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Adding Slideshow Audio

Lesson 40 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Adding Slideshow Audio

Lesson 40 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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40. Adding Slideshow Audio

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Lesson Info

Adding Slideshow Audio

We're going to show you how to add more audio like the mom's speech on like some other things that we caught into that fusion slideshow so what we did is we downloaded the fusion sideshow that you guys saw before and we're going to use my movie to add additional audio so this is just the workflow I'm going to show this to you first in case you want to write it down his notes and then you'll see it and follow along with me while I actually do it so like I said, the first thing we did was download thie an emotive video we're going to import it into my movie in full resolution we sweeten the corrected the audio already in sound so but I will show you how you could do that again we're going to export the video and show you that process is well and then we're gonna have a margarita okay, well it renders that were not saying that's really, so I'm going to show you all of that we're gonna move there I've movie relatively slowly because I movie is you know, if you're new to it, you could be a ...

little bit daunting so it's not as user friendly as I think anyone so you can see all this stuff that I've got going on right now in here and this was a previous project yet all that noise is normal so what we're going to do is we're going to go to new project here we'll just name this creative live and what we'll talk about the frame rate because I wanna make sure this matches your aspect ratio will always be sixteen by nine and you're going to want to change the frame rates of whatever the frame rate was your video which wass twenty four good don't worry about anything else right just that's what you need to be able to worry about there it creates going to do that I am also going ahead and going to create a new event because that I'll just blank out all that stuff and let me just explain what happened there there's two things and I'm happy that it uses to organize projects, projects and events okay the event is the timeline in the project remember we talked about timelines and the project is I'm sorry like excuse me and the project is the timeline the event is the wedding or the whatever it is all the stuff that you use all this stuff, all the assets, all the photos, videos, whatever you're using audio that's your even thiss way kind of you could have multiple projects, multiple timelines and your event we're not going to go that far but it's way of thinking of organizing is okay here we're having a big party and we're gonna get to the party and big parties the event and the projects are ok is the timeline so let's think so the first thing that we're going to need to do is import are an emoto so we're going to go to import and movies so because we know created the an emoto video we're adding to the an emotive video so we downloaded it in high definition we're going to use it as a video file and you'd see it right here it's an mp for file that we downloaded on this full original size you want to make sure that isthe selected so that the full size comes into there and not a smaller and notice how it says add to existing event creative live that's steven does the party so we're going to hit important there this is going to take a second about a minute or so it's not too too long but the other thing that I'm going to do while that's happening is I'm goingto locate one of these files that I have here that is a video file that has some audio that I want to use all right? So we're going to go into wedding video clips and it was when she was reading a car the card and I want to show this you guys for a couple of reasons rob and I are not perfect for one neither is our equipment and I remember talking to you guys about how audio khun b very frustrating and for no reason at all it can do something you don't want to dio I believe the audio when we were listening to her got a little bit messed up because all the different attachments we had going on but that line that we talked about from the microphone to the recording that was a fault had an issue, so I'm kind of glad it happened. Yeah, how long you have sensitive audio khun b was working with when she starts talking always dreamed up since I was a little girl, I always imagined it would be you although I hadn't met you yet go back with them or was in the beginning that was the good part do you hear her since I was a little and then you could tell you what I think my camera on the monitor pod and because, you know, for the live broadcast we had all this tethering equipment attached that big monitor and stuff because normally that might just sits on the hot shoe, right? Well, this wire that comes often plays into the camera must up in my wrestling must have gotten loose so that jack wasn't plugged in all the way, so what happened was when I was filming I probably had my hand here and kept applying pressure on the jack so it's at one point it was out in another point it was these are the kinds of things that will happen to you with audio so when you're working with audio and you know audio is important to you work carefully and deliberately and yesterday we weren't working carefully deliver we were working like oh you teo so that's what happened? So I'm really glad it happened you know? I kind of freaked out the beginning why would it be perfect? Why