very small amount of work, it's a workflow. Just like anything else, you have your light room or your photo shop workflow there's a workflow to video it seems intimidating now because you may not know much about it, but once you have it down, it's really step a step be steps sees don't worry, we've written that all down fear. It definitely gives you an edge and a different sheet. It's you over your competition for me if you go to vanessa joy dot com, which is my photography website, the very first thing that pops it's on when you go, there is a fusion peace and its attraction dress video, and I wouldn't necessarily say it's my very best work ever. However it's what keeps people on my site because the second they go there, they see something that is different and that they don't see ana somebody else's websites, so it definitely gives you an edge and helps you stay above the competition in your area, but also introduces them to the fact that you may offer video or you may do some state video and that's a stepping stone for them toe obviously come to my website so again, it's drawing in mutual potential mutual clients yeah, personally, for me, I just want to remind you guys, I'm with you. I am a photographer I am not a cinematographer I don't have any training honestly other than what I learned from my husband, but when I did learn from rob and learned to shoot video and, you know, put it into my work flow a little bit, it really rejuvenated my passion. I started to see light differently, I started seeing movement in a different way and I was able to capture still photography. I'm not talking about the way I captured video, but the way that I started to capture still imagery changed and it would improved, it was in a good way and it made me just see things differently and I really I just enjoyed it, so if you get nothing out of this and a rejuvenated passion for still photography, I think you love it. It really is great. Vanessa is actually shot she's second and third shot for mike for me in my films and I'm so confident in her ability with cinema camera, they'll give her a five day march to or whatever and I say go capture this and I know she will because she has the photographer's eye and what I'm hiring guys to work on the film end of things I don't look don't look in the job market for videographers I look for photographers because this is more photography, this is, you know, what it's all about it's not about just pointing and shooting anymore so you need to have those photographic skills in order to keep pace yeah which is good for you guys gives you an advantage and learned and we'll get into that more to you so what are the things that you are going to want to learn to successfully implement fusion into your business? These are all the things that we're going to talk about over the next three days the first one being the equipment which I think is the most fun because if any of you photographers like me I just like a good excuse to buy new toys so way we're definitely going to get in the equipment some of it will look a little bit foreign to you but then it's just going to look cool and tried out video lingo that thing will definitely get into a little bit it can be a little daunting at first but no worries again spoonfuls spoonfuls that's how that's how we're going to need it actually the most the video lingo translates into photography lingo to explain the video so it'll it'll work out really well we're going to spend a lot of time on shooting and editing particularly on shooting because video a lot of times it's kind of garbage in garbage out someone make sure not putting garbage in so we're going to talk a lot of it a lot about shooting and it does take a lot of practice and we'll get into all of that and then of course products as well as pressing them as well we'll talk about that and what you can do and I'm sure everybody here has ideas of what you could do with fusion products and pricing us while so once we get to that which will be on day thirty I would love to hear everyone's input and they're probably knew stuff out there that I haven't even heard about yet but we're doing our best to bring some you get a lot of questions about our products and pricing so when we get to that point, you know if you're curious about any part of any aspect of that were open books were not, you know, holding back any information so feel free to ask us whatever you think you want to know so we're going to go into equipment should we stop and maybe take a couple of questions? Are there any initial questions on our brief synopsis anyone in the on anyone here? Yeah no yes, maybe not, but you can fight over who goes first good about that on that last piece you guys showed us what do you say about the music copyright? And although actually yeah that's actually a song freedom we always use copy copy written licence music were very big on that, you know, ten years ago, you know, five years ago is very difficult to get licensing for music for photographers, but now it is so super easy and we use song freedom dot com they're actually one of the sponsors will be giving away some stuff for song freedom, but they're great what song freedom doesn't, says subscription service I think it might be changing some things, but they did offer, I think, for the subscription and a paper per song license, just depending on the usage, you kind of got to go on the website song for dot com it's going to look at their read over there, their terms of conditions it's great, because once you get to know the library and get to know what kind of music they offer you khun, you know, just go find exactly what you're looking for, and you don't have to spend hours and hours and hours going through itunes and, you know, the itunes store trying to find a perfect music, which you don't even have a license to its really important nowadays he used license music because they are coming after us. It's ever since these sort of services came into being song freedom and others, they music industry is gone, okay, okay, you got some artist now, now, if we catch you using unlicensed music, we're