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Preparing Audio

Lesson 26 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Preparing Audio

Lesson 26 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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26. Preparing Audio

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Lesson Info

Preparing Audio

Let's, talk about audio first this way are our viewers can kind of get a sense of how we prepare right before everybody comes in, because audio plays a really big role in what we're doing and let me just move this down here so it's out of the way and we'll get right into the audio aspect of things. Okay, so the key thing to remember is we have to think about what's gonna happen during this reception. We know there's going to be introductions. We're djs going or a band leaders in talking the mike. We also know there's going to be a first dance. We know there's going to be parents, dances, and we know especially that there's going to be toasts and for me and for fusion and infer my films. The toasts are huge. They make up big that make him a big portion of the day because we want to make sure that that element of the story and that dialogue gets included. So audio is key with that, and just having a camera and a microphone on top of the camera is not going to be enough. That's going to s...

ound like room sound is going to sound like it's just bouncing off the walls it's not going to sound like it's close to the mouth and as we talked about on day one a little bit the way to get good sound is to make sure that your mike is this close to your source is possible so we're gonna take a couple different approaches here we're going first we're going mike up the key players so whoever is going to be giving a speech is going to wear a microphone all right? So in a minute we're going to make up we do have with us today a mother of the bride who is going to give a speech and she's been given a speech to read and we're going to mike her up and that would be my a source for that like that would be the ideal thing to have on her because that microphone is going to be close to her mouth it's going to sound really good hopefully this mike that's on me is picking up my voice nice and clear that is what we would be hoping for from that microphone to back ourselves up somebody it asked in the cuban a of the last session whether or not we actually backup our sources and the answer is yes because if we don't have that audio we lose that entire portion of the story and it's so vital toe have that for the film and even for your fusion piece, and you're going to see tomorrow how we tied it in, but we'll take a tap line right out of the band or the deejay sound sound board. We do this using a couple different methods, so I'm just gonna run and get my audio gear. You just wanted to elaborate a little bit and that I'm actually going to go over here to the head table because we have more stuff happening over here and grab a few details shots of this, all right? And then I think we'll have the mother of the bride can get ready because she's going to come down and be mike soon, just grab some detail shots here. I love these floral lots of different close ups that you can use as backdrops are really great to backgrounds, rather in your album nice and I love I shoot all these air the really shallot up field too. I did not mention that usually the bride and groom have champagne glasses that are special, these usually look really great with some good flare behind them, and I really I take the same approach was a little bit too late, I take the same approach to shooting my photographs at the bridal session as to do the reception I want to keep the same type of background. The same type of look to them used. I want them all to match when it comes to their album, do one more. The focus can be a little tricky area. Got someplace some toys over there? Yes, I do have my audio gear. We're going to get this ready here. Okay. So about sometime during the cocktail hour, we have to start thinking about audio for the for the toasts. And by this point, I usually have had attack run into the deejay. And I do that by using this device. It's called an adderall or roland are forty four and it's, a four channel xlr, high quality digital field recorder. Alright. And generally, we just plug right into the deejay sound booth using an xlr cable. And then we adjust the settings for that input. Right here on the front there's some great tutorials online on how to use these devices. This is a pretty expensive device. It runs for about eight hundred fifty dollars, depending on where you go. But the pre amps and the electronics in here really creates a beautiful sound. Eso it really it's a work horse? It doesn't overheat. It runs on standard double a batteries were we just plug it into the wall, and then it records right tio sd cards hd sd card so really nice good unit there's other units out there that are a lot less expensive that you could use to theirs the zoom age for n task and makes I think the gr one hundred which is the two channel mixer so there's many many different ways to do this so this would be with wherever the deejay is and this would be tapped into a system and remember guys for those you're looking at that like it's a piece of alien equipment like I do sometimes this is definitely the more advanced part of audio so this is something you probably want to tackle after you feel comfortable both shooting a cz well is using the audio with the off camera microphone not tend to your camera right? So this is the more right so I mean if you want to start with a more simple method just go with making them liking the person up someone actually mike up to the mother of the bride here in a second you'll be able to see how it waken bring your over sure come on in you're on watch your step mom is looking fabulous oh my goodness look at your hearings great so