would it be? But no, I'm kind of glad that however the part that you did here is perfectly usable and that can be a perfectly usable part in there, so we're going to be getting audio from two sources one from this video file and then I'm going to grab the mom speech and we'll use that as well and for the question that was asked before about can we sew that audio weaken soap it to clean out of the background noise but we can fix the bad parts we can't that those were gone nothing we could do about it alright, so that is the video clip that isthe seven, four, two, five so I'm just going to remember that but in the meantime here back in my movie you can see as I move my mouth over here no more video that's aaron motive video the noise could get extremely annoying sometimes, so personally I suggest that if he needed marion but what you're going to do is you're going to highlight the entire emotive video and what she's doing here let's just slow down dragging this's the timeline and I'm movie if you don't mind this is the time line nine movie and this yellow bar what you're seeing here is a representation of the in and out the start and the end, so all we're doing is moving this play head, which is very similar to the play had we showed you in photo shop on the time line to show you where we are in the video and we're just going to start the beginning and with a hole down and I'm going to drag and what that does is now it's telling me what range of the video I want to select okay? And the way we're looking at the video right now is called film strip we're seeing a film strip representation of this video we consume all the way out and just see it as one individual clip, which might be a little bit easier if you just wanted dragged over the whole entire thing you don't have to drag all right down, right? But if you want to get precise about where you are, you're gonna want to grab this little slider down here the bottom and zoom in a little bit and now you can kind of see it in a more magnified view all right, so once you grasp the concept of this mystery of my movie starts to really disappear on him on that's really the most complicated part so like vanessa just had it I'm just going to select the whole thing like she wanted to actually it's a little bit of the end here, I will say I movie tends to sometimes be a little bit finicky when it comes to mouth singing over things, so if that happens, don't worry, you can just kind of click and make sure you have the whole thing once you're done with that highlighted this whole thing this is my selection I simply drag it up into my checked my project comes in here, you can see right here you've got the audio file on bottom that's what's called away for jules on the top and the same thing down here where rob goes zooms in and out you could do the exact same thing here, suman in and out I prefer it mostly out so I can see what's going on for the most part. So what we exactly did was removed this clip from the viewer window which is down the bottom that's the viewer meaning what's coming the staging area we're going to prepare the clip that were going at it and we brought it into the project which is what the timeline remember okay, so now we're gonna work with it and like vanessa pointed out the area on the bottom with the blue bar with the gray shape that's called away form it's a visual representation of our audio so the next thing I want is I want to pick the spot that I'm going teo add the audio so I know that I'm going to add that first audio work with the movie file first and I'm going to add it in the spot where she is writing the card which I believe let's find it vanessa just scrolling for time here just kind of going to different points in the video you can see the time meter down the bottom representing one minute, forty three seconds you see those time increments they're so right here is where it probably want teo want to put that audio and where she's really your card because I've got the whole thing she's actually reading our vows but to the viewer for all we know she's ready your card and vanessa wanted she can go grab that file that she saw before the war the battle for the audio was bad and pull at it and use it to but I think you're just gonna go and you're gonna use amusing that I'm using that section cool so to do that I need to go to import movies and then import that movie filed uh, which what do we call that again? O two, four seven four believe it wass or seven four two four but I find it I'm sure rog so you can work with multiple different video files in my movie obviously and we can combine we could just take pieces of different video files and put them together that's video that's what you're doing so instead of putting the video of this clip she's about to import and mix it into our an emoto video, we're not doing that it's already happy with visuals we have we're happy with the animal video itself but we're just taking the audio from that part so I separated too I found it right here that my feet and I'm just gonna click import and what that is going to do it's going to put it into her vent my event and this will take a little bit sure since it's a little bit shorter of a clip just wait for that to go so I just want to remember right here about one forty is we're going to be inserting this and you will see right here there's that file can you zoom all the way out so we could show what clips we have down here in the browser window? Do some people have an idea? If you zoom all way out now remember how money clips that we have aboard we imported too we import the an emoto video and then this