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The Fusion Album Q&A

Lesson 42 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

The Fusion Album Q&A

Lesson 42 from: Photo + Video Fusion

Vanessa Joy, Rob Adams

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42. The Fusion Album Q&A

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Lesson Info

The Fusion Album Q&A

So rarely asks can you explain is it luna picks yes it's luo and a p I x dot com lumen picks I believe yes olympics dot com and then the program that he uses actually called photo fusion I believe it's five point was the version that's available for pc and mac and it's fantastic it's the fastest and easiest album building software that I have because although I do outsource my albums to my storybook romance dot com like I mentioned before for stuff like this fusion albums or for guest books engagement session guest books I will actually do that myself because you know they're smaller there ten spreads quick stuff and well see subjective so I'm not dealing with album changes and things like that afterwards so I will use photo fusion for that you know it reminds me of like a simple easier to use version of adobe in design yes but that's how fast it is it's really quick for doing like multiple image page leo's yeah, very, very quick I highly recommended so think I'm trying to understand h...

ow everyone's questions but j j camera says where can I find the action? Teo input the video um sandra photo what version of photo shop can this be done in good so with anything having to do with video you have to have cia six regular version or the extended versions of cs three four or five just that's the way a dhobi did it that's the way they design photo shop so they only duck video capabilities in the extended versions of three four five however they want stuff made the regular version of photo shop six ableto handle video right and you could find the action the fusion album action builder said yeah dot com ns and rob dot com from oko creative life forty four years old you all their circus stories asks what are your suggestions for those of us who used presets instead of actions for making the video match the still image priest? It was kind of presents that's what we don't like I don't know maybe circus maybe like tell us labor four all answer by saying this if you something like the presets lightly four has the ability to affect video clips as well you can open up video clips enlightening for and you can apply your light presets to the video clips I think there are restrictions as well there's some limitations but I think for the most part you can do that and then you would export them out of my room as video files and then bring them in to the fusion out booth question was to make the match him assuming he means aesthetically to make them look the same you know, just do the same actions that were pre sets that you're doing to your photos did your video clips and you know you have to look at it that's part of definitely being an artist is eyeballing that kind of thing to an extent and looking at it and making it look how you want teo are even making it not match if you want teo you know, putting some things in black and white and then having that pop this color on the pager we're actually considering another version of fusion effects which little possibly this is all speculative at this point we're hoping to make a version that would allow them to import their own actions in the preset buttons they're so they'd be able to do that as long as the action or the preset is based on a chess players think we showed you before you before you have the ability to create your own little custom hot buttons so something that might be coming down the line no promises but yeah fashion here will you tell me one more time when you placed the video onto the j paige there was you had to adjust underneath the wing of time and I don't want hand where the tomlin was set for the original j pay toward the movie doesn't imagine lane that's a great question we're happy tio illustrate that is that is probably the most confusing thing about this so more than happy to show that I will go into my spread three here do spread three can zoom out so what he's asking is what is the default length of the jpeg when it's brought in the default length of its not here because it's not here, you would have to click create video timeline and you actually don't want to do that because it'll it'll mess with your actions set here it's different, but depending on which version photo shop six automatically detects when you are putting a j and a video file together, so it seems that I have observed the few times I've worked with six that it actually matches it up for you the length of the video clip the longest video clip matches of the j peg but if you're putting into video clips, that might not be the case, which is what I can actually show you right now. So let me show you that that makes help a little bit, so I have my spread here, this's, another strategist wanted insert my first video clip that's my even size reminder, so I'm gonna have the first one that looks like I could match that up nice we'll go there and we're just doing the first part and I know you have to fail shots that I really, really loved in your video clips, so the first one there's one put that one up top and then begin to resize it no, not too bad of my aspect ratio guess er hit enter there again giving me that black border and here is where it was talking right now there's only one one layer in here because right now it's just the one video clip and then the video clip length is just shy of five set you could see down the bottom there was his four seconds and zero frames and this is fifteen frames so that informant marco before seconds in fifteen frames while that's almost it's just about half twenty four it's a twelve twenty four so you're just shy of five seconds there so right now that j peg is that