coming after you and there was a recent case enough name names but very high profile cinematographer got sued for a lot of money because he used unlicensed music and they came after him and they want so just protect yourself you're gonna put something up online that has unlicensed music make sure you have a lesson for or I'm sorry copyrighted music make sure you have a license for really important we don't play games anymore it's I used to do that for a long time but you got questions okay over there. Yeah couple in the questions in the chat room about thiss one is from eight espy no how many shooters in the sample video audition oh, and that one there won't see again we're gonna we're gonna make a distinction here on that wedding was both vanessa's company and my company shooting it okay, so we had to cruise vanessa had her photographers I had my three cinematographers because we were doing a full film of the wedding so in that particular case we had myself the bride's house and warning we had another cinematographer at the groom's house we had a third cinematographer for the ceremony so you know so we had all these different angles that we were able to capture so that's kind of a unique circumstance but again we only use select shots from the entire day never did you really see camera one camera two camera three that's cinema now you're moving into the realm of producing films ideally for you guys you would need either just yourself not on a wedding and we'll get into that or have your second shooter khun do dual purposes or just hired a third person we're a wedding we're going to get into a lot of depth in this in the later segments because it really is this what we were talking about before about giving you actual knowledge you could apply and not just go okay well rob investor have six people and of course they're able to do work like that we're gonna show you how you do it on your own you know I really just think advantage that we had having more cinematographers absolute absolute gave me more options but in essence and be at the end of the day there were twenty video clips twenty video clips out of ten hours times three ten video clips twenty times so it's feasible uh and the other is on the move on to the you just want to talk about points so folks are asking a little bit about again the term fusion itself crystal ballroom as mentioning people such as ken burns using photograph along with film to tell stories on dh then edward black from germany says again what is fusion a technique you created like a style or a program to cut video is you shone so maybe just clarified clarifying that to get attention is the product itself fusion is the art of blending the two mediums okay that's that's the one sentence synopsis of what fusion is blend the two mediums photo video put them together in a multimedia presentation so whether it's a slide show whether it's you know an ipad that has the ability to make a slide show through some sort of program there are many, many, many, many different ways to skin a cat many different ways tio benny from programs that will build fusion for you you just have to figure out what is best for you were going to tell you the ones we use and show you our workflow and that'll maybe give you a starting point but positions itself is the mixing of the two of the two mediums and I like that that one person mentioned ken burns does anybody know what the ken burns effect is back in the day? Probably like twenty maybe like ten, fifteen, twenty years ago a guy by the name of ken burns creates documentaries andi uses pretty much on lee still pictures voiceover and music, but he makes two hour documentaries, but the amazing thing is they're compelling, extremely compelling and when you watch it, you'll think he'll do it on like the revolutionary war minutemen in boston in a certain town in a certain house most of the street for two hours and make it fascinating, it's, incredible and the ken burns effect is the art of you have a still image on the screen and it moves not like so we're seeing, like a picture that's moving like this. But you see, the entire screen is full and he's zooming in on the still image or he's panning across the still image and that's called the ken burns effect and he's kind of patented that made it his own trademark style. Actually, if you go into my movie, which will go into later, there is in effect in there. It's got called ken burns. Yeah, it's, really cool it's, very effective in it. Bring still pictures, life on video. So you, khun instead of just looking at a static picture on the screen, which is probably the most boring thing. But in a nutshell, so fusion would be combining photos and videos, and I think they're definitely varying degrees of that for what our purpose is. So you know exactly what we're teaching you guys. It is fusion video clips highlighting your photography.

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Worth every penny and then some! i just purchased the course and can't stop watching it. I normally don't give such high praise, but these guys turn out a very high end product and are so efficient with their workflow. The class was so full of information, they walk you through the process step -by-step, and take the fear out of photo and video fusion. I can see how the thought of adding video to your workflow can be intimidating, but Rob and Vanessa do an amazing job of simplifying the process and showing you which programs and scripts will make your life easier. This is THE photo and video fusion course to buy if you are contemplating adding video to boost your sales. Great job and thanks to Creative Live for finding such great instructors!

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Excellent presentation. In your presentation you modeled appreciation, support, affirmation and humility in a way that was inspirational. These characteristics together with a depth of knowledge in your topic area gave it huge integrity. Thanks!

a Creativelive Student

They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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