this clip of the bride reading her things so and it's most zoomed out view you can see we only have two clips in there. Where would we get confusing is where you see this long film strip and you can't tell what's what? Right? So unless you really look so that's one way, if you ever get confused and I movie about what is what, just zoom out, zoom out, look at the clips that you have in their entirety, and that would really save you a lot of headache, but you can see here she's scrubbing through the timeline of the you know, the clip itself in filmstrip. Now what I need to do is I need thio add this to my timeline up here, so I do need to scroll to the end to do that. I'm going to find the part where we can actually hear her speaking, you should be able to hear her there. I'm not sure why we don't know you can't just very low, so we'll have to bring up the level of her own. There was a little girl I always imagined it would be you that's perfect, what she just did is one of the most basic things of fundamental video editing. She listened to where she wanted to start and that she listened to where she wanted it to end. And she said her range, that yellow range of in point outpoint over that segment that's its fundamental as video editing gets I know what really dumbing it down. No, no, because that's the idea but what you want to do after you kind of use your selections, you might want to zoom in a little bit. It'll get you more of a precision cut, I think fruit, since this is audio and I know it's audio is kind of broken before it's quiet before that's actually helpful to me right now. But I can click here and just press my space bar and that's going to play. Since I was a little girl, I always imagined it would be you. Although I had a year period. So I know I need to come in a little bit here, charlie, back out here. It's a little since I was a little girl. Even that a little bit more since there was a little girl, I always imagined it would be you although I had a perfect so I'm going to take that selection and drag it up to the end here. Now, why does it make you put it if you I'm putting at the end because it's better for me? Sometimes if you do it with way files, it'll actually put the audio over the whole thing, or it'll detach the audio from the visuals and I'm moving. Little things are getting complicated when you start mixing clips on a timeline, knowing what is playing over what? Remember because it's just layering video it's kind of like photoshopped if you have an image and then you keep piling on layers it's going to show you the top one, right? Unless you create masks now, you could punch holes and see all the way down videos the same way whatever's on the top is going to show first. So what we have now, you can see where the audio's down here I'm actually going to right click here on the audio because I don't want this vigil, I just want the audio, right? So I'm gonna write, click and go to detach audio and this is going to separate the audio of this last video clip. From the visual of this last video, I wanna be able to delete the video we don't need that exactly you cannot delete. The video right now, however, until you have moved the audio clip that will delete the whole thing for you, you know what that so what I've done is selected just this part of the video of the audio file right here go ahead you have to make sure that that hand icon is there and then you can click and drag it to different part once you've done that, you can click here lips just click on it and delete, delete or cut the elite selection so the visual is not fiends who player whole fabulous lie, joe, then there's a random silent video way don't that the artist so what we're going to do is forget this's, the part where we're gonna want to lower the volume can I point something out? He's talked about lowering volume. You can actually see how the volume is really uneven here. If you look at the wave form of the top, you see where the blue turns into yellow and then a little bit into red that means that audio is hot or too loud way need to even these out you can see on the purple wave form, which is that bride talking it's not quite up into that level, so you're goingto the top layer of audio is going really overpower it, you're not gonna be able to hear that other layer I actually just meant lower the volume right now on the computer so that we can do this without it being super loud which they understand the back so they just did that. So what you're gonna do again make sure that the hand icon is there click and move it down and I think we said this was around one forty is where we want to put this put it in that general area right here and then we're going to zoom in so I can start to see this and make a little bit more of a precision movement so here she still has a card here still here still so probably wanted end around there maybe or no just roll right there. Yeah. So now we can have the volume up a little bit louder on the computer and you're going to notice what happens here. Slummy press play is that the volume of the an emotive video is gonna be way up and now it's just going to sound all jumbled in crazy because we put cem money of their here's yours too loud music is too loud so all you have to do come up to where the first section of the audio you've added it is and then go up to your other audio you can click on dragged us to the end of where your audio input on the bottom is so matches here it's just selecting a range of the way for select that range where you're trying to lower that portion, then you come up here and see this line, the one that rob was talking