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Shoot: Senior Portrait

Lesson 13 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

Shoot: Senior Portrait

Lesson 13 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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13. Shoot: Senior Portrait


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9:00 am - Introduction to Vanessa and Rob


9:30 am - What Is Fusion?


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Lesson Info

Shoot: Senior Portrait

Tyler come on over here is looking all dapper with a scarf on uh ready ready black checkered vans I do like the vans very cool you'll notice that the light has changed and none of this is gonna be handling the shoot she's gonna be shooting a photo and video by herself so you guys can get an idea of how she how do you do this if you're a one man show we have opened up the natural light in here and it's nice good like you give that to you so rob is going to be acting as my assistant today, which is just fun but normally I would be shooting this with one camera so what you are going to see happen that's a little bit different from how I would normally shoot this is rob is going to beholding the camera that has the mono pod on it because remember we have to do the tethering with the extra video camera equipment here so you guys can see what we're shooting in the video live and if I took that cameron held it sideways hutch is going to imagine so way back and forth so the thing you can do th...

is however personally I would keep the one camera on with a quick release plate and just take on and off the mono pod normally, however, some people might actually like the option of just having to cameras and you can just have your one camera that you're shooting stills with and your other camera that you're shooting video clips with so a little out of my element, but might be right in the element for some of the guys. All right, so we do have everyone else shooting here and what I'm going to do, what I always like to do, the people that I'm photographing is get them comfortable first, so I haven't do things that are natural I'm not gonna ask tyler here, who knows karate and, you know, does backflips to do that first, all right? Well, we are going to do is I'm just gonna have you sit first, all right? So you're just going to take the guitar, have a seat and what this also does not only helps can be a little bit more comfortable, and you could just kind of figure pluck away there and just hang out with your guitar and, you know, he could do his thing, but I need to get my exposure. So this is the first thing I do, and I'm gonna let you guys kind of look over here. I like getting my exposure in live you so I take a look at what I'm doing get my explosion live, you and then, like we said before, we can get a white balance and live you also so then a few seconds without even having to take a picture I use my live you and we're done so you want to work with your strengths first remember we are photographers let's not short start shooting video right away let's start with our photographs so you just keep doing what you're doing it is awesome I kind of get a few shots this way nice love higher looking down always give a little bit of encouragement and then you really want to make sure that your sequencing photographically just like you sequence video so he's doing the same thing, but I'm going to get a lot of different angles and I think you guys can see some of these photographs and I'm going to get in and I'm gonna get wide just I'm using my fifty right now and I'm at four hundred one sixty upon my shutter and two point five on my aperture and my white balance is fifty four your four hundred four hundred love that and the time you just kind of look at the window on that side perfect and then looked down at the guitar from there to keeping your head be it love that gorgeous, gorgeous stuff and then I'm pretty obsessed with details being a wedding attire first so the details here with his hands on on the guitar I love the fact that we got turquoise guitar here awesome, so I'm going to keep him in this situation and are you good on the think so all right, so I'm going to switch with you normally she would just now be taking the camera the mono pod in the monologue just clipping it on and now she's ready to shoot but you know, because of the technical limitations here we just want oh, we're just we're using two different cameras all right? And I'm also using a different different feel the focus there nice, so I'm just going to record him just basically playing here got a nice still shot there and then I'll move I'm going to keep sick sequencing here thank you. Young people are great to work with because he'll just keep doing his thing, you know and, well, this film it's not like somebody who's really conscious of the camera he's kind of just hanging out, enjoying himself and entertaining all of us with notice how she's using one notice that she's moving around yeah, all different angles kind of thinking three sixty there you will not be shooting with cords guess actually kind of dangle this works and I'm not too sure about the focus here, so again, I'm using my magnifier tool to make sure that his face isn't focus and I believe there we are notices she's holding camera close to her body you know it's really she's not holding it out here she's really kind of got it in a little bit one of things that this's like my favorite tool here because I can just kind of tuck it under there you get a nice clean shot look up again like that the window was awesome nice and kind of look down to your right hand right on the other hand you did just perfect so one of the techniques with focusing other than magnifying is that rack focusing and I would love to do that now because with this guitar I could get a really great rack focus with hiss can so if you want to just stay on that cord there thanks just keep playing little set up because of the monitor we usually don't use the monitor like this so I'm going to focus on his right hand kind of looking at the strings there, make sure you focus said they record kind of climb up to the mother and baby nice job steady she is that really makes a big difference in the quality of it that was moving around and shake you wouldn't have the same appeal right and all honesty I stopped talking because I'm holding my breath and you could do it a few times to get that got this cool slider of his feet in the hat yeah, we're really enjoying that. So I'm gonna have you do we're gonna do a pre focus shot while I'm here, so if you could you're just going to start with the cords down there and then end up appear for may, all right? Reduce times kind of go back and forth. You can see I was just coming up into focus, challenge and go up and then just slide all the way up to the top. That's, right? Boring froth perfect. I love that. So what else is great? Is that she's recording audio? So you're hearing that and that you might be able to use that creatively in some way. Yeah, so just the fact that she has the audio recording he was gonna let you pop this off for me and we'll grab a slider shot here, here, hold up now, if you haven't stant again really, really great, because while your assistant is sitting here popping the mono pod off and throwing it on two there you go. You need to take another picture. And again, this is a little bit slower than we usually oracles were working with some wires and you know, we're usually very quick when we're doing this, but again, you still get the get the general idea nice, and then tyler, you're gonna cover me because I know mom is going to really appreciate a photographer of your picture of you looking at the camera nice and then look out there towards the light and just move your eyes back to me perfect big cheesy smile love it nice your slider said when you were all right so when it comes to the slider you know what, babe? I'm gonna let you do that because I'm