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Editing Overview and Equipment Q&A

Lesson 4 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Editing Overview and Equipment Q&A

Lesson 4 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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4. Editing Overview and Equipment Q&A

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Editing Overview and Equipment Q&A


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Lesson Info

Editing Overview and Equipment Q&A

In general you don't have to be scared of today I think when we looked at that whole fears comment, editing and focus were probably the two biggest ones ending you don't have to be scared about you're not replacing videographers you are not creating a short film you do not have to worry about that you can just use these simple programs that I talk to you about before I didn't extend version of photo shop three four five or photoshopped six fusion effects in the fusion album builder that we use an emoto and way say, oh it's just use the simple programs and a lot of people are going with simple I don't know anything about them we're going to show you his whole first part is just giving you a glimpse into what is to come okay there's a lot of information but we just wanted to kind of outline it for you so you have a general sense of what we're going to cover and get an idea of what to expect in your note taking um or what you're gonna go back and review later on the basic things that we w...

ant you to understand that these programs will do that you're going to need to do with your fusion piece the first thing you want to always be able to do is trim the start and end points of your video clips because whenever you're pressing the camera you're going have a little bit of shake and you want to trim that and make sure the shape goes out or may be recorded twenty second video clip and only five seconds of it was usable because that's, when they baby, you know, crawled into focus or something like that. You want to be able to trim the start and stop points you want to be able to do color and exposure correction just like you do with your photographs. Because you spend all this time with your photographs, you need to put video next to it and make it match it needs to look good and have the same high quality on both of them. One of the great things about shooting video is you can make stills from your video clips so you can take that part where the baby crawled into focus and looked up at the camera and it was a video clip that you can grab a still photograph out of there. Granted, right now you're not blowing it up into a movie poster, but you can definitely use it in an album. You know, one of the smaller pictures generally around five by seven print you can make from it a little bit larger, more importantly for first on screen presentations is perfect because you grabbed a still grab from a piece of video and put it next to photographs on screen you know nobody will be able to tell what you know is whether it was a photograph of video grab screen resolution is so low that video this looks phenomenal on it especially when you scale it down and then the last thing that you were definitely going to want to do is batch export you're finished files have any of you guys ever tried you know like saving out rendering a video and it looks like your computer broke because it took so long it does take a long time so one of the things that you want to be able to do is bat surrender the video clips out because it does take a little bit longer are it does depend on your system configuration but depending on that roughly for every second of video that you have it's about one minute of rendering time in general in general and this is why we advocate the use of short video clips you should not be rolling on something more than ten, fifteen seconds ever and we'll talk about lots of little tricks to make your files manageable. Yeah and this is exceptions to that rule if you were making films if you were shooting ceremony in the vows that sort of thing you might want to hold onto longer if you had somebody dedicated do that but generally keep it simple for yourselves in the post production and keep it short keep it simple and then the last thing is a slide show program we use an emoto whereby and moto up and down all day long but you just some sort of program to put it all together we do only have ten minutes to get into video lingo we could push that to the next segment what are the questions looking like should we do that let's take a look okay wait how long is the video I like spending time on it ok yeah you take a few questions that should and break a little early great right any questions in the audience you guys are just like looking at me like we're ok we're some chairs I know this is your overview this is all the things and we're just introducing the names of some of these things for you and then we'll introduce what they actually do and then you can use them wei have some varying experience in the room to which is kind of like you know some of you are going to kind of already have a grasp of some of this information but we're going to really take it to a new level and give you a lot more what you really should know about each of those things which is really important so any questions at all from anybody wei have from eight espino again question for vanessa have you considered putting a gopro camera on top of your dslr? Yes actually wasn't for me but I did for christmas by rob a gopro camera and he actually just use this past weekend on trash address shoot where there was water involved because the gopro few guys weren't familiar with it is a small video camera and it is in case you can get your house it comes in a waterproof thousands ventress sportsmen for like snowboarders, skiers, water skiers and you know it's mounts on your head but what this gentleman was asking was, do we ever use it on top of camera? The interest really know because we're kind of just focusing on producing video with dslr however that is possible to do that and that is something that you could do they do make hot shoes for that you could just put it right on top of your camera if you want to you got to think of it this way though the gopro has a range of visibility of like I think eighty five to one hundred seventy degrees so it's like putting a ten millimeter fisheye on your full frame sensor you're gonna get a lot of image and it's going to it's going to be distorted we have a lot of distortion you know anything near using look distorted so if you're looking for that type of look yes that's something you can do generally that's we don't really fish people so we don't really do it I would not put it on top of my camera because it does not match the look of my photography, although I definitely recommend a camera in general because from this things like suction company cars and yeah, I'll actually use it. You know, weddings. They were traveling from one look into another's and pop it on top of the car. Put it underneath the car. So