about before you're just going to click that and drag it down, see how we're just lowering the volume of that selection, and it automatically does a little fade in and out there, so you'll have to test it, see where you want this to go. I'm going to guess who wanted to go pretty low, and then we have to listen to playback to safely like it. Since there was a little girl, I always imagined it would be you, although I hadn't met you yet, probably even a little bit, maybe, and then I think the other problem is her voice is a little bit last minute, but don't bring her voice is all I have to do is go like that. Be careful not to go too high, because then it'll distort, and any time you see that wave form start to go flat at the top, that means we clicked the audio that means it's over exposed, okay, too much audio, so since it was a little girl, I always imagined doing you, although I had wait, smooth out those feeds, so that also dressed, you can move these on dh move him around a little bit of down flying side inside you can move a little bit and want to mess with it too much because just where I am with officials here but yes, you can move that andrea quickly because I know we're going do one more thing after this so that is how you insert when you have audio attached to a video clip that you want all right however, we also have that mom's audio that is separate and that's away form and not that it's necessarily more tricking it just has kind of an extra step the way that I move he works because it is part of the eyes selection full of apple things is it works itunes so I need to import the mother speech into itunes first. So any time using audio that's not connected to a video clip you have to import into your itunes library first and then bringing in thai movie that's the way I move works so we're just going to go with the mother speech and as I said here it can just drag it in perfect that's all you have to do just dragon and it's going to come up you can make sure that it's actually there there's the soap one that we can see that it's there and playing that's it so now we can go back into my movie think of all the possibilities that you could do with extra audio now. It's really quite simple, right mean, really, when you just understand the work flow of the program, how it's? A couple of steps four, five steps and you're adding in whatever audio you want that's so powerful you can do so much with that, you could have a dialogue the whole time if you wanted to, you know, with a little bit of music in the background that's something I think it's your itunes here's something back, okay? And now we see after I closed itunes mother speech. So right here, thie other difference is this is this whole bottom portion is your, um yes. Um see what other applications you have? There must be something in the background. Okay, I'm sorry about that. So this is not quite as easy. You can't just drag it in like you normally think. You just drag it right in here, but see how it highlights all in green. This away form is going to go over your entire audio clip, you know? So what you need to do again is thrown in at the end. You come in here, is there a way to trim it first before you bring in or it does not let you go into that's a good question because you're not going to use all of it, it does not let you click and drag it into your events or did it get? So we're going to put it at the end here there's my my clip right here at the end and we're going to go teo clip trimmer so what this does is open up in additional dialog box here, and you can just pick out the part of the clip that you would like to use, so you have to move it first before what happened is because we put it at the end of the clip, this is a pretty long audio file she talked for like two or three minutes, so if you put at the end and you're butting up against the end of project there, there's nowhere for it to expand because there's no visuals for it to attack, so we have to move it over and give ourselves room to expand that audio file so we can work with it. So make sure again that you have that hand tools that lets you move it it's very hard to find. Sometimes that little pointer tool is not a hand tool, so just click and drag and if you're having trouble finding it still it's very tricky and if you're having there, you having trouble doing that just zoom in and just be a little beings here to grab so here's my audio file we're going into trip klemmer trip clever way all right? We're going into the clip number again and now you can see where I can extend the audio a little bit more and we're going to find the part where mom is talking you can also just click and drag move it over and then we'll we'll be able to hear mom, I might need t o raise the volume a little bit but little further I think we just can't hear because of the whole too low yeah, if we could have a little bit more volume on the house speaker's their their summer vacation with a while back that also oklahoma because so she left the barbie doll I think I like the part about the princess before this's a downside my movie that we can just play it most video advanced video editing programs will just play this and listen to it on its own for some reason I didn't do that and if it does, I don't know but it's just a limitation of a non professional video editing program, right? So what we can here has always been the princess of but today when I first got a look at her while getting prepared this morning I could stand here and truly say that today don you really are beautiful so that's, the way I think I'll use this section to your princess and what's