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Movie Posters

Lesson 37 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Movie Posters

Lesson 37 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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37. Movie Posters


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Lesson Info

Movie Posters

We want to we want to talk about the movie posters a little bit because these air really great because now that we've built this nice image mix of photo and video it's placing your client something physical intangible to go along with that and that's why the movie posters they're so great because in addition to giving them something that's maybe on a dvd or a a flash drive or just delivered online giving them something like a big print to kind of set the theme of that and go along with it really is just value added and if you can actually get money for it obviously that's the best way to do it you want to do that? But we get such great reaction for the movie posters and I just want to show you briefly how we take one of our templates and then make it our own and remember nothing if you want to get a template for free right now just by going to vanessa and rob dot com and if you want to do is go along with us but we do that that is often should we use that one that we're giving them to ...

so we can kind of use that as a yes let's do that so then you kind of see how they were given the woman that we're giving you for free washington do it for you right now and that would be great, so in our movie poster packs that are available online if you purchased movie poster pack one or movie poster pack too when you unzip it the package you'll have a folder just similar to these for movie poster pack one and in there is four folders one for templates, examples the funds that you'll need and the documents that are supporting for the licenses now your funds if you have not when you download the movie poster, you may need to install the funds so you were just clicking your phone's folder and this click each one of these and have them installed on your computer okay, these are all free fonts, they're available online, you know no extra license is required andan your templates folder is where you would find all the five movie poster templates that come with the pack so the one we're giving you free is the one titled love can't wait okay, so this is the basic design all the text is customizable and we have this drop zone here, which is going to allow us to create that so I'm going first I think we actually have to install the fun so let me do is going here install these funds and when you click on them it's for on the mac at least it's a simple was a saying install fund okay, so I'm gonna go back out to mike templates and my love can't wait he's rps defiles the temple itself was simply gonna open this with the photo shop just give it a second load and love photo shops. It is pretty cool. So these are really easy to work with it's just a matter of this particular one there's only one image there's only one drop zone and I'm just gonna wait for load here way and I'm gonna just pull the tab down as I like to work with free floating tabs makes a little bit easier. Okay, so weigh see here that we know there's a drop zone for our image and we just need to go on ahead and select the image we're going to use for this now over and our layers tab I'm gonna close your actions because we don't need to use that right now and I'm just gonna open up the layers palette so we can see this a little bit easier now what you have here is if you're really unclear after this tutorial, you can just click instructions and by showing or revealing this instructions layer we have spelled out the instructions on how to do this right here, okay? If you're pretty confident and or you're just reverting back and forth toe working any instructions, you could just hide it again okay, that makes it pretty easy to kind of see what's going on. We've color coded our folders here so you can really get a sense for where the text is on different layers, all right, and the top text here would be the text of the names upon the top. Our main title is love can't wait and again, this is all customizable. The credits tab includes all the layers of all these people's names down here, the movie poster layers or the movie credits layer. I should like to put the bridal party and there are something along those lines. Parents yep, key players from the event or the wedding, maybe it's your technical crew, you want to give them a shout out and give them credit. You know you could do that to the bottom text would be the website here the bottom so he's got to give yourself a little plug on your movie poster and then your shape layers which comprise of the outlines and pink here, and other any other solids that might have been used in the in the creation of the movie poster itself. So we have a couple of white solids there, so down here on the bottom is the actual image. Ok, this is the image drop zone and the way drop zones workin photo shop it's fairly simple we only have one in this particular instance, so when I reveal the background image drop zone, we simply click on the thumbnail and it's just explaining to me because I think this version of it that we thought voter shop has this is the first time it's experiencing this so it just explaining okay, if you think any changes just hit save but working over that in a second, so okay, so now since I double clicked up double quick that layer it's opening up the drop zone in its entirety and you'll see it's the same size as the document, so all we need to do is put our image in this box, so I'm going to navigate to file open and I'm gonna grab one of venice's faves, so where would I find those picks? Picks done something going here and I'm gonna find a nice image that I think will work well for what we're trying to do here, and I think we'll probably, you know, obviously wanted something with a writing room so let's see what we got was hoping you'd just seen the bride you can if you want to it's purely subjective, you know, it doesn't mean I prefer to pump both of them on their impossible and we're just trying to find a nice shot here these are these are quite nice that's nice, too that's really nice on you know, whether you choose a de saturated image or a saturated image will really kind of determine the tone in the mood of the movie poster itself I see a lot of her images here are in black and white, so I'm just going to let you know what let's just use a black and white and I just want to do that I kind of like this one let's use this one so what numbers at zero seventy two and it was going to open that and remove the tab off to the side here just so I can see my drops on a little bit easier and I'm gonna grab my select simple and simply dragged my image over onto the drop zone. Okay, now these images air we is a relatively small so I mean ideally you're images won't be the small but you say, oh yes, sorry what we're going to do we have the scale you can see here that our image doesn't fit the drop zone, okay? That's because we're using very small images yesterday for the speed of the broadcast, so I use the free transformed tool which is simply command t on the mac I think it's controlled t young windows holding down the shift button I'm gonna grab the corner and drag it up and that's going to maintain the aspect ratio of the image and going to prevent the image from stretching if I don't do that see this is what happens