what we're gonna do here is I'm actually eleven us to do this because I usually I have a female assistant and always good to have a female assistant to mike up women because you know it's you know makes you a little bit a little sensitive right can be so lost equipment so what I have here in my hand and this is this is a body recorder this is the task cam d r o seven mark too okay? And double a batteries ones of double a batteries records right to an sd card it's a critic too good quality one it's not the best out there but it actually gives me great sound in conjunction with a really, really good high quality laval ear microphone the microphone amusing is the tram t r a m tram fifty tr fifty and they're both separate right you buy the mic separate from the in her own right. The recorder itself past quarter itself retails for about I think one hundred thirty bucks something like that and the microphone itself is a little more high quality that micro micro itself is about almost three fifty they're really high quality mike's you can get cheaper quality microphones but the thing with audio and I think we said this yesterday was you get what you pay for so if you go with a radio shack cheap mike you're going to get radio shack cheap sound so just keep that in mind I spend as much as you can as much as your budget will allow you for good audio you'll thank yourself later absolutely okay so I'm not gonna get too far into the specifics on how to use this particular device because all of the devices are operated a little bit differently okay so I'm just gonna have it rolling what I do is I always make sure that the device is rolling and that the hold switches enabled there's ah hold switch on these which means once that's going once the whole switch is in place I can touch all these buttons and it's not going to stop recording and that's really important a lot of times you make up a best man and you know he takes his jacket off and he throws it down and he puts it back on does this a couple times looking for his speech and you know with honors right on and if you don't have a whole switch is a good chance is gonna hit a button is going to stop recording so we don't want that to happen we generally might people up during the cocktail hour and we don't get much resistance from this we get a lot of people who were actually excited about it so if you just explain to them that it's for the bride and groom and make sure you tell them it's not going to broadcast their voice and that this is not the mike that the djs gonna hand them because the deejay will hand him making a lot of times they'll say well I'm already mike so just make sure he knows that this is for the this is for the video. Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna have you just clip this on the top of her dress and just have to tuck the wire down in there and then we'll find a way to clip it on the back. I don't have any vote clips on these. Yeah, I'll take that for right now. This way we could just do this now. We obviously wouldn't do this on the dance floor. You have done well in advance. You in the privacy of a room? Yeah. That's fun. Yeah, I'm just gonna move what I'm doing here. And I know it's kind of hard for you guys to say I'm just making sure that the microphone itself is facing in the upward position because the way it's going to clip onto her dress it's going to be straight down on her dress we want make sure the microphone is pointed up in these mikes swivel, which allow you to do that and you'll notice the way that he also wrapped the cord around here. And he does that so that it doesn't easily pull out and get messed up so you don't want to be able to do that and security there, we're gonna go right here and this is okay here in the center all right, we're going here, and then they could tuck the mike in the wire, the wire in you see that kind of checking in all right? And this kind of work because she's got a nice ruffle here, we can hide this right this way ruffle it in and a lot of times, like rob said, we would do this during cocktail hour and sometimes have, you know, I'm going to the bathroom and do that. All right, exactly. And I don't have a clip on this particular microphone because these were we just ship these out here to seattle, but I mean, I usually have clips and pockets for these but clip on the back of her dress, and it wouldn't be much of a deal for what we're going to do right now, you know, when she comes out here later, I'm just gonna let it hang or am I just sticking in the side there? So I just want to show you that because that's, what we would do with this point and then when she comes out later on, we'll just test it and just make sure it's still rolling and everything.

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Worth every penny and then some! i just purchased the course and can't stop watching it. I normally don't give such high praise, but these guys turn out a very high end product and are so efficient with their workflow. The class was so full of information, they walk you through the process step -by-step, and take the fear out of photo and video fusion. I can see how the thought of adding video to your workflow can be intimidating, but Rob and Vanessa do an amazing job of simplifying the process and showing you which programs and scripts will make your life easier. This is THE photo and video fusion course to buy if you are contemplating adding video to boost your sales. Great job and thanks to Creative Live for finding such great instructors!

a Creativelive Student

Excellent presentation. In your presentation you modeled appreciation, support, affirmation and humility in a way that was inspirational. These characteristics together with a depth of knowledge in your topic area gave it huge integrity. Thanks!

a Creativelive Student

They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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