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Delivering Products

Lesson 44 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Delivering Products

Lesson 44 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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44. Delivering Products

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Delivering Products

We're going to talk about how we deliver these products. I mean, we spent so much time building this new knowledge and now let's put it to use let's, make some money, right? Otherwise what's the point I mean it's, nice and it's self gratifying to do some cool stuff, but, you know, bottom line is we are in business way want to be able to sell these and making marketable to our client, so we'll talk about the different varying products, and we'll talk about the marketing that goes behind promoting them. Definitely you're the advance, sir. Your beauty. Did you get to be the dancer who products first products? You already saw the fusion slideshow. That is where you have a bunch of pictures and videos coming up one right after the other we create with an emoto. So the next one being fusion album, which we talked about in length in our last segment, and this is where you see an album spread and then have parts left open for movie video and other photographs as well and movie posters, movie p...

osters, air huge product of ours. I can't name a client or a prospective client that has come into our office that has not wanted to have movie poster, and you can see them here behind us. These are actual movie posters alan j just got married this past june ninth and their movie posters already done and they're itching together they can't wait to get it and then this was another wedding movie poster that we put together, and that was a wedding I shot in mexico, so the movie posters, they're great, they're great thing to decorate your studio with just another thing that will help your clients remember you, you know, before they're actually your clients, because a lot of this stuff well, we do sell it and we do make money off of it. We also equated to the reason people remember us and reason people come back to our websites or come backto us. Oh, they were the ones with the fusion are they won't even call it that. Sometimes they were the ones with a really cool movie poster in the studio or, you know, when they come to my website, I hope they remember it because the first thing they saw that she was with that really awesome trash address video. So it's really important to remember that these products serve a lot of different purpose is not to brag, but when we put one of these movie posters up on a bride's facebook page, you have to see this spring of comments, it just goes on and on on on, on and a lot of times the bride will repost it because people are still commenting and they don't want to search down from to pages to comment on it so really powerful and we have five hundred bucks for those which were getting into general and then the last thing is actually a physical fusion album and I actually left that right over there charging so we're gonna grab that on the floor rob's gonna run away and what the physical fusion album is taking either thie photo slide show or the fusion album and putting into real album so this album here this's no colon john we've loved nicole and ron and this is just a regular album that we have great spreads I did design these is they're not daniel's danny's are way better but this was one of our absolute favorite albums favorite winning way with a great soul on this wedding beautiful beautiful wedding church wedding here this is just like a ring that I want to kind of just flipping through and then because rob and I both know this wei have in the end the lcd screens I don't know if you see oh you guys are very good to have you become one I can see the arguments fighting over the hairdryer lotions bikini things john hughes on its great stop because when you close it wait at the reception for rob films actually that's on here but you get the idea really cool about this thing it is wifi and bluetooth enabled so you can connect that way tio put content onto here and there are more than one set of videos on here if I go to all videos here you can see a whole list of videos that I've got listed on here so what's nice about this is they will have it for their wedding however they can put more content on here maybe if you do a portrait session for them afterwards or a newborn session they can keep all of these photos on this tablet and it becomes has a little bit more longevity than just the wedding which is nice because in there pull not your wedding album advertising and sometimes our clients do have more than one video presentation sometimes I would engage engagement fusion's fusion session one for the wedding day the film saying they add it trashed the dress we have had clients who had up to five different video presentations made and they can put it all in one place and take it to ten by ten out one didn't carry that anywhere you know and show people on that and not to mention we give it to him everything online as well, you know, so they have everything online and bacon sync it up to that however they want to do it but it's just this is the video book company that makes this and weigh love the video book company these guys they're in the red on the forefront of this new technology that is being made available photographers and what they do is they take an existing album and they modify it which is the creative thing so this is actually a picture books album so you can use your own album company that you're used to dealing with order the album exactly how you always give to your clients and give them the same option and then they take the blank pages you left at pm put them together for you to read into nice seamless nice looking out looks like a great perfect album there's a little charger down here showing the dog yeah, well this just goes here this is just the stand right now but that's just stands have over there so it's a really great a great way to display your fusion I find that so much doing charging doc's other not okay okay no, you can just plug it right in like I showed the point