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Day 2 Promo

Where are we going to be and what are we gonna be doing tomorrow we are going to be shooting a mock wedding tomorrow which is going to be awesome we're going to everything from the bride getting ready bridal session bridal portrait first first look ceremony reception toast, cake cutting and even some dancing yeah it's going great this this venue that we have is beautiful inside and out great spots that we're gonna be working in we're actually going to show you how we use our official lighting during the darker parts of the receptions you little great concept of how we light for video to capture some of those moments that happened at night so we're gonna really walking through an entire wedding day as venice and I shoot it and just give you a sense of how we capture the sequences like we talked about today and how we pull it all together make it into a story on the third yeah and then a third they were actually going to edit those photo clips and video clips from from day two and show y...

ou how to pull it all together this place is awesome tomorrow we're going off site beautiful huge windows pain glasses it's really great it really is the colors in this place are amazing it's gonna be a really fun offsite shoot for us we're really thank you creative life putting it together it's it's really amazing

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Fusion storytelling with photos and video is changing the photo business. In this workshop Vanessa and Rob show you how to stand out from your competition and make more money — using the video capabilities your camera already has! You'll learn how to shoot video, love it, and watch what it does for your wedding or portrait photography business.