link the best first video clip that you put it? So what happens now if we put it in a longer video clip? Right? We're short I'm not sure what you're sure find out, so I did I did it and I'm going to go into my district it's our additional videos and it's going to take it they're basically the same process that's just a little different of a back end there there's my second one I'll put there and you can see already on the bottom how it's making the foreground I'm going for a rare layer and then this west me to choose my video clip and grab the one the other veil shot that silhouette there, so in essence you wouldn't want to use you wouldn't want your long this video to be two seconds. It's is going to be too short. So you want to use a video clip that's four or five seconds to make sure that this page spread stays that long in its entirety. Right? So now you can see now you have a good example on the bottom where we have and zoom this out. So you do see? See how the one on the bottom that video clip is shorter than the one on the top and you can see in the main part now we don't see that first video clip on top, but if I go back to my place and there it is, okay, now we have it, but then it disappears, so you're going to trim it and move that play head over to the shortest video clip. Otherwise, at the end it's gonna be oh, black yes, this is getting there's two ways you can trim, you can either no terms for you does turn before so all you're doing is dragging the play head over until that part where you see both of them towards the end and then it will trim that for you and you can see this end part here has trimmed it, and it's moved over congratulations. And will render that video so yes you can see that layering almost like and I'm moving when we were looking at that layering before everything in video is layer layer layer layer well that's a rendering do we have any other questions and uh in the checked always question so if you could just clarify for folks because I think we're throwing a lot around a lot of gems and different products so mayor is asking is fusion fusion effects when your sight different from from the this fusion hold builder album builder actually no sorry and then that person is asking about the adobe fusion albums are for but first let's start with let's start with your products and the different ones that you shout I'll explain the difference how can you offer three different products essentially we have with fusion effects which is the photo shop spread it runs in photo shop has a script and allows you to trim your video clips and apply effects and grab stills many cells that's cold fusion effects then we have the fusion album builder which is what we just demonstrated yeah and it helps you put together that kind of movie with j pegs and layering the videos on top and what's the one that I have no idea no yeah that was a separate alone so two pieces of software we have our fusion album builder which does this layer video sort of thing and then fusion effects allows you to work individually, but the video clips so in essence you could affect your video clips and create new affected video clips using fusion effects and then use the product of that which is the new video clips in the fusion album building, right? And so everything you just showed us do you need to have be using your fusion album builder or can you do some of those steps manually? You can debt yet? Well, any script, any photo shop action it's already using what photoshopped could do already and I should you guys before have todo fusion effects kind of affecting and things like that without you and it was more complicated, right? And let me tell you how much more complicated this album bill there is it's like that times ten, so if you would like, I can actually show you that really quick so you can see the statue perspective way have another ten minutes. All right, let's do it because you're gonna watch me from this's us trying to do that same thing without our refuge in our building and we're not going to try to make it seem harder than it is now just do it as it would take to do it way still have our paint our page for designed we still have our album here okay, so here's my own son I have left this spot and here s o the first thing that I need to do is duplicate my background um going to duplicate this layer here and I doing this because I'm going to end up cutting a hole in this background and quite honestly I am probably by the way, doing a lot of workaround steps just the way I know photo shopped there probably ways to streamline our war indirect ways to do this this is just how I know so I'm gonna take my marquee tool then on that copy of the background and make my space from a video like that and then I'm just gonna cut it so I cut it out but you can't see right now but when you when I'm putting video there have actually could you just use that so there from here I'm going to go to file place and pick my video clip that you believe this one I wanted in here was the one where she was walking up to him during the first look something a place and I can't do that yet so we're going to drag about size so instead of being automatically behind now you have to find now I have a friend although I may have been able to be on a different layer and that would have changed things be placed in the background there probably would have done so so I'll do there that works and then I'm just going to drag my layer down so area that's awesome so then from here I need teo what I needed to do I'm not sure how you would add a border to that so we'll just skip that part but what we're going to go to next is actually the timeline because that part is important so you goto window timeline and that's what popped up before and you can create video timeline and I can see right here how I have the j peg and I have the movie below it's in movie the bride walking in right there and I want to trim this right because if I keep going past here