there before so really, really cool stuff on dh things like that are like just the beginning when it comes to fusion as the technology starts to expand this flimsy technology becomes less expensive and and comes around more often I mean eventually we'll be able to turn through pages you know technology is you know, visual technology that's loose yes I just want to give a shadow to video book who is in the chat room way wanted to mention they are giving a very large discount if you check out believe the blogged or the course page where we have the discounts video book is giving a great discount for a sample column for you guys to make this that sample out this stable album in your studio if you never sell another one of these books again we'll keep clients interested in you better than anything else you can put in your studio what client would not remember that right? Absolutely so even like you said even if you're not exactly they don't want to buy that they still remember exactly about being out there on the digital age well people are eleven that in the game yeah yeah so let's talk about delivering now we deliver our products will mean method is online for the most part we do offer all different types of methods but online tends to be the most popular most versatile everybody wants their fusion piece on their facebook page so they can rave to their friends and you want your fusion piece on their facebook so they can rave to their way always tell the bride once it's done we posted on her page in and say please repost this so all of their friends can see it if you just put it on the page and leave it there on ly the people that visit their pager going to see it, but if they re posted it goes to their new the news feed and all their friends see it and that's what you want, get it out there in front of in front of this many people that's possible. A lot of times I will actually email them the link to the motive slideshow and say, oh here's your animal side show, make sure that you post it so that you can share with your friends, because then she's not going toe I mean she's gonna post issue wants everyone else to see it, so she'll put it on facebook on twitter. I usually put things like that on my block that's just another thing for blood content and wedding websites. If you're doing this for an engagement session, I don't know, you know, a portrait session and they have a family website. I know a lot of people have family website isn't a lot of people that have wedding websites, this is just more content for them, you know, basically to advertise for you everywhere. So the next method is buy dvds and what kind of demonstrate what I do now, keeping in mind that what I do is, you know, cinematography for weddings, mainly from rob adam stills, that is my company that those films but when brides like me and as we said before, a lot of the brides of focus both diffusion pieces as well we will deliver as well as their film there content on the dvd as well. So the way my films air structure that is, if we were to put in one of these dvds say, play, play movie and you play movie and play their film from their running day and then you have bonus features and under bonus features might be the engagement session the entire ceremony edited in its full or it might be attracts the dress video or something like that anything they would have had fusion related would be on the dvd as well. Okay, so it's not just the film and the packages that we give I like it to be a more of like a movie dvd case as opposed like I mean there was a beautiful decorative boxes you know when some beautifully printed this so actually like over image ing does disc printing as well as, you know, making matching cases and stuff like that that are gorgeous, right? Just because I market myself as like a movie making cinematographer for weddings, I do like to keep the movie case case aspect of that so I do this we shrink wrap our own dvds in house these air shrink wrapped we have a shrink wrap station it's a hairdryer so it's actually buy these bags on you slipped them in the back of the book protectors and then you use a heat press and it seals it and then use a heat gun and just drink it around which is fantastic way give us someone there are clients open the mail and they see this and it's like busting open into a nice new product where is he just delivered it like this like it's ok but it feels like it's been used almost buying used video alright get used you know but this this's somewhat more polished you know whether they get blue right activity we shrink wrap them in nice cases and then we present a pin them in nice packaging but the dvds themselves are nicely printed it's not like a paper label time inkjet it's actually a nice print if you guys consuming on that you might be able to see a little better it's a luster coding it's a nice high quality print I want my presentation to be nice so when the client gets their products after they've gotten great service and they've gotten a great product visually they're getting something tangible that's equally it's nice and it just keeps the client experience high the entire way through from the conception when we met all way through to the final deliberate they get a high quality product that's what we that's what we're really aiming for here so this is a great way for you guys to deliver just a fusion side short even if you're just doing regular slide shows you're an emotive there's a lot of content that you could really put on a dvd maybe you're going to do a fusion slideshow and give it to them on the dvd that you give them there low, medium or high res digital files on you could definitely do that dvd is the way that personally, as a photographer I burn the dvds I find it to be super easy you really just hit you goingto I'd dvd and hit magic dvd and it pretty much does the whole thing for you I self taught that to myself, so I'm pretty confident you guys could do that as well. Like I said, the magic dvd just like pick a theme and drag stuff into it and it works really well on burns perfectly and I actually even if it's not a fusion slideshow just slideshow dvd I charge one hundred dollars for you know for something that took a little time and cost a little