nice about this way have to move it over again because, yeah, the other thing about just audio programs in general it's a little loud, so apple detriment to right there. So that's pretty much what I'm going to want to use, and then we'll put this wherever you want. I kind of like it at the end there and during the reception where I know mom actually said these things and then it's the same as before, we just highlight the part of the and moto audio that we want to change, drive it over, pull that part of the music down, we can pull the mom up a little bit, so she wasn't so clear and then play it back way have to flick done in our trimmer. But today, when I first got a look at her while getting prepared this morning, I can stand here and truly say that today, don, you really are a beautiful princess wait, so I move these a little bit tricky just with the mousing around, but once you get used to that that's it on from here, we're just gonna save it out, guys, the amazing thing about this is that I've heard this from other people who we've taught similar methods once they get the hang of this and they're doing it regularly it inspires them tto learn more about video editing and I know people who have started out was using an emoto on my movie and are now working fully in final cut pro and final cut pro tus beginners of people's beginners wait seem really complicated but once you understand the fundamentals just like this simple stuff it's really not that hard and when you master this you're gonna want to take the next step possibly and you'll have be prepared to do that when you do that it's like that you'll see a lot more possibilities open up to you what you can do it it's definitely for me it was variance firing like this what I just told you I taught myself she did I because I wanted to do it I just I wanted to learn that so it was really frustrating teaching that to myself so I'm really happy to share that with you so the last thing that we're going to do here which are people say they have trouble with is the rendering out sporting and we'll take some questions should we take some questions now? Okay, I'm going to set it to render because that will take a little bit of time and we'll take questions right after that so I'm just going to go to share and I movie has me this part easy so you can easily just export it to go on facebook montevideo youtube or whatever but we're going to do is quickly export using quick time we'll still be wanted teo let's just explain real quick what it's doing here yes it's created these very cool share presets which make it very easy if you have a vimeo account what'll happen is it will export it to the standard of video but then it also asked you for your video password and your log in and password and it will actually upload it for you okay so you can kind of link I movie to your youtube video facebook and things like that what we're gonna do is teach you a little bit about how to do it custom so if you have it on your computer and it saves you the step of having him yet you'll have to upload it yourself later but that's easier than going in trying to download it off youtube or pull it down off video so we're just the custom settings were going to set for you and by going back in watching this if you purchase the courts you'll be able to see the settings that we program and it's pretty simple straightforward yeah it's actually in the keynote that you'll be able to down the road but for now with a time and such were just going to export using quick time and let my movie do the settings so that's pretty much it you tell it where you want to go I want it on the desktop we have our creative live that movie and then use their default setting is basically used the default settings of whatever the project remember in the beginning we set up the full resolution well that's nineteen it's going twelve eighty by seven twenty in this case because that's what the animal video was natively and that's gonna take about ten minutes surrender so this is a perfect opportunity for you and I'm sure one of the biggest questions from a few people in the chat room is is there an equivalent on the pc that I don't know there are there are I'm not sure windows still makes window's moviemaker yeah, that would be the one when those movie makers is the eye the eye movie of peace and a question from m markovich is do you add your company logo into this and when do you do that? Sometimes at the end if I'm going to do it I usually do it in the animal a slide show at the end I just happened to not this time you could easily do that is by attaching it right to the end you could attach a picture of the movie if you want um vision photo what is the longest thes two programs allow you to edit an emoto is usually attached to the length of the song you choose but how long of a movie can you do in these two programs? I move even do as long as you really want it's forcing moto goes yeah, you're limited limited by their restrictions let's see um never give up is asking it seems as if they took thie already mastered anna mento an emotive video and are adding audio clips. I know they're probably just demonstrating I movie, but can this be done in an emoto otherwise way do we need all these different programs to produce this? You can't do what we just did an animal yeah, you can't do worse voiceover like that an animal you would have to let enomoto create that the master, the master file and then in another program at the audio files teo overland. So it is it's a tear? Isn't it a tiered project? It does require multiple programs you could build it from scratch to herself