we don't want that so holding shift and dragging it open and once I have it filling the frame I'm keeping in mind that the design of the movie posters only using the top half of the image so I'm gonna kind of frame it up it doesn't really matter if it's not filling the bottom remember wei have graphics that cover this whole area down here so I'm just gonna find a nice positioning for this and then I'm gonna enter and what that's going to do is finalized the stretch that I just did and then we're gonna just this is how you save the drop zone we want to save it to our movie poster so we just go to file save and watch this when I closed the drop zone window click and so you just close the template so I didn't okay there we go there it seems inside the movie poster now it's a little bit too high I think I need to make an adjustment here so I'm gonna go back into my background image drop zone and I'm simply gonna moved out the layer down more right about there I'm gonna hit save on the drop zone so file on my mouth's a little closer see and then when I closed that you'll see that the image has now been changed here so that was pretty good I'm kind of happy with that so now we're ready to start making the changes on the text and this is very simple I'm not going to go through make changes on the entire thing because I would take way too long so let's say for example we want to change the main title let's say you've thought of something more clever or something that's more personal to your bridegroom or whatever it is you can simply just go to your main title tab and we have to layers here to text layers one that says love can't wait which is obviously our main title and one that says sometimes to love gets tired of waiting to be found we can change that as well so with our textile selected we simply grab this and let's just say we're going to make this their name so it was dawn right dawn and let's just change the pink text to maybe the am present and then demon right the very simple and since all the funds have been installed on our computer photo shops not freaking out telling us hey where's the funds okay this fought down here on the bottom for the credits is probably one of my favorite bonsai using a lot it's called steel tongues actually know that I'm sorry this one's called universal accreditation this is the actual font that they use on real movie posters to do the credits and it's a free, fun it's available online, but we've given it to you in our movie poster pack, and you're simply going to change the names. All this is done in capital's, so I'm going to make this say, rob adam's films presents a and they usually use like the bridegroom's last name or something like that, so we'll go to like, I don't know what their last names are, so we'll call it dawn and dema production. I'm doing it again. This is just my personal way of doing it. You may find it healthy, but whatever, and then what I would do is just go back down here and change all the texts we've even said down here, where the names are meant to go for the bridal party list the bridal party names here, leaving two spaces between each name and always be sure to leave the spaces. We do that just to kind of fill in the text here to make it look aesthetically nice, but that's, what we would want you to do when you fill this in. So leave a couple spaces between the name mes and guys that's relatively it for the movie poster. Okay you would change the names up here on the top fairly simple when you go to save it out and this is kind of an important step and this is listed in the instructions tapas well, you want to merge all these layers because if you see this is j peg right now it's going to be a huge file because it's saving all this data all these different layers you have so I would say that once is a psd don't overwrite your template give it a new name you could save it as uh just put it on the desktop just for stay here just call this dawn and dema layered yeah, whatever doesn't matter and it's safe and now we're gonna merge gonna flatten the image for a jpeg so we're simply going to appear to image or I'm sorry layer did they move it around on me on csx I think you just scroll down on layer so like oh that's down there that's what you really go to flatten image and it's going to flatten the entire thing is going to ask you if you want to discard your hidden layers to say yes that's fine and now you can say that is a jpeg and when you do that it'll be a manageable size j paige it'll be twenty four by thirty six the image so you know twenty four with thirty six height at one fifty resolution you can change this if you want to and make it bigger smaller however you want to do it it's fine and then it's print quality and then you can deliver it to your client like that were sent it off to a lab and have it printed up so pretty simple, pretty cool all the movie posters follow the same technique as faras customizing them some of them have more than one image some of them have five of them that four simple home require composite so that's basically the movie poster in touch yeah, and while if anyone here has questions about that, I'm going to see for inamoto video's done any questions? We're going to tell us exactly how you use the poster. Is this something you sell when they purchase the fusion video or how do you say that's? A great question. What we do is we offer the movie poster as a incentive for free if they will both finesse and I because we know if they're booking both of us they're spending quite a bit of money we want to make sure we're giving them something that's value added for free so we will throw in the design in the print it's a five hundred dollar value if somebody comes to us after the wedding and let's say they booked both of us on dh, then they customise their packages to a point where that didn't really apply anymore because they weren't spending enough money, you know, it's kind of like we have this thing where it's like there has been a certain amount in order to get the free promotion andi wanted to wanted to have it created its five hundred dollars, for the design and the print print costs, what, four hundred forty six dollars or something like that forever imaging and such good prices that I don't even have to look at him, I just know they're good. So what we'll do is we'll prove it to the client first, we'll send it to them to make sure all the spelling is correct is the last thing we wanted to. We have to go back and make changes, so we will prove the movie poster, they just attach it to an email and low cross and low res and just let them look at it so they can't steal it, go print it out, they would maybe they will. So once we have, once we get the approval, we send it off to the lab, and then they drop shipped directly to the client, so we don't have to get in on roll it, repack it, they send it a nice poster tube directly to the client, no flat, flat flat with that comes in a large box that's, right? So, that's, how we basically for the most part, do it at any time. They can come to us and just have one made, even if I wasn't the videographer. And they just want one, because they think it's cool. Vanessa can make a few. And they say they had a fusion piece. They could just come back at any time and purchase it. Buy it because we have the images, and we have the rights that the image, so we could do it.

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They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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