it's filming the roads we drive. I just did a photographer's promo video out of wisconsin, and we use them. They had the bridegroom in the water and I was able to get down in the water instead of renting of really expensive water for housing, which I wanted to do. But budget didn't allow. You know, we were able to just get down on the water with any get some shots and actually looks pretty cool. So it's not ever gonna look exactly. You know, it's not gonna look as good as a dslr, but for a quick shot or two, you can get away with it again. Should problems. Any other questions? Yes. I have a question of small questions about the years since we went over those from largo, s o does zuko? Does he find her double as a focusing screen for manual focus lenses? It actually does assist with focus everything we do shoot his manual so if you're looking through the camera through the lcd and you want to focus your lens in manual mode absolutely you can absolutely see what's going on you're seeing a digital representation of what's going on in the lens remember your lcd screen is giving you the video representation it's not slr you're looking exactly through the lens but you do have a sense of focus in manual focus so um it's going too hard I'm not tethered right just yet but yeah I can absolutely see my focus in there and it helps because the images will be a little bit sharper because it's magnified three times so as I'm looking at the image here you can kind of get a better sense again we're going to teach you how to shoot with confidence because it's very easy to go hey I've got a fifty millimeter one too let's open that sucker why open and you okay great I'm sure you get one too but nothing's in focusing on the tip of their nose and you don't want that video okay? You wanted to have that field you wanted to have a real cinema look with a nice depth but you don't want to be shooting it like one for unless you're really going for a look that says there's nothing in focus and then something is in focus there's nothing so generally there's we'll talk about what apertures to use when basically but having something like this definitely makes a huge difference in knowing and being confident what you're capturing at a time so tomorrow heart is ask from salem oregon asks do you have any experience with the fuji expro one video no it's a simple enough that was are you going to be showing us a couple questions about talked about my king the bride and groom him and about how to do that without obvious the mike being obvious yes were going whatever that extensively animal place segment on audio and then we'll actually be on the streets tomorrow the question yes or no it's about that but also I saw you guys have developed mama pulled there have a tripod it's among men too and I have a video head can you just try find video? Yes you can they used to sell a version of this that did not come with the head I don't believe they sell it anymore just bear I could be mistaken I know nina when he bought his it did not have the head so it just came like right? I had the same head but I wonder if I could just get the tripod and I would look around it's possible I don't know definitively for sure that's possible there are other mano paws on the market that air similar if you can't find this about how much is the run for with the head I believe this runs of being h for two seventy I want to say something like that but maybe the girls can confirm that for me I'm not sure somewhere in that neighborhood I think yeah being each does have it though so if you just go in there and google google who would go to be in each dot com and type in man fratto bhd v five sixty one four five sixty one phd there's that model number again oregon goto the fearless goto curious that's on our course that's even better that's embarrassed so yeah, I mean it's possible you might be able to find it without the head if you know that is your body concern anyone else have? One more quick question before we get a break is from just for your opinion from essential pj who's from asbury park, new jersey pj and he says I'm a deejay who wants to shoot creative fusion films for my video blog's I won't be selling this product rather using it to enhance the sale of my d j product I'm wondering what lens I should use for a rebel too tee too I had to get the best video brightness for the money so again maybe if people are are not doing this to sell us for their clients but maybe for birthday parties for their family what have you what just straight out shooting like I've seen a lot of you to do this they have like a sixty cannon sixty d and they're just shooting the party and then maybe like a testimonial, the running of the end for me and this is my opinion. The most versatile lens on the market for me is the cannon fifty millimeter one too it's also a two thousand dollar lens. Okay, but fifty millimeter range is great, so candidates a fifty millimeter one four they also make a lesser quality fifty millimeter one eight lens both will give you very good lowlight capability. It just comes down to the quality of the image itself, and color and saturation and brightness and tone is determined by your camera settings, so obviously the better the glass, the higher collar, the image but for him to answer his questions civically he's going to need a lens that works well in low light and obviously, if he's not using it to make money necessarily off the actual video, you don't want it to be too offensive, so I think the fifty millimeter one point four would be the best answer because it's roughly around the three, four hundred dollar lens on dh it's a little bit less expensive, but it does have low light capabilities which is very important for him, since he will be shooting mostly in the dark. So if you shoot me with that cannon and rebel, but definitely the cannon fifty one. Point four.

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Worth every penny and then some! i just purchased the course and can't stop watching it. I normally don't give such high praise, but these guys turn out a very high end product and are so efficient with their workflow. The class was so full of information, they walk you through the process step -by-step, and take the fear out of photo and video fusion. I can see how the thought of adding video to your workflow can be intimidating, but Rob and Vanessa do an amazing job of simplifying the process and showing you which programs and scripts will make your life easier. This is THE photo and video fusion course to buy if you are contemplating adding video to boost your sales. Great job and thanks to Creative Live for finding such great instructors!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent presentation. In your presentation you modeled appreciation, support, affirmation and humility in a way that was inspirational. These characteristics together with a depth of knowledge in your topic area gave it huge integrity. Thanks!

a Creativelive Student

They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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