amount of money so dvds are great options on the flip side of that even these aren't going away so you know within ten years I anticipate that this media optical media will be gone you look at the new the new mac book that came with the new mac book pro doesn't have an optical driving it, so david eat apples, having like, sort of foreshadowing the future. Yeah, optical media, you know, everything's going to be going the way of wifi streaming and, you know, internet download internet streaming, so we're going to see just starting to fade out on that's just my opinion, I think, but way still offer him for now, but because way consider that that's going to be a possibility. Downloading and burning is what we definitely offer to the client so they could do what they want with it when they get it. The other option is wait do custom logo flash drives okay, thes air a little bit on the expensive side, depending on your needs and what you know you're going to do with them. But it's really value added high quality presentation that the client is, you know, seeing when they get this. What we put on here is the final fusion or film product in its highest quality digital file, so we're not. We're gonna compress it, but it's not gonna be too highly compressed. I wanted to be better quality than blue, right? I wanted to be really nice, so we'll use either eight gigabyte or sixteen gigabyte flash drives they are a little pricey to have them printed up with your logo on them, but they really make an impact there's a million cos online that do these and just quote them out if you're interested in try to get a good price in the negotiate with them they are negotiable my shop the runaway fifty different companies until I found you know the price that I wanted to play them all against each other and that's part of the game when you buy in volume so these air definitely a great option there's a million different styles just I like a simple design simple style this is what I went with they make custom boxes custom packages for these what I tend to do is shrink wrap them right into the dvd so you know they'll have three dvds and their package when they open the package. The shrink wrap covers on the top dvd the shrink wrap covers both with a flash drive and a dvd and it's just nice it's like getting a prize in a cracker so that's that's the musical medium and that's about that's about as far as you go with the physical medium. So brandon flash drive we have delivered fusion products on I pods pods I've actually purchased an ipod touch and set up the fusion video on it, so when she got it all she had to do was hit play and it played her fusion video and it was this transferred the itunes and then they can do whatever they want to get a free ipod you know, she did have an icon before, so she called me I was expecting this and, you know, it's sort of like, you know, the client experience and a lot a lot of things like this, like, you might think I've had our ipad wow, well, that's really expensive, you know? But you know, if you want to do something like that, have that high end package that you have and throw that in there it's just going to be more value added for them but it's also a higher perceived value if you were adding in like an ipad or an ipad, they're not going to think himself so that's included in the price you know, they're thinking to themselves wow, like this is a really high end photographer that is offering this kind of thing that no one else is, so consider it that way as well as part of the branding exercise to make your you know, studio appear and be more high end. Did you want to do the demo? Yes, if you wanted to show I'll show it really quickly I can't actually burn notice, but you can get the idea is anybody here familiar with the dvd? I mean if you want you want to show you how to use this this is really good stuff knowledge because if you do want to deliver a physical medium this is gonna be so you're just going to go here tio I dvd on dh wait and you see what has created a new project and openings this sting project I just go to magic dvd because it does it all for me magic dvd I'm not gonna actually hit the burn but in at the end that is the last step and then you know you've got your title here creative lives on my diapers and then you pick your theme and I'm usually doing weddings so I go to the forever on it and then I just you just dry your movies here so I just dragged over the mp for that's one of the slide shoes if you have more than one you just keep drinking them over if you have photographs they're like say I wanted to give them all the photographs lips that were in the fusion slide show I can't just do drag those over and drag them into there so there's five slides they play is like a slide show on there yeah we're going to take him pulling out the dvds david a computer that can pull those office actual files and then you hit create project and does it really it'll create the motion animated menu template that he hasn't filling the drop zones that it has with some of your images so you'll see your images and might even preview is going teo so what you do you've got you know that your title the dvd here and then I'd like to change some of this so for movies I will probably change that that's the fusions light show so few jin's line shoes and then you could move around too if you want teo click out of it first move it around a little funky just takes the patient was playing real time hd video in the bag or lyon express stop playing stop okay it doesn't wanna listen and then you come here the slideshow is actually the actual photographs and you could put photographs here and then what you do is you just devil click on one and it's going to bring you to what that meant that movie looks like so maybe this one you want teo this is without audio so this is just now slide show one would everyone name it wedding or engagement session and in wedding day depending on what you're doing this's the same video in the slide show with audio but you get the idea and then I mean you could change this if you want to hear again there's little redundancies that put two things on the team and then to go back you just go to here burning at its simplest it really is super super