in a dress all right? So basically what I'm doing here is I'm gonna do a couple of different slider shot's just gonna unlock my slider the way these work is you really wanted to make sure you get a nice smooth for movement for like three seconds or so so I'm just gonna start my camera rolling and then I'll usually do this three or four times so I could just keep playing and I want to have an emotion there looking good cool so I'm just kind of grabbed a slider by the bottom here and I'm just gonna do a little bit of motion and he's just giving his feet you know you've kind of crop down you guys can see I'm not of you just getting a little bit of the guitar in there and one thing to notice actually while you're looking at what he's filming you wantto press record again there I just wanted to let you see the gray lines on the top and the bottom there that is actually your crop that's your sixteen by nine crops, so when you're filming, you want to make sure that everything that you want in your film is within that crop range things that our great bars there on the top bottom or not going to be in your film? Yeah, I sort of got used to playing with in that aspect ratio, and I kind of know where my shot's gonna be composed. This is a cool little shot next was cool bands and love that and the wire there, rob, can you just snap a picture? What you can do also while you're filming is snap a picture while you're filming and you don't recommend it all the time because he's going to slide right to where I know the picture is he can just take a picture and then it's going tio, if you're on a nikon, it stops reporting and then if you're on the cannon it's going to continue recording, but kind of like a second little break and there it is, there's your still photos. I'm also really like the way his foot is tapping here, so I'm just gonna just gonna go over here for a second and this is kind of cool I like doing this with sliders like moving over objects a lot of the time it looks really cool, so I love that yeah again rob just look for the action with his subject not necessarily the action of the camera moving around so now mister rolling so what I focus on the pull back and notice how it is pulled back and focus again again pre focusing just keeping and then while I'm here and while he's doing that to let you know what you guys were going to do next I'm gonna have you guys here do you're going to take a picture that is nice far away of him and then the exact same crop but video so you don't even have to move you can just set your exposure take a couple pictures and then go right into video if you don't have a stabilizer with you go ahead pop it on the floor and just hit record so basically up here I've just got this cool little slider shot I love the different angles at school and you how long did that take us to death with limitations we'll be working for like five minutes you know and we got about six or eight awesome shots we got three or four really good video shots and how many photographs did you take you way out here so thirty there you go so why don't we have you guys come stand up pick a spot we'll just see what this way way kind of come just taken arc this way does that work for everyone else, all right. And then just get a nice frame shot get a good picture of tyler jamming out here get your exposure exposure was four hundred on the one sixty shutter speed and right now I'm at two point two on my after I love shooting so get your two or three pictures there and then go ahead and switch over to your video mode and we know you don't have everybody doesn't have stabilisers so since you handled this so you get a sense of using the video these your surroundings there's cherish here you can put the camera on the charity of yourself a bit more steadiness you can put yourself against the wall over here to study yourself a little bit more you go right on the ground which we got people going on you got this chair's abuse the arm of the chair is properly doubles up on it if you don't want to go straight down on the ground use the chair yes so but it's nice you can really use your surroundings to your advantage one thing that really enhances videos foreground any time you have an opportunity to use foreground to your advantage definitely do that surely helps with focusing and getting some depth into your shot here it's just add cem cem foreground don't ask why there would be a basket apples on the floor like that sounds like a good band name perfect jazz apples with you has apples I love it, and then why you're getting a few shots with the video in there? If you see a shot you like from that angle, you can just press your shutter button and grab a photo as well. Remember, you're in manual focus, so make sure your focus is spot on before take the photos. There's no lot of focus on that shutter speed haven't moved your camera auto focus and then just start recording auto focus in your camera mode, the regular camera mode, and you're focused on them ready if you don't move your camera and time was not moving too much. Thank you, tyler movies, you can just flip over into your video mode and start recording, and you're ready and focused. All right, I'm gonna let tyler move a little bit. Thank you very much for I love that we have a musician here, so come on, head stand up. I'm getting with this a little bit this way, I think all right, I'm gonna have you stand and rob here has a reflector for those of you who are at home, who might not be able to see, we just have a beautiful set of windows here, something in all this side light, so the reflector is going to be awesome in this circumstance so we can just let in a little bit more light and fill in his shadow side of his face. And I love how you're holding the guitar that just screams details from a so thank you few pictures like that. And I want you go ahead and look towards rob there, all right? Perfect. And then looked down again, I love it and then up at me and then up towards the window, I love making people kind of circles because you get a lot of different expressions and a lot of different face angles. Perfect. And then up to me again. Nice. I mean, have you go ahead right by the wall and just lean against it? And then I think, can I move that far along? We could try to get you out here. Look this way. All right? So one of the things that I'm anticipating here and I know rob is going to use the reflector to fill in his face. So it's okay, not facing us side, but this wall has such a nice texture that I'm already planning my rack focus shot here of focusing following the brick wall until I get to tyler's face let's, use the solar side, so I love how you're leaning here, just kind of d'oh. On the other hand, in your pants pocket. Nice. And then you can just turn towards a ball this way, way. Love that. You don't have to troll in, lean against it and give a little perfect, and then I can see already. The way that I'm going to rack focuses, and I'm changing my exposure. Just my shutter is going down a little bit, and you can look actually towards rob there. Perfect.

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Excellent presentation. In your presentation you modeled appreciation, support, affirmation and humility in a way that was inspirational. These characteristics together with a depth of knowledge in your topic area gave it huge integrity. Thanks!

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They were good as 'teachers'.Well organized. Rehearsed!! but they are also good at selling. I think this whole course was a big Ad campaign in a way for their sponsors like Animoto and especially for Their actions!! It actually turned me off. Felt like they were trying to sell me something- A live infomercial. Nothing against their work though.They gave you just enough info and tips but the rest really depends on their fusion actions and your skill. They Definitely get you excited to create your own though!

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