all in I movie, but that's going to require you to build the slide show yourself too. It just takes a lot of time. Jerry it's not looking good and tom reed asks, doesn't I'm movie degrade your video competitive? I'd dvd or others well, I dvd is just a dvd compression is dvd burning so it will compress for dvd but I mean, we do you don't is always haven't set the full quality for resolution, you shouldn't lose inequality if you're losing quality using I'm let me check your settings you probably have something so again, just clarifying the uses of the different different tools that you've just shown us god ten had joe from trinidad, so do you use I'm movie instead of fusion? And what criteria do you just used to decide which editing software you select to use? I assume he's talking about fusion effects, so that whole section of what we did before we do before, in order to create the animal toe movie that we have here, to which we then added audio after so it's all linear first were editing the photos. However you edit your photos, then we edit the video clips. How we edit them is by using fusion effects that we create the animal video, and then we have an eye movies I movie toe add audio if you would like to so it's all of them on dh that workflow is also in the pdf as well. So you can definitely you know, if you're getting the course, you have it all written out for you and I even broke it up into steps for you because it's a workflow it's learning a whole new workflow and unfortunately I mean they're there's not one program that does it all well, there is, but it's called final cut it's extremely events, so I mean, yeah, it's a flip side, if you want to keep it simple, using simple steps in multiple programs is much easier than learning advanced program and doing everything right. And then duke in park city asks, do you need padding for in and out points to fade up and down? Or is an abrupt cut? Okay, it's, always good to put that's a great question, actually, it's always a good idea to give yourself a couple of maybe a second or two a pad, and we kind of did that when she took the audio of the bride doing the card, she left like a little bit of pad on either side, a little pad of silence, and then just give it room to kind of fade out on dh you can see on the animal toe, I'm sorry on the blue wave form part up there that fade outs are a little brother, we can cut a smooth goes out to make them a little more gradual, so it's, not the audio, doesn't music. This doesn't dump about its sort of feeds. Gradually you do that also the beginning of the end of your close, you can get your entire yeah, the animal master file on this case has already done that for us. It fades up and it fades out. Yes, if you want to do it manually. And, uh, did you have a question miss in the master an emoto foul that you downloaded if I wanted to change the transition and or remove a photo? Is that possible? Or do I have to re upload and redo the an emoto video? Yes, the best way to do it with me to re upload or just redo the animal remix the animal video on take that photo out of the remix because if you try to do it in here, you're gonna run into issues where you're cutting you're changing the video, but the music is still the same, so then you have to find a way to fill that gap and that's gonna be tricky to do so same thing you're better off just letting remix it in an emoto way understand that emo takes a little bit of that creative control out of your hands, but it is the simplest way to do it. But if you want to change something with massive file, do it and I wouldn't try to be a good way to keep going, yes, so that is how you add. Audio into your fusion slideshow um that's pretty much it we've exported it and I believe it is not gonna make you guys watch the whole thing will just jump to the part that movie there is so leave that's perfect you see you see how the first frame was actually the video itself not black like the question that was just asked if you wanted to fade that out and make it black so we painted up yes you just do that time there's a little bar just grab it and dragged it down so let's just skip teo actual place right there they're weighing one makes you wait happy I wanna live a day with you I just want to be the one who makes you happy you have a way wait there was a little girl way think of the idea show you the end here here and here wait but today when I first got a look at her while getting prepared this morning I could stand here and truly say that today don you really are a beautiful way another thing to think about is considered the music that you're using this song has thes buildups and these crescendos and then the music it's quiet again you might want to consider putting your audio in those laws in the music and time it out so where then the music kicks in again it happens right after the audio that's called hitting the post in radio giving here, d j talk over the intro of the song, and then he stopped talking over from the lyrics. Come in, it's called it's, called, hitting the post they back time. He knows he has thirteen seconds, the toff before the lyrics come in, and then the living ray. He knows to stop talking a second before that happens, and you could do the same thing. You can kind of insert your audio right up against where the lyrics, the music kicks up again and that's, really powerful and that's, a very widely used film technique. If you watch my films, we do a lot of that.

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They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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