easy and then you come back to the photographs I can edit that menu I'm going to drink that down because that was so uneven it does give you guidelines just given a guideline and said, oh no, you're even you could also remove the apple logo there apple likes to put the little branding on there but you could go into the menu just pull out and all you can going to the preferences menu dvd preferences uh believe show apple logo watermark okay, I learned something new today so my wedding day so you see it's just really, really easy I mean, you could change the fun if you want to change the size everything on my slide show we'll just put and if you don't click on their actions show you what's going on you really producing who'll lose stuff around and if you want to look at it and kind of like a linear fashion this flow chart loach are kind of shows you where things were going. It really is I mean, I used to be on core to do buy more complicated dvds for my films and it's way or complicated this and as photographers offering little pits of video, you don't need to go crazy with the dvds I mean, in my opinion who's going to care you know, as long as the packaging looks great on the product itself is good. This is secondary dvd menu in my it's, just a menu. And then when you're done, all you do is you go down here and click burn, but I probably don't have a dvd in there. Wait, who we do in someone back, frantically trying to get another and that's it, and then you burn it. And when it is done being burned to actually ask you if you want to bring it again. So if maybe you're making this dvd for the bride and groom and mama, dad and grand parents or whatever, maybe you could just keep burning them again really, really easily. And then you can save the project and come back to it later. If you want to sew, that is pretty much as faras burning a dvd. That was pretty, pretty, very simple. It's, really simple tactic. You know any questions about the dvd burning things like that, its greatest going keep moving and get into some of the marketing. We do have a question from jeremy. Is there an alternative to my dvd that you recommend my for macron? Yeah, yeah. There's a bunch there's nero that would be even recommend one for windows. There's toast. Well, that's mac the dhobi encore is another one yeah there's a million different tv programs out there ifyou're on jim you know just asks what uh what is your turnaround time for fusion generally within a about once a month or two depending we don't give them an actual turnaround time for that we just say it's objective because it's you know and add on things so usually we like to give them things in like little bits and peaces so rob and I will do same day edit and they watch that and they're really excited about that for a month and refuge in peace comes out and they're excited for that then I'm working with them on their album and their album is done and then find their film is done so it's a lot of little step we're trying to maintain the emotional high over the entire experience with so rather than just give him everything at once and then go oh ok, that was great in their high for a month and that's it kind of keeping strung out like drug dealers wait, I'm on the hook a little bit way tried to try to do that like you're nice a question from from dave tea is how do you present the video album to the client? Oh this one's actual physical album show it in the consultation a cz an album that they normally looks there ideally I would probably not even tell them that was, you know, a non normal album I would just let them flip it and open it and have it be playing at um anytime we deliver albums they usually get shipped to us first to review to make sure that they're hold good and then we deliver them to the plane right? I would preview the album blouse to them first and we review the video to them but it's not it's the more lessons not preview it's like here's your video online it will be included in your album or will be included on your dvd the first way we give it to lamaze online so they immediately start sharing it so their friends can immediately start checking out our websites thank you okay and um sam cox from loveland, colorado asked after you deliver the end product's what's your archiving strategy if a customer comes back wanting replacement copy, can you make one? Sure everything start online because we're doing anna moto's light shows so it just stays on the animal cloud way we need to pull it down again and re burning we have that capability we don't necessarily hold on tio large video projects once they've been approved by the client and delivered for my films for instance like this thing for hera bytes of data I'm not gonna hold onto that and they understand that it's in the contract so it's always there happy uh you know, within a few weeks probably gets the same thing with the photographs it's just like how we are kind of our funny dress you don't keep so much so I usually wait till they're album is done and the couple months after that and then I just keep the album files and then all their j pegs are actually on smugmug and they stay there indefinitely on my back great I don't have more to get to that way already talked about the movie poster was a little bit in depth what kind of a little bit good we're on a little bit well yeah way spoke about these these are just great way market these to the client is they come in let's say a client contacts vanessa and they enquiring about the and they say I was coming to meet with you vanessa will say, well, would you be interested in meeting with my husband as well? This cinematography if I'm available for the day and most of them will say yeah, sure, why not? You know, so way always encourage them a look at our prices first, you know, get a sense of what we charge because we're a little bit on the high end and we want to you know, not be sicker shocked when they come in there's otherwise they just waste our time and there's you and there's, you know, so we, you know, practicing with that. We usually send them some examples of just like our work online. So were sent into our video site or send them to our individual websites. Then when they come in, they see on the wall the movie posters on a metal on metal this were added pop. And when they come in it's always like this, they walk into the city. It was really nice. Hey, it's always like one of those names, and it draws a lot of tension, you know? Oh, those movie posters. And, you know, if you book the both of us today, you actually get that we should save that until the end, you know, at the end, you know, when we're because there's always that awkward moment when they go well, so why don't we get a free? Where is my thing you do to sweeten the deal, say, well, movie posters of five hundred dollars with both of us to get free. Five hundred dollars for free, five dollars in merchandise for free, sure and something that costs us a heck of a lot less than five hundred dollars. Now I was going to say and then when you create things like this for fusion it as a photographer putting something like this up it's like oh so tired for is doing a movie poster which will then be leading questions to you offering fusion as well because it's something that's out of the norm for photographer to be doing and again it applies tio putting it online and making sure that you know your work is in front of many people is you can get but again, like I said before, these things go online and people flip out because they've never seen anything like this no there's, no other photographer mrs irvin cinematographers in my area doing movie posters and I I had them in my workshops and I keep going why are you not doing it? Why are you still so stop hemming and all you do it? You know it's easy it's, easy and it's instant money and it really is instead of the book specious since you have the high res photos a lot of you know kind of a lot of cinematographers, irv, you are differs I can't do this because they don't have the high res photos and a screen grab blown up like that it's not going to work, but I've seen I know cinematography that'll bring a camera with um and just take one photograph during the photo session and you just posted that's that's fine, you know? But we really loved were such big proponents of these, and if you're not doing them, consider doing because they really are a huge boom in business, so we always kind of posters are about great. So again, we talked about the movie poster template when we're giving you one for free if you want for free, how did you get that again? If you haven't gone already can click on their time there. It's just vanessa and rob dot com and first thing that pops up is sq senate for a newsletter, which is full of tips and tricks, and it's called a photo fact newsletter, and I try to give useful generic and easy to understand information when I send these out and obviously, news updates on right now, if you sign up, you get a movie poster download right away, right when you click submit it's going to direct you to download a movie poster right before what I was kind of demo ing the movie poster template there's one thing I didn't really talk about and that you can actually customize it add things to it, so if you want to add your logo and you want to add a little couple graphics down the bottom, in front of you adami you know these things air you khun go more than what is just there so it's a good starting point if it doesn't it's just a good starting point exactly so we're doing this so delivering products physical fusion albums we talked about this a little bit video book company these are the guys that we are yeah and I just wanted to point out here that working with your current album company this book appear this is a tour book this is a book that it's one of my high end books it actually has imported leather from italy and beautiful beautiful canvas ripped edge paper around it and they were able to take this and this is actually her fusion slide show this is job that rob did not work with me on and her sideshow was in the back of that so just do you have a contrast to the filming in the back of this one this is where that was just a job that I shot myself and then this one here this is an album where we actually didn't do the whole album but it was more of just like a cover in an album and just had one spread here where you saw this was a film and right next to the photographs all right, so this is a good example if there are some cinematographers out there this is actually just a screen grab and you don't have to go through the trouble of designing a whole album or hiring somebody to do it. This is just one screen grab from the video file and then they're actually videos playing there and we really like this because as videographers are cinematographers, your delivery methods and your product line is really limited, so this gives you an additional product that you can offer and make money off of as it was the only having you know, digital or dvd means so yeah, it gives you an opportunity struck into the photo world because you know, photographers unknown for the up cells and you know that money on the back end and this gives you that opportunity kind of reach out into that territory hey photographers are reaching in and doing video why not make it the other way around? A little bit too? Why not? So just something to think about? So wait have any questions about products before we get into prison? And did you wanted me out? Anyone in here again the good leading questions like that? One of the questions from p masters eighty nine forty one do you allow clients to replicate your dvds and videos for free or do you claimed copyright? Absolutely absolutely I'm not losing anything buy them a copy protection on far as I'm concerned that's their product I want them to have it and do it with it what you like with that said it's kind of interesting back in the day when I did used to copy protect him and I was charging more fortifications and reprints and duplicate prince I wasn't telling him and ever since I let it go now I sell or it's almost like cause I've given them the power to do themselves they don't want to do it like you know my brother just you do it how much you had a guy wasn't great before we flew out here I'm gonna need nowhere you were in the airport he goes hi rob got my devotees I can't believe what you've created this is unbelievable I would like to order a conservative order of six more one hundred seventy five dollars per disc duplication because you have the rule is it's sort of like whatever your cost is times it by three and that's what you should be charging that's what we do so it cost me you know toe water these with shipping it cost me sixty bucks and times it by three you know it all shaved attacks in all of discounted with tax makes it an even number or something like that so why not? I mean I saw a lot more dvds even after putting the power in their hands so absolutely loving but them burn in my yeah let them advertise for sure, but a question from denise burridge how do you use your smug mk account? Is itjust for presentation? Do you use it also has a website? Um yeah if you want to pull smugmug yeah, I used my sponge bag as my way of proofing all of my pictures to my client it's for the occasion session if they have a fusion peace good it's vanessa joy dot smugmug dot com dot com um and it's fully customizable you just click on one of the weddings irrigation sessions and it's all sorted. So just goto michelle and tory's fine, archie, I'm sorry yet. That's fine. So this one for example I just shot this wedding recently. It was like this past weekend and I do the same day at it. So the first advantage just mug is to do the same. They didn't have these pictures available online for purchase the night of the wedding works that really well so this's just wedding that was shot recently loved your flowers and and I use it for that and people can just go by and it's the handle all the print fulfillment. And then if you go back to the main page, you can see uh we're a thirst in the videos we're recently transitioning to smugmug because previously we had used video to host all of the fusion stuff in and robs videos as well as you can see we have a few videos in here and we're going to start adding way have my smoke account which I used to put on and what's cool a smuggler you customize the entire site like actually hired designer we're doing this right now hire a designer and make it look pretty much exactly like your website so it's not so gallery style like it is here but you were there weren't you yeah so I use it smug mode chance your question for hosting my photos and my videos and selling them as well good and like do you have to pay them or do they make a percentage out of the the foot of that they sell a little bit of both they have a very low yearly fee for pearl can't I think it's like one forty nine two hundred dollars something along those lines it's extremely low compared to similar products similar people that are doing the same thing that have a whole print order an order fulfillment in their on dh then they do take a commission honestly is so small I barely notice it they tell me what it is three percent is that what it is it's very small again compared to other print fulfillment sites that I'm not gonna name who actually take closer to ten percent of your commission so it's if they're really really great price for sure like a safari is you getting paid and things like that like direct because it they pay me direct deposit and every time I get it on order I get an email it says teaching baby somebody loves you and it tells me what they ordered and how much money I made mostly hope happens here I actually just said she thought it was spam the first time she got all right so if there are any more questions there's one ok, well there's a couple more but I mean we could have definitely answer them for sure cat m c p asks how do you sell the albums with the video in the back of the book? Do you sell it in packages up front or do you wait until the end enough so it's extremely new literally this is like the first of this prototype I have received s o I am looking to sell it as an add on I would probably sell as an ala carte I love being able to sell upgrades and something like this. If you offer that upgrade right after the wedding after they've received all those nice white envelopes and have a big chunk of money, they don't know what to do with it that is definitely a good way to do it I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly how much I sell them for allah card because it's dependent on where you're getting the album, because, remember, they're working with your album company. But, like rob said, used that three times rule on you, good ball, part's gonna vary. So, depending on what we spend on the opera cost for the album, plus the upgrade, determine what we're going to charge, right. So it's, a test it's, not cheap, you know, but, you know it's pretty inexpensive as faras, actually, just incident. But I'm in terms of what the court charts a client, because it is especially my product, but that's. Why selling it as an upgrade later, so they've already purchased. You know what you need for the actual album and print for that. So now you're just charge him as an upgrade, you know, tio put the player into it. So it's breaking up the numbers, I think, would be a smarter way to do it.

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Worth every penny and then some! i just purchased the course and can't stop watching it. I normally don't give such high praise, but these guys turn out a very high end product and are so efficient with their workflow. The class was so full of information, they walk you through the process step -by-step, and take the fear out of photo and video fusion. I can see how the thought of adding video to your workflow can be intimidating, but Rob and Vanessa do an amazing job of simplifying the process and showing you which programs and scripts will make your life easier. This is THE photo and video fusion course to buy if you are contemplating adding video to boost your sales. Great job and thanks to Creative Live for finding such great instructors!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent presentation. In your presentation you modeled appreciation, support, affirmation and humility in a way that was inspirational. These characteristics together with a depth of knowledge in your topic area gave it huge integrity. Thanks!

a Creativelive Student

They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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