oops there went my job so you could do a few things here you can take your j peg and drag it to extend it to the end of your video clip, which is what I'm going to do because I want that whole video clip of him turning around seeing her for the first time and the kiss I love that so I will trim there we're going to move in trim and trim and at play head so my play it is at the end of where I want my clip to be and we're going to go trim and play head just like that on then again the only thing that's not on here is the border and I'm sure that teo anybody online has had it ad tio if you that's how you do it so you have to go into the video layer itself and then come here and then go stroke let's make that three make a white and then I think if we close this so back here no, don't get back to the just the right there oh, there we go and doesn't have a border, so I'm not quite sure how to do that but that's way have a built in but that's the central bank and figured out that would be two step to do it and then from there you would just go to file export render video and this is where you put in all of this different settings, right? So we can actually, if you want to screen grab these right now, that would be a good idea. Me? See, I actually think it's pretty cool. No, it definitely is. Because I rendered video before those default. I say one thing that's different. Oh, yeah. Who sees that? And there it isthe set for thirty frames per second. So what that's gonna do is if you were to render that at three francs for second speaker video, so you want to change that to actually, what, twenty three point nine, seven six and this is where rendered video rendering video gets a little complicated twenty say twenty four and there's an option for twenty four but in reality it's twenty three point nine seven six why don't ask it's a whole big reason why mathematical aspect ratio this is something that it's set for document which is one the one which is a square pixel ratio of one the one that would be correct we are so what we are doing now this is a question of reading all frames were we doing just the work area work area so you're seeing how we have to go and change these now where they wouldn't have to be changed before this is where we get into what we would need to set for different things that we're doing ok there are pre sets for video but the precept of indio doesn't necessarily match the preset for youtube otherwise why would there be to when they're just ulises web sharing okay instead you have all these other presets that may or may not do what you wanted to do so we have to kind of customized this a little bit so we would do high quality wait actually see if there's one that would allow us to be pretty close I guess you could do high quality but this might be a little bit two high quality for a fast upload and for some reason attained didn't change this okay there you go document size is good that's nineteen twenty twenty looks good so this may or may not because we didn't do a custom render video action here are accustomed preset that this might be a really large file we'll find out we'll see what happens maybe a million payment be fine. Who knows let's see color manage you want to turn that off? We don't want messing with our colors and I don't think three equality we have to work on their dobie media encoder okay, so it's using adobe media encoder to encode the video that's fine. Okay, so it's definitely a few different steps and ones like adding the border that I'm not too sure how but you could definitely do these without adding border is just when you do your album layout don't put borders on them or, you know, just plan for if you don't want some tow have wars and some not to have seen album just lines like that as well so that cover you on then let's make sure everything that you know prague offers can be done. It is a matter of whether you wanted to manually or have an actual script that just kind of walked you through the process so depends on your comfortable of comfortability level in photo shop and there's this married him and the audio is still in there for that too what happened there something happened there on that's again with the manual settings is we did something wrong a little bit more difficult to manage. But but this group, this rebuilder, actually works. So all right, so that's a couple of questions before we get a drink sounds good, right? So cure tens. Would it make sense to include two videos on a page where the second one starts after the first one has ended? And then logan zillah had also asked, how do you get one video to start on the second to start a few seconds later? You can definitely do that. It would pop on off the screen, there's a way to make it fade up and down. But then you get into told key frames where we have to tell the time line where two started to fade in and where to end the fading and get into that it's. Not something we really had generally planned for here, but if you just do a search on how to do key frames and photoshopping sure it's animation he brings way generally don't do that if I just find it that's more process to our work, however, I did see a really cute someone had done a similar type of fusion album. Where they did this, and they would have the video pop on and then a picture pop on, and then the next video. And then you'd have to time out your video so that the first one lasted as long as the next. They're waiting for the next taste, a little bit more thought, put into the timing of it in jena, tickle. It doesn't pull any j, but if you have a four second clip, it's going fast, papa, papa, you only have four seconds. But if you have a ten second clip, you go two seconds on one and another two seconds later, another one comes on, and you have a little bit more room to work. But you can. You can definitely do that, and I think you kind of go